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The always pan
Updated: December 5, 2020
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Editor's Note

Since most people are cooking from home more since the pandemic hit, a good pan is vital. I buy my pans from the restaurant supply store. They are super durable and cheap AND I feel very "chefy" using them. What are your favorite kitchen pans? Do you think more expensive or name brands are better? Let me know if you've ever tried the Always pan? 

Paula Henry - MBL Founder

The Always Pan by Our Place - MY NEW FAVORITE!

Video Description

Hey guys! I’m so excited to show you my new Always Pan as a proud #ourplacepartner for this video!
Save on your first order with the code MEGANG15 by clicking the link below!
*At the time of filming I did not receive a commission, but this link now does give me a commission on sales.*
Our Place is an incredible company that is female and immigrant owned, mission-driven, and they give back!
Their packaging is recycled and biodegradable, and their products are not only beautiful, but are free of all PFAs and Teflon.
Just a few of the reasons I’m proud to partner with them for this video!
Business Inquiries or if you ever want to write! Berkana Lynx P.O. Box 464 Bolivar, Ohio 44612
Other Good Stuff! Find me on Instagram, let’s be friends! @berkana_lynx
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Video Transcription:

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is brought to you by our place. I’m trying to get this to stop moving, but it’s hard. Um, they sent me their always pan, which you may have seen on Instagram or Facebook. I did put a picture up and say that I was going to be cooking in it. One of my favorite recipes. And so that’s what I’m going to do today. I kind of have my phone, like hanging on this thing and I’ll try to shift it so you can kind of see what I’m doing, but it’s kind of hard to do. It would be ideal if I had someone else in here to help me, but just me today. So, you know, I have a cold, so please excuse my voice. Okay. So not always pan comes in a few different colors. Um, I have, I think it’s called smoke.

I like it. Simple look, this kind of looks like a cast iron pan. It is not a cast iron pan, but it does have this incredible interior. Okay. This is not Teflon. And I want to make sure to note that it is free of PFAS and Teflon. Okay. All right. So now when I lift this up, you can see this attaches. Isn’t that cool? So when you’re looking to set your cooking utensil somewhere, this has a hole and it just popped like right in place. This little basket can come out, but it’s in there first beaming. Your veggies are straining. I mean, anything that you want to do with it. And then here’s the pan. Now, one thing that I love about this is the high sides. Do you see that? So you kind of look at it and you think maybe it’s a skillet, which you can use it as a skillet, but you can use it as all types of things.

It could be a chili pot, it could be a sauce pan. It could be a steamer. I mean, it can be your always pan, hence the name. So today I’m actually going to take the steamer out because I’m not going to be utilizing it with this recipe. And it was my first time using the pan. So you guys get to be with me on this little journey today. Okay. So I’m going to show you the recipe I’m making it’s from this cookbook, the super food kitchen. So if you’re interested in it and think it sounds good, this is where I got it. Um, and it is their Rosado Primavera. Um, one of my new year’s resolutions is to start cooking more and being more healthy. A lot of times we’re doing a lot of fast food. We’re doing, um, a lot of processed food. It is not healthy, but it is cheap and convenient and that’s where they get ya.

Right? So I mean, that’s the thing is that we have to try to do better. I haven’t been. And so that’s my new goal for the year is to cut out most fast food, cut out a majority of processed food. I’m sure we’ll still be taking some in, but I bought a freezer and I’m going to be like freezer cooking and trying to do some bulk cooking and then freezing it. So that there’s my convenience. Right? Cooking all Sunday, have your meals for the week. And then the convenience is created by you. So you’re eating your healthy home, cooked food instead of going out. So anyway, I was really excited to get this pan because it will play into my plan. Okay. So let’s see, I do have to pull my cookbook up because I have to be able to see, okay, so I’ve got some vegetable stock here in a pan.

I’m going to try to bring you guys down a little bit, so maybe you can see what I’m doing. Okay. There it is. There’s my vegetable stock. So I’m bringing it to a boil right now. You get to see my, these are fab fit, fun, these little, um, measuring spoons. And this is another thing that I try to do. This is actually old. I haven’t updated it lately, but when I’m feeling froggy, I will meal plan for the week, write it here. And then it kind of takes that overwhelming sense away. So it’s like, Oh, what are we going to have for dinner? Well, I already know because it’s in the pantry and it’s already been planned out. Right. Okay. So I’m going to start heating some olive oil in my always pan here. All right. I know like everybody else likes a gas stove.

I don’t, you’re going to think I’m crazy. But there was a gas stove when we moved in here and I asked my husband to replace it with this one because it’s a convection oven. It’s the one that we had at our old home. And I loved it so much that I just wanted another one. I know God’s cooking. Um, you can kind of control your heat a little better, but I don’t have a problem controlling my heat with electric. The main thing for me too, is that the knobs are up here on any gas oven that I’ve seen they’re down here in front. And because I do have like my little kids, I don’t want them accessing the ranch. And I think you can pull those knobs off of a lot of them, but I’m not going to bother with that. Okay. So we’re going to keep the oil and the large skillet over medium heat.

Once it warms up a little bit, I’m going to throw some leaks slices and some garlic in and cook that for a few minutes. Um, so what goes into recipe is really, really simple. It’s going to be some asparagus I chopped up on large leak, and these are the white and green pieces of that leak. And just so you know, if you’ve never cooked with a leak before a leak looks like a giant scallion. And so it has big dark green leaves. And then the leak is down here. You don’t want to eat the big dark green portion of a leak. It’s very meaty, I guess. I’m not sure how to say it. So when you’re using a league, unless you’re making a stock or something, this is gotta be the part that you want. It took me a while to figure that personally. Okay. I got some, the baby carrots that I sliced out. I’ve got some Kini, some Brown rice and some Parmesan me. It is all about the cheese. Okay. So I’ve got my oil nice and warm. Okay. Add my white leak pieces to it.

And some guy I’m actually going to, whoops, you guys have never seen this, like minced garlic in the grocery store. This is what I use because I mean, fresh garlic is good too, but I prefer this person. Okay. So let’s see how much of this do I need two garlic cloves. Alright. So I know it tells me, I just need like one teaspoon. Okay. We’re going to get that in there. Get it going. And did I say I was putting olive oil in here? I put some olive oil on here too. Okay. So we’re just going to let these go for just a couple more minutes. Okay. I really like this like thing, I guess I’m going to have my husband drill holes and all my cooking utensils. Alright. Okay. So while this is going, I’m going to tell you a little bit about the company who sent me this pan.

Again, their name is our place and what’s really cool about them is that they are female and immigrant owned, which, you know, we love, but they’re also mission driven and they have a give back component, which is something that I really appreciate in a lot of companies, right? Like I want to hear that they’re trying to do good. Their packaging is eco packaging. And so it’s biodegradable and recycled and their products are ethically made, you know? And they’re beautiful. So you can feel comfortable purchasing them. You know what I mean? Because there’s something that you don’t have to feel bad about. They’re doing good things in the world and you can kind of feel like you’re supporting a good cause. Oh. And by the way, I’m going to put a coupon code and the description box below. I don’t earn anything. Um, if you use that code, it’s just to help you save on your purchase. So it’ll be down there and you can get 15% off of your first order. Okay. Alright. Yeah.

Oh, okay. This is starting to look good.

Now we’re going to stir the rice right. Cook for a minute. I also really like, look, I someday, like, I hope that I have cooked to this enough that I just know how you know, but as of yet, not there, so that follow the recipe. But it’s something that I probably made like four times, maybe five times. So I do really enjoy it. Okay. And it’s still just here, you know? So if you guys are meat eaters, that this is a really good and healthy, um, thing that you can have as well. Okay. So let’s see. We started in the rice coconut for a minute. Half of the hot stock is coming in

And I have gotten my hot stock back here. And again, this is a vegetable stock. It’s about five cups that I’ve got going here. There we go. Okay. We’re going to keep it hot back here. And we’re going to keep it hot up here too. So I’m going to heat this back up a little bit. Oh my gosh. I wish you guys could smell this. Like even with my cold, I can smell it and it smells so good. Alright. So this looks pretty good. I’m going to pump that heat up just a little bit, to get it back to a boil. I’m going to cover it. Did I show you the inside of this pan? It’s so nice. You guys seriously? I love it so much. And you know, if you don’t cook a lot or for a lot of people like this pan in itself could replace up to 16 pots and pans is what the people at our place day now, you know, obviously if you are cooking more than one thing at once, or if you are cooking a larger amount than, yeah, you’re going to need more, but this pan can be so much for you.

Okay. So this to simmer for a little while. So I’m gonna pause the video and then I’ll be back. Okay. We’ve been simmering now for about 15 minutes. Oops. So let’s take a look. Another reason I really love this recipe is because it does have the simmer for awhile. Oh yeah. That simmer down really nice. It does have to simmer for a while. And so what I’ll do is like, get it going, put the lid on, let it simmer. And then I do my dishes, clean my table, whatever I want to do. It’s a very relaxing recipe to cook because you do a little bit and then you’ll let it simmer. Okay. So I think carrots go add the carrots and half of the remaining stock stir again, cover cook for 15 minutes. So care comer, carrot.

And a couple of my kids will eat this. I have one picky kid who eats nothing. It’s max. And so I guess keep trying all these different recipes. I’m really hoping that like with my new year resolution to be healthy, Oh, happy new year, by the way, today is January 1st. But anyway, my resolution is to, you know, be healthier, do this meal planning and everything. And so I also want to start exercising because another goal of mine is to lose. It was a little bit of weight. Um, I am at a healthy weight and that’s fine, but I, yeah. How all these clothes that I wore before I had the kids and I still have them and I just want to be able to wear them. Yeah. Again. Um, and so in order to do that, I’m going to have to go down a size. So that’s another, or one of my goals. Okay. So adding the carrot, is that all?

Yeah. Yeah. And let’s talk like, okay. And I’m going to turn the heat back up a little. So it gets back up to going, okay, then I’ll let you guys know what’s coming. So then I’m going to add the GreenLake slices, the asparagus and the zucchini, a little more stock. And then it gets cooked for a little while or until the vegetables and rice are just tender. And so probably what I’ll do is like do that without coming back and then, um, and do the last part with you guys here. Okay. So let’s see how this one’s doing. Oh yeah. Look at that. And what’s incredible too is like, this obviously feels good so well, and while this does look really sturdy, it’s not, that’s a little hot, it’s not heavy. So that’s something that I really love about this PMC. Okay. I got to stop taking the lid off. Alright. So I’m going to set my timer. I’m going to let this get going when it’s done. I’m going to do the next step. Like I said, I’m going to add in some of this other stuff and get it going again. And then I’ll come back after that. Okay. Wait until you see how gorgeous this is looking.

Alright. So we are to the last step. You’re actually supposed to cube this. Um, but I is a PD, but I decided to do it like that because all my grocery store had was really small zucchini. And so this was how I decided to go about it. Okay. So I’ve got some butter we’re going to get in here. Oh, I’ll tell you. I don’t mind like being sick as a five, but for me being like stuffy and just feeling icky like that, that’s like some of the worst, that’s the worst part of it. You know? Like my head feels, um,

There we go. My head just feels like it hurts summits. I don’t know. Just ouchie. I just hate it. I just took some Motrin. So hopefully that’ll help. Okay. Can we put a little butter in there? And then here comes my favorite part far. Mishawn cheese. Get that in there. Nice. This adds such a flavor I’m telling ya. Okay. So we’re only supposed to put in about two thirds of this parm and then I’m going to get some more stock going in here. We’re drying up a little bit. Not too much. There we go. Okay.

All right.

I thought about cutting these asparagus up this time, but I didn’t do it. Okay. So I’m going to add just a teeny bit more stock. Okay. So now here’s the interesting part. We’re going to take a mix of baby greens. It calls for a roo ULA and baby spinach. Does it call for anything?


No. Oh, water crests. So what I did was I just picked up a mix of Phoebe, um, greens. I don’t have that exact amount, but this’ll work. Yes. My love making some food. Do you think you’ll eat it? Okay guys. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Well you can do that. Go potty real quick. Okay. So what we do is, Okay. Sorry. Of course the kids keep coming in. Okay. So anyway, you put this, um, these greens on top and you just let them sit for like one to two minutes to kind of soften them. And it ends up even really, really nice. And I’m going to let you guys see me plate this, let me grab it. And actually these plates are from the same company. These plates are also from our place. And, um, they did send me these as well, which they’re incredibly beautiful. Let me show you that. I’m not pretty. And they’re a real nice quality. Okay. So this is good. Oops. Make sure everything’s cool. Okay. Serve it. You can say. Okay. So all that food that went into this pan and like, look, there’s still so much room. Okay. I’m really impressed. Actually, by this pig, I have a lot of skillets, but they just don’t have high enough sides for me to be able to really cook in them. I can scramble eggs and stuff like that. But this high side is really something. Okay. So the way I like to plate this is get some of these greens.

That’s a little, there we go. And put some asparagus. That’s what I should probably in the future. Maybe I want to


Cut down on the asparagus, like chop it so that it’s going to have like a little bit better of a fit maybe.

Okay. So let’s see. I’m sure there’s a nice,

My husband and I love asparagus, but I don’t know if we’ll be able to get the kids to have, so this’ll be his plane. Most kids are gonna want to eat asparagus. I love it. But you know, to each their own, I guess. Okay. So this is like a nice, fairly healthy, I mean, if you wanted to, you could leave the Parmesan off, I guess, if they don’t want to do the cheese or even the butter, uh, if you want to use something else, but it’s got so many good veggies in it and you’ll find that it’s super duper tasty. So again, super food kitchen. Um, and it’s the risotto Primavera in my place. So thank you so much for watching. Let’s see if I can get you guys back up here. Happy new year. You want to come here. You want to help here? Come here.

Oh, don’t forget. Don’t forget to give us a big thumbs up and hit that night and yeah. And subscribe. See you next time. Bye.

We gotta get rid of your hiccup. Thanks for watching. We love you guys. Tell me what you think down below. Happy new year, May, 2020. Bring all of the health and happiness that you have been waiting for. Bye.

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