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Best Thanksgiving Cocktails

Best Thanksgiving Cocktails
Updated: December 5, 2020
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All the Festive Thanksgiving Cocktails your heart desires!

You’ve got your Turkey Day menu planned, but don’t forget about the drinks!

From hot cocktails to refreshing drinks on ice to the most festive mocktails, we’ve got you covered with all the Best Thanksgiving Cocktails on the internet.

Whether you’re looking for hot cocktails to sip on or refreshing cold cocktails, we got you!

From mulled wine to hot spiked apple cider to the best spicy hot toddy and everything in between, you’ll never be at a loss for easy Thanksgiving cocktails again.

Our Fave Thanksgiving Drinks

You’ve got your menu planned, but now it’s time to decide what to bring to drink! Because every Thanksgiving celebration (or Friendsgiving!) deserves a little booze.

In this post, we are sharing all of our favorite large batch cocktails to bring to share in addition to super easy Thanksgiving cocktails that take no time to prepare.

Thanksgiving Cocktail Accessories

Before we jump into our favorite Thanksgiving drink ideas, we thought we’d share some festive accessories to make hoilday boozing more fun.

We’re talking, fun mugs for spiked apple cider, elegant copper mugs for your Moscow mule, and some fun garnish accessories, too!

Best Booze to Stock Up On for the Holidays

In this post, we’re sharing all different types of festive drinks that use a variety of different alcohols. Thought we’d give you a quick list of what to stock up on before Thanksgiving!

  1. Vodka – great for chilled cocktails!
  2. Baileys – add a dash to your morning coffee or hot chocolate.
  3. Red Wine – when in doubt, bring red wine. Also great mulled or in sangria!
  4. White Rum – smooth drinking, great in iced cocktails.
  5. Champagne – you can always drink this plain, but it’s delicious on top of orange juice or apple cider.
  6. Fireball – if you’re into shots, this is our favorite Fall shot. It’s also great to sip on.
  7. Whisky – Add a shot of whisky to your hot chocolate. It’s the best thing ever.
  8. Amaretto – silky smooth deliciousness that’s so tasty in your morning coffee.

Hot Drinks

There’s nothing like sipping on a toasty drink in the fall or winter, and we’ve got everything from hot apple ciders to hot toddies to spiked hot chocolate and more.

Festive Hot Toddies

Featured alcohol: Fireball

Warm your soul with this homemade hot toddy recipe! This adult beverage mixes the hot toddy ingredients of cinnamon whiskey, apple cider, and citrus for a delicious winter drink. It is the perfect winter cocktail for any occasion!

A cup of hot toddy


Featured alcohol: whisky/rum

This Spiked Apple Cider is a boozy twist on our traditional apple cider recipe that’s been a Fall favorite for years. Make a large batch to serve a crowd, or pour a single-serve spiked cider tonight. Cheers!

spiked apple cider being poured in a glass

Dairy Free Spiked Hot Chocolate

Featured alcohol: Amaretto

Spiked hot chocolate?! YES PLEASE! You’re going to love this dairy free hot chocolate recipe because it’s spiked with a little bit of amaretto and made with almond milk and maple syrup!


festive mulled wine in a mug with rosemary


cocktail in champagne flute



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