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Best Cooking Fats for Gut Health

Best Cooking Fats for Gut Health
Updated: December 5, 2020
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Best Cooking Fats for Gut Health

Welcome back to the Whole View, episode 414. (0:27)

Stacy is super jazzed because we are talking about cooking fats this week, and last week she was super into the facts Sarah shared.

We dove superdeep into the details on nut intake and gut health last week, and Stacy looks forward to breaking down the same science as it pertains to cooking fat.

Stacy doesn’t have a gallbladder, which makes cooking fats a sensitive subject for her.

Thank you to our returning sponsor, the Fresh Pressed Olive Oil Club.

Sarah and Stacy shared their love for the Fresh Pressed Olive Oil Club and how this company selects their harvests for their featured olive oils.

The Fresh Pressed Olive Oil Club is a home delivery service of ultra-premium, fresh-pressed, independently lab certified 100% extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).

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To learn more about them and olive oil, check out this podcast episode.

Brand Validation

Stacy wants to remind listeners, please be mindful of the quality of the oils you are purchasing. (8:03)

We specifically choose sponsors because Stacy and Sarah are sharing about brands that they personally have used, loved, and validated.

Do your research before buying olive oil off your grocery store shelves.

Stacy and Sarah have done their research on this and appreciate that the Fresh Pressed Olive Oil Club has offered such a great deal for our listeners.

We enjoy these olive oil hunter picks, have for years, and know you will too!

The Control Center – the Gut Microbiome

While completing the research for her Gut Microbiome book, Sarah worked hard to not take any bias with her. (10:22)

She tried to simply look at the science and not think about Paleo, AIP, or her food tolerances and intolerances.

What does the science say about how this food or contents in this food impacts the gut microbiome?

When we start getting into how different fats impact the gut microbiome you can see where changes can be easily made and yield significant impacts on our health.

Our gut microbiome literally controls everything.

Gut bacteria control our immune systems, our neurotransmitters, our hormones, and the gut barrier.

So whatever we can do to support a healthy gut microbiome is going to directly impact our health.

It turns out that our gut bacteria are sensitive is more to fiber intake.

They are very sensitive to the types of protein and fats we are consuming as well.

The bacteria that we are trying to grow love it when we consume lots of omega 3’s, monounsaturated fats, and CLA.

They don’t like omega 6’s or saturated fats.



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