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Can you Taste Food Dyes? Video of the Day!

Dyed vs undyed food contest
Updated: December 5, 2020
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Editor's Note

Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month?   Me either. And today is my FIL Gary Henry's and sweet niece Elizabeth's birthday! Happy Birthday you two!!!!! My FILs favorite, favorite food is ice cream. I mean FAVORITE! Every time we visit, the fridge is packed with different flavors of ice cream. My husband and son are also connoisseurs of the cold, sweet treat. Mint Chocolate Chip rating number #1in our house. That green melty goodness.  So I found it interesting that you can taste the coloring. 

These two guys did a blindfolded taste test to see if you can actually taste the dyes. Does it alter the flavor? Preservatives, dyes and additives have been proven unhealthy, especially for children. And in a world where we consciously try to avoid them, why would we ever eat them if they ruin the flavor of the food. I strive to keep processed foods out of our fridge and pantry. But I'm also a realist. Do you shop all natural? Are processed foods a NO NO in your house? If not why? Let me know how you navigate the world of food? 

Paula Henry - MBL Founder 

Dyed vs. Undyed Food Taste Test

Video Description

Today, we’re taste testing the difference between dyed and undyed food.
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GMMORE #1777
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Video Transcription:

We’re going to go with the Gilmore. I can see colors, but can I see food dye? Let’s find out, see a new selfie face. Can I taste food guy? I mean, I can, I’m going to say taste colors, but I’m bad at bragging. I guess just covered a superpower. I said I can see colors. Okay. The new selfie face now is called the letter Q. So we gotta do this together. I’ll be the, the little part of the cube. You’ll be the other part of the cube that works, right? Yeah. That was, I can taste colors, but cannot taste food dye. Right. And let’s not look at these. Let’s put these, push these out. We’re not going to, this is a different test. I mean, I will say that, that like, you know, obviously we know that color influences the way you perceive things, but now we’re just seeing if we can detect the presence of dye, which they say you can’t, but if you put it enough dying.

So I’m like, when you remember when your momma used to make a cake and she would like put too much food coloring in the icing and your teeth would be blue for like a week and a half. And you’d be like, Hmm. It tastes like you put a lot of food, coloring, little off, tastes like a magic marker. You know what I mean? But given everything we’ve learned, we had to be blindfolded in order to really, to remove color from the test, to see which ones really were we’re seeing which one’s better. And then deciding, I think my theory is the ones that taste better are the ones that don’t have diet. The diet is not good. Do you guys either tasteless or it hurts? Did you ever make a big cake? That was two, two died?

No, but she did put protein powder and things and then lie about it. Like, I think I told her she went through a phase where she just would put protein powder in everything too, because she thought we needed it and then you’d have a little funky, like aftertaste. And then she also tried to lie to us about what was real meat and what was fake meat at a time where that was nearly impossible. Oh, wait, hold on. Can we put the, the on the app? And the chase knows what I’m saying one moment. So you each have your own bowls, but like the one kind

Is that your face.

Okay. So basically like the dyed ice cream is on one side and the not dyed ice cream is on the other side, but there’s two bowls. This is very confusing.

Like my side is all one thing. No, no, no, no. That’s not. And you just do, can you just put the two things on each side and just right and left?

Sure. No, that’s all right.

I also have a spoonful of something already. So you need [inaudible].

Yeah. It’s okay. You have this bin full of the right. Everything’s fine. Everything’s fine. So you each have something on your right and something on your left. You don’t have to go on red side.

Yeah, I know. I’m making a point. We’re trying not to do what link doing. These are the same. So now we’re

Okay now we’re good. Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh, here’s the thing though. These aren’t the same brands. So you really should like, yes. You should think which one tastes better, but more which one tastes like it has dye in it. Cream. This is ice cream. Yes.

I’m tasting the right ice cream. I pasted both of them already. Um, now. Okay. So I’m a big fan of mint, chocolate chip ice cream. And we discovered that in the ice cream tournament, that the one that, well, I w we, we have some information based on our tournament. It should help us. Um, I know which one’s better laughing at my spoon was that laying down,

Boom. It upside down and then drop the,

I don’t know how to ask me. It felt right, but it didn’t feel right when I put my mouth. Huh? Ooh. That’s some good. The one on the left is some good. They’re both good. Alright. I think I know which one’s got dye in it. Okay. Do you know,

Put your hand over the one that has dine it three. Do you want

The left one? The one on the right’s got their green dot. You can remove your blindfold. Yup. It tastes it from a mile away. Which one did you say you liked better? I, um, this one’s milder. I think I liked the one on the left better, but they were both. They were both good. What brand are we doing?

So that’s surprising because the dyed one is your favorite blue bunny are mean, you know, rank ranked up there. Oh really? And then the undyed one is three, six, five.

I got said, they’re both good, but we didn’t have three 65 when we did it before. Um, it’s a tough call about which one’s better. Yeah. And one, one would think it wouldn’t a blue bunny is not a brand that we were going head over heels for though. Was it a blue bell? Blue bell.

Okay. If you had both of these side by side, in like an ice cream shop and you knew they were both mint chocolate chip, you would, you want to pick the green one, but really I would pick the NOC green one because

You’re afraid of like a chemicals, yellow number five.

Yeah. I would think that it was like better for you.

I tend to, I tend to gravitate towards chemicals. Alright. Blindfolds down. Let’s see. And let’s see another one. I think a lot of chemicals make you stronger over time. It’s like a superhero. I think of every superhero that turned into something that they fell into a VAT of chemicals. You need to expose yourself to chemicals throughout your life.

Okay. You have two plates of pickles and forms

The pickles, these hand pickles. Oh, it’s a long pickle. That’s a long slice. What do you call that? Josh? That is long slice longings. Uh, yeah. They’re the old, a long pickles. Alright. You’re definitely cutting different. You want on the right’s kind of mild. Let, Oh, wait. It’s got a crinkle cut. It’s a crinkle cut. And it’s a different flavor profile for sure. But where’s the di Whoa, Whoa. That one’s a lot more pungent. The one on the left. Alright. I think I know which one’s got died.

Okay. Three, two, one.

I’m guessing the crinkle cut. Yeah. Look at the dial on this thing. Look at that, bro. You can take gosh. So I was wrong. I correlated crinkle, cutting with dine because I thought that when you’re trying that much harder to like cut it fancy. You’re also trying hard with the dye. No, it has like a natural. This, this is like a super natural supernatural supernatural one.

That’s the point of dying? A Pinkel cause you’re like green. Well, it’s dyed with yellow, but I don’t understand. Are, do people naturally gravitate towards yellow dyed pickles?

I think it’s just something they did. They started and they just kept doing. Yeah, I think so. I guess, but so which one did you think tasted better? So I actually thought this one tasted better too. It’s got a lot more flavor. More flavor fresher. So what does the one on the right Lassek? Hmm, really? And what does this special one? Supernatural that’s some special stuff. Yeah. Pickles and ice cream. I’m not pregnant. Alright.

That else we got? If we, if you were, we’d get a lot more clicks on this video.

This was the me announcing I’m pregnant video. Okay. I’m pregnant. I’ll get pregnant for views. You know that a lot of YouTubers have those families, those family bloggers, they get pregnant reviews. YouTube. I mean you telling me they’re like, listen, if we have one more kid, it’d be really difficult. But think about how many views we get during the pregnancy video. And then during the birth video, undoubtedly people have had kids for views. Let me, well, let’s back up one. Okay. I don’t watch these family vloggers, but neither do I don’t support having kids for views. You know how, from what you’ve told me about the bachelor there’s there’s places that like there’s cameras that insinuate, that people go into certain spaces and, and you know, hook up all the way on the bachelor though. They have sex. Yeah. In the fantasy suite. Yeah. Okay.

That’s not a little, you’ve made it sound like a dirty corner of the street. Like you go into the sex alley now, what did they show in the fantasy suite? Oh, it’s full porn. When they go into the fantasy suite, you have to switch over to seriously a different channel. And it’s just, just triple X. Just tell me. But they imply, they show them getting ready to do things in the camera, man. Like buck your nose slowly. The camera man backs away. Yeah. Oh gosh. Um, do family vloggers do that on YouTube? No, but they should. They should.

Yeah, but they’re shooting themselves. So they’d have to,

Was like I’m backing away, but I’m coming back in. I don’t know how I’m going to do that. Well, you just, you just edit that part out. Get your kids to shoot the sex scenes. Alright. Alright son,

You’re probably close to reality.

They’re implied sex scenes and family mock. No, but there should be. Yeah, we should start a campaign. Yeah. We should start a change.org. We want more sex and family law. No implied sets. We want more implied sex and family vlogs, implied sex. Right? You might. What you’re saying is you might as well see the whole process. If you’re gonna see the baby, you can might as well. See what made the baby. No, I don’t want to see it, but I want it to be implied yesterday. Yet they yesterday they had sex. I want you to hear no nine months from yesterday. She’s going to have them have a baby, maybe. Right? Maybe, maybe. How about just implied children? I wonder how many users you get with my children? What is this that I’m about to eat Mac and cheese. Oh, Mac. It that’s some hard Mac and cheese. Oh, need salt. I wasn’t it. I wasn’t impressed with that one. I got to say, I don’t even know what’s happening here. I think this one’s a little better. It’s harder to just get a scoop of it. I’m not a fan of either of these very bland. Yeah. I think that I know which ones got dye though.

Okay. Three, two, one.

There’s one guy. I have no clue. They taste the exact same to me.

Yeah, that’s right. Again.

How did you know that? Cause you could tell that it was like one of those. This was like more for kids like diet for the kids.

Well, let me tell you, it contains yellow five and yellow six.

I’m going to get both of those that makes yellow

It’s Kraft, easy Mac. And then the one that, uh, you said needed more salt is Annie’s so you’re probably right. Yeah.

Hmm. It’s better. They needed more salt. I mean, what would happen if there was implied sex scenes in family blogs? I mean, I, I think people would talk about it, but again, it’s, it’s on network television in reality competition shows. The only reason is not, is because of what Stevie was getting at, which is who films it,

No. I mean, the bachelor is nothing like a flam, family blogger. They don’t have, they’re not, it’s not like we’re having our fifth baby and moving into our house tour.

But, but let’s say you’re trying to have a baby. Let’s say you’re documenting, trying to have a baby. And you know, you, you, you, you haven’t, you haven’t been able to, uh, what’s the word conceive. Conceive. Yeah. So that becomes your story and people are falling along. Well, a key part of that story is like the sex is the sex. That actually why I didn’t watch it because I usually just look at the thumbnail and know what’s happening on the trending page of YouTube. But there was a family blog that was a couple that had been trying to get pregnant for like 10 years. And she was finally pregnant and that was the video. And I think what you’re saying is, well, what about the trying? But what about the trying?

There’s also a video that was trending. That was like my boyfriend, I might be pregnant, which I was attempt. I was, I was tempted to click on cause it’s so you know, not, it’s not definite

Well, hold on now we can make that video. Why are you pregnant? I could say I might be pregnant. Then that would be true. That wouldn’t be clickbait. RET might be pregnant. Is there another, okay, let’s go again. I want to start producing family blog. We need it. We need it. We need to get, I mean, they do a pretty good job on their own, but just watch, just watch. They’re just watch them disintegrate and decide. That’s really what you’re doing with family blogging. Right. You’re watching them disintegrate inside you. They become so externalized that it’s tough. It’s tough. I mean the line gets blurred. Uh, it’s a, it’s a very challenging thing to do that family blogging or yeah. I mean, I’ve tried to make a couple of videos like during quarantine

Gum. So, so the one on your, your there’s different forms of the gum. So just reach down a little bit when you’re looking for the one on the left. Yeah. And then the other one is not in a bowl.

Oh shit. Why is it shaped like rabbit food, like cylinders.

This one might be a bit more obvious.

Yeah. I’m going to show you that on the right side. Okay. Um, now when we weren’t that, now when we were on tour, they started putting gum backstage for us because somebody put it on a list and the type of gum they would put in every place I started to notice, this must be on the list because it was this weird gum I’d never had. That was all natural gum that came in those like little boxes that look like kind of like a cigarette box. You know what I’m talking about? Well, yeah. What they did, I think that’s what this rabbit turds, they took a cue from the other things. We had like a bunch of like all natural, organic, weird snacks. And they were like, well, these surely these guys don’t like normal gum. Yeah. Hmm. All right. I know which one’s got to die for sure. Yeah. Yeah. This

I’m not even giving you a three, two, one. Yeah. What’s the name?

Oh yeah. Simply gum. Is that it made only with a few simple ingredients. This is it. This is what we would have backstage. And I’m like, what the heck is this? Never chewed it. Some sort of Kimberly kindling for fire. It’s not nearly as fragrant as this stuff. Yeah. So you need those chemicals, man. Chemicals, chemicals is already exist for a reason. Put them in your body.

Okay. There’s one more, one more round

Psychologically. I mean, there’s a lot of challenges with family blogging. Even if you’re not gonna show yourself having, having implied sex. I mean, that’s why they haven’t done it because they have enough trouble navigating their real lives and their performance lives. What did they show you? What do they share? And you do things like you buy big houses and cars so that you can put them in the video. I mean, it’s pretty, pretty sweet. It’s a sweet, it’s a sweet life. Zack and Cody, but it’s not. I think if you can handle it, it’s a pretty sweet ass situation. Yeah. But you’re buying in, you’re buying into the capitalism of it all, man. The materialism of it all is that that’s my mind. What about the relationships? All right. What about deciding to be your true self instead of being, I’m just going to taste these because if you just did a family blog, that was just somebody just being a normal family, it would be boring. Yeah. There, they are kind of passing in the night and not talking to each other. Right. I think it’s Avi just about texture. Yeah. This feels like some natural stuff. This is like what you get at a movie theater over here. I can not buy, I cannot bite through this, but this is like, I can take it apart.

Yeah, you’re right. I really liked. So the dyes, this, I like the way that the non dyed ones, they look like chalkier,

They’re tall and they they’re, they’re, they’re more easily consumed. They have less of a bounce and they taste better.

Hey, do you guys like, um, you like shoelaces on hair ties? What, what do you like? Shoelaces and hair ties. Yeah. I love shoelaces and hair ties and I especially love the shoelaces and hair ties. We designed [email protected]

Yeah. They’re really great. They’re full of chemicals are they do

Have some dye in order to make them neon colors while you’re putting them on your shoes and then your hair, you know,

A little bit of chemicals that get through your hair, into your brain, but that’s okay.

No, Nope. That’s not what we’re saying. No, they’re perfectly safe. Shoelaces and hair ties and mythical.com

Ever in your history of the world, seen a comic book where there was just some person who like started like working out and eating, right. And then became a superhero. That’s the most boring story I’ve ever heard. They always have an accident happen. They get into a VAT. They get bit by something. You need an accident to be awesome. You can’t just work hard and get fit and eat great food and become some super person. It’s not how it works. It’s a lie you’ve been sold. Has anyone ever become a superhero through implied sex implied sex man, go with the flow. Get our new neon accessories [email protected]

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