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Chub Rub be Gone! 7 solutions tested-Video of the Day

Hanna and friend
Updated: December 5, 2020
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Editor's Note

Let me just start by saying - "I HATE chub rub". It has stopped me from wearing a lot of super cute summer outfits. So I was overjoyed when I saw this video. What do you use for chub rub? Don't tell me you just either tough it out or worse, don't wear that cute dress. Help has arrived! Never fear the chub rub again. 

Paula Henry - MBL Founder

Testing 7 Anti-Chafing Products with Sierra Schultzzie! | Hannah Witton

Video Description

Sierra and Hannah test out 7 different products for anti-chafing aka CHUB RUB!

We tried gel, coconut oil, talc, deodorant, bike shorts, vaseline and even LUBE!

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Video Transcription:

Hey everyone. Welcome back to my channel. I’m Hannah Witton and today I’m with my friend Sierra. Hi, I’m so excited to be here. Well, I guess you’re here. I’m here in your house. We’re in San Diego and I thought we would do this video together where we test different Chub rub products. So anti chafing products, because we are both people with thighs. That’s true. Do the rubbing and Oh boy, I’ve had some serious hard times where I’ve been in excruciating pain and have not had a, like a product on me to help. And I had to go into a pharmacy in Spain and in broken Spanish and English, try and be like, I did something my thighs are rubbing together and it really see, I have had thick thighs that rubbed together since puberty, since I was like 12 and I have never found a real solution. So I’m hoping that one of these will become my new solution. So we’re going to go through each of these. And then Sierra took me out to San Diego and showed me around. Cause I never been here before. Um, as we tried out all these different products. So the first product we tried was this specifically branded, anti chafing gel comes in a little tiny tube and you just apply it onto your thighs.

Let’s see. We can make that a little more comfortable. How should I play a boat? Yeah. Yeah. It feels smooth. It feels soft. It almost feels like a lotion. Yeah. I feel like I might apply this here just to moisturize my legs.

It feels good so far, but then I’ve got sticky hands. It’s not sticky cause it’s not like, but it’s like, it’s like Vaseline. There’s something on it. And it’s like soft. Yeah. Should I do that thing? When you were a kid and you thought it would be like Woolsey of buildings with like lots of like rocks on you rub your hands up and down them. And then when you touch your hands, get, it was like really mad as hell. Nope. Nope. That’s what it feels like. It feels a little bit wet. Like it almost feels like I just got out of the pool and then I’m waiting for it to dry. Maybe put too much on cause Monday. See, I love these short stint, but the chafing is so bad. I rarely wear them. Well, we’ll get to solve that problem today. If this works, I’m gonna be so happy. Cause there so many shorts I have that I never wear because it’s just uncomfortable. I’m already feeling it where I really like, but I don’t know if that’s just because of a moving my legs a lot. Okay. Let’s walk down a little bit more to the beach and I want to see if mine starts to wear off because I do think I applied more.


It is wearing off. Yeah. I mean I can already feel it dried on my hands. So that’s kind of like an indicator of that. It’s like it’s wearing off I’m chafing. I am chafing. And there was nothing in between. There’s no chafing gel left. No good done.

This is the one that until now I have been using whenever I’ve needed to. So out my chafing, we’re going to write these and I’d have thighs of five thighs. So how many thighs would you give? The anti chafing? Gel in size is good, right? Yeah. Size is the goal. You want lots of thighs. Lots of thighs. So I would give this a honestly, I’m going to give this a four out of five thighs because it works great as long as you’re okay with reapplying it. Yeah. And I think I would give it four or five thighs as well, because if I hadn’t have done this experiment, I would probably just keep using this. And I would be more than happy with that. Number two was some baby powder or talc powder. And this is actually like the travel size, which is convenient. Like you said, it goes in your hand bag,

Talk time. Oh God, God angle it. Oh my God. I got to do this actually. I’m worried about, because I feel like at least like I could hide it. Yeah. Yeah. I know I’m going to have white thighs. Yeah. That’s what I think might just happen that you get a closeup Shawna, that beauty right there. But I’m afraid if I rub it in too much. Does that defeat the purpose? Yeah. It isn’t obvious to like really? It’s not obvious. Hannah, do you know what that is already soothing the taping. I know she, can you see that random chafing from before the talk smells really good because without flushes. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. That’s my slushie. Yeah.

So how is it doing for you? So I don’t think I covered the whole area that I choose because the baby powder is harder to like apply in the right spot. It kind of goes all over. So I do think I miss a little bit of a spot, but I’m definitely appreciating the change in that. The last one felt a little moist and this one is very dry and when I’m taping and it’s hot, I want dry. Cause I’m sweating. I kind of feel like I’m still taping in that bit where I was taking before, but I don’t know whether that’s just because like, you know, when you’ve already and if there’s no going back, we’re only on number two and it’s just like, well, shit, I’m doomed. My thighs are doomed. So I’ve found it to be quite steady. Like for me it hasn’t deteriorated yet. That’s what I was going to say is the first one I felt it wearing off this one. It has not worn off. Also the white like appearance wore off very, very quickly. Like my Pfizer, white, that is just my skin. Um, how did you find,

You know, the powder to me was kind of the opposite idea of the gel being that it was a very, very, very dry and the idea being that if you don’t sweat, if there’s no moisture, there will be Chubb, but there won’t be any friction with the rub. And I found it worked. I didn’t really like how white it made my thighs. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I was wearing a dress. So it was fine. Um, I think I would give this three out of five. I’ll give this three and a half because it lasted so much longer than the gel. And number three, we had coconut oil. This was not as solidified as it is now. Completely melted.


Oil can be touching the pot, my hands off sticky. We’re going to do some walking around the gardens without oil leaf, thighs main differences. The oil has leaked onto my shorts. No. So my shorts cause it’s on my thighs, but then my thighs touch, my short [inaudible] products has gotten on my shorts, but the oil is like my shorts. See lately for me, it’s working like I’m not chafing right now, but I can really feel that my thighs like sliding and it’s sticky. It’s similar to the treatment gel, but this is more sticky.

Oh yeah. How’s that chafing.

It’s nonexistent. Yeah. It’s good. Yeah.

It’s good. So this one stopped the chafing, but it makes it  just like uncomfortable in a different way. Like the oily feeling. I just don’t like, I wouldn’t choose this product for myself over like the deodorant or the gel or even the baby powder. I don’t actually say this one. That’s the most like effective this one. I was like, yeah, it’s the most effective, but it’s mine so far in the different direction. Yeah. Cause I I’m now like a lap of my fives in a different way. Whereas with the deodorant, like I just forgot about them. I forgot. I have thighs. I couldn’t tell now I’m like, Oh I have there,

The ideal with Chub Rub products is you’re usually using them in the summer, in the heat. And so this is going to melt really. Whenever you’re using was so messy, it worked though it stopped the Chub rub and it didn’t wish to rise your thighs along the way. But no thanks. And it was so uncomfortable. I’m going to give coconut oil to two out of five. That’s what I was going to say as well. Two out of five thighs. I mean it still works. And coconut oil is good for other things. If you already have it in your bag and you’re like stranded, this is a good thing that you could probably pick up anywhere and just rub it all over too. But the next one actually probably more convenient than coconut oil deodorant, deodorant roll on deodorant.

Okay. We’re about Baboa now and right to this. Oops. Rolls into your shot. Ooh. That’s already like just soothing, soothing the chafing. So mind me, what does testing Chub rub products. How’s it work? Yeah. Roll on deodorant so far so good. Yeah. Right. Cool. Like a magician. Oh, look at that. That is that stuff’s been on my own pits. The deodorant is my favorite, but I also think it might be because, and actually applied it right up to my neck line this time, because that’s where I’ve been chafing. [inaudible] your snout? The week of the baby powder dogs, but lots of glide. Like what’s your size glide together. So it’s kind of like the best of both worlds right now. And I’m kind of loving it. I’m into it. I’m into it. And also like I already owned deodorant, so I’m not, I don’t have to buy anything.

This was my favorite. Yeah. This was great. Again, never really thought about it. Like almost forgot while we were walking around that we’re filming for your video. Cause it just felt so comfortable. And there was something about like rubbing deodorant and onto my thigh. That was pleasing. I’m going to give it four and a half out of five thighs. Yeah I do. I give it five. I think. Yeah. The only downfall is that I wouldn’t take this out and about in my back with me. Yeah. 4.5 thighs. So the next one is a product that everyone has usually. And that is Vaseline. The kind of Vaseline I had was a rosy lips one. So it was bright pink

Rosie, Rosie thighs. Am I right ladies? I immediately hate this. Like immediately. I’m just like, this is wrong. Okay. Feels similar to the coconut oil, putting it off. Yup. Oh my gosh. I hate it. I hate it so much. I hate it. We just wiped our hands. So wouldn’t recommend pink Vaseline. Say my face is just going to be stuck like this until I wipe it off. I’m so uncomfortable. 10 times worse than the oil with double the chase. There’s no upside to this. The is the view.

That is the upside

It’s so gross. This is by far the worst. I hate it. So what you haven’t seen yet is in between trying the different products, we just wiping it off Salinas.

I also hated this. This to me was by far the worst thing I’m going to get this. Wait, is it worse than the coconut oil? Probably for me it was, I’m actually going to give this one out of five thighs. Like I would rather have trapper up than where this that’s. Yeah. Like I would rather just have nothing on and just be like, well, and just going to get with your thighs really? Just like, no, I just won’t let my five touch. Um, yeah, one, one thigh, one five. Oh, it’s the wild card. This is true to your channel. We tried lube lube

Lube, wildcard. Lube, I don’t think this is actually recommended for chafing, but it’s, you know, it’s recommended for avoiding friction with other things. So let’s see. Oh wow. Okay. That is super cool. It’s really nice. But Holy shit. That’s so much of it. It’s actually like, wet. they’re like how with a lot of the other ones they’re like rubbed in, this is a general rubbish because the point is that that’s the whole point of lube, Lube meet thighs, thighs meet lube.  How much did you use? I feel like I should leave a little less than that looks good. Skin is cooling. Especially like after my thighs rubbing together all day, I feel like this is kind of like a nice end of the day thing. You know? Pull your thighs down. Not sure how it’s going to feel. Oh, it does feel like you peed your pants. Especially in the shorts. It’s like getting on my shorts and the crotch. Yeah. So it really feels like it we’ve started walking. Mine has dried up a little bit.

No mine just is just like, it doesn’t work. Yeah. I I’m. Chafing already

Because it’s, it’s, it’s dry.

It was wet, which is kind of the worst thing. Like you want it to be wet, but feel dry and this is the opposite and it’s not great. Now I feel like I’m eating this less than you. To me. This is a significant improvement from battling. Like yes, it’s wet, but it’s also cool. It doesn’t feel a sticky. It just is

Kind of like letting my thighs rub together. So it’s not stopping the chub rub, but it’s better than the vaseline.

It didn’t work. Nope. It’s not for your thigh though. That’s a little sick to me. The lube better than Vaseline. I’m going to give it one and a half thighs because I just, I could not get past the Vaseline. It was also kind of funny, like slapping lube onto our thighs in public, in the middle of being surrounded by people 1.5. Oh you give it the same. Yeah. Why not? Okay. Right. 1.5 thighs I’ll talk five thighs. And then the final product is duh, duh. These bad boys look as silly. They look like they say, I, this is the only chafing product that I love and use, but I can’t wear it with shorts. I’ve never tried it before.

So Sierra has changed into a dress for this one because what is that chafing product biker. Oh wait, this is my first time wearing these. I never wear them. And this is my current. Go-to like, I don’t have a good product for shorts, but with dresses, it’s just biker shorts all day, every day, you know why you don’t have to reapply. You got a good pair. You never really have to pull them up or readjusting how to say it. And they don’t show no one sees it. And there’s no chance of like missing a spot. It just, it’s just that I’m enjoying it. But also like I’m wearing a kind of like just above the knee dress to me. But a lot of my other dresses are much shorter. That’s one of the issues. So like I wear a lot of maxi dresses like this, so it’s not really an issue cause it’s long. But I have had some instances where I wear dresses that are kind of on the borderline of being too short. Yes. And I see the bottom of my bag of shorts peeking out a little bit, but also who cares?

I like how much I’m not aware of them.

Double bonus a bike shorts. Let’s say at nice gusts of wind comes in and blows up. You’re covered. But that happens to me all the time. Genuinely another great bonus. If you stumble upon a cycling class, you’re ready to go ready?

I don’t know why I’ve never done it before, because these were my favorite. Yeah. Like I think, I think I’m sold, but like you said, if your dress is shorter or you wearing shorts, then you need an alternative. Yeah. But I have actually been wearing these all day yesterday. Oh, they’re great. And it’s fantastic. So I would be giving these five out of five thighs. I will as well. Yeah. Yeah. [inaudible] I feel like I now have a new Chub rub routine as do I. Yeah. I think for me I’m the clear winner for shorts is deodorant. Yes. And for me also the clear winner for dresses is bike shorts. Yes. But for me, like I would on a day wearing shorts or shorter dress, I would put deodorant on just before leaving the house, leave the deodorant at and take with me the gel out and about.

So as soon as I need to reapply, I would just like, get the gel out and like reapply, you know what I think that is the winner. That’s the routine it’s shorts in the dress. And then it’s deodorant at first and then reapplying the gel. So what we’re telling you is that in order to avoid Chopra, you need three products. At least at least with how we want to do it. Like I already own a gel. Um, and now I own these and obviously I already have to your drink. Cause I use that every day. So I feel like I’m on for a winter also. I don’t live in a very hot country most of the time. Whereas for me in San Diego, I mean in the winter it gets to like maybe 65. So I don’t know what that means. Neither to most of you, what am I figuring out?

The translation was like, what was it yesterday? 85. So 19 degrees. Okay. So I, but I get chub rub in 19 degrees and that’s like winter here. So yeah, I wear shorts in like December. Why do I live in London? So those were our reviews of some Chub rub products. I love that. Um, Chub rub is used in the UK and in the U S I was not expecting that. I thought you were going to have a different name for it. And then when you said Chub rub, I was like, I know exactly what we also did a video over on Sierra’s channel, where we try on different swimsuits and bikinis. So you should definitely go and check that out. Please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and let us know in the comments, um, how you deal with Chub rub. I’m actually really excited to read through these comments, because like I said, I’m still on the hunt. If there is like one product that can cover all of these, that would be amazing. I’m sure it doesn’t exist. Having one of you create it. Great. Never going, gonna happen. Never make sure describe because I make new videos every week. I’ll see you in the next one. Bye. Bye.

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