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Clothes-shopping tips for weight-loss surgery patients

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Updated: December 5, 2020
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The concept of losing weight is exciting

in the first few weeks and months that follow weight-loss surgery. Not only may you be feeling healthier and more energetic, but you may also be excited about the fact that your clothes are becoming looser and no longer fit snugly around your body.

The earliest days of your weight-loss journey are usually fun for the sake of having the opportunity and excuse to buy brand new clothing that compliments your new physique. Since losing weight requires you to have a positive, confident attitude, it’s important to buy clothing that makes you feel attractive and comfortable as you continue to make lifestyle changes that will help you become healthier.

Here are tips you can follow when shopping for clothing as you continue to lose weight.

Accessorize with belts

Belts can be useful for both men and women who undergo weight-loss surgery because they can allow you to get more wear out of your pants and jeans. In some cases, you may be losing weight at a rate too fast to keep up with buying new clothes or having them altered. Additionally, belts can accentuate your thinning waist and can be worn fashionably over many dresses and shirts.

Buy brighter, bolder colors

Those who are overweight often tend to have wardrobes overrun with clothing in colors such as black, navy, and gray. As you start to shed pounds, liven up your wardrobe with brighter colors that not only accentuate your new body, but your skin tone as well. If you aren’t quite ready to transition to brighter colors, wear clothing in dark colors you don’t usually wear, such as dark purple, dark green, or maroon.

Buy new undergarments

Many fashion experts say that wearing attractive undergarments can have a major impact on your confidence. If your undergarments are stretched out and becoming looser, or just need to be replaced in general, treat yourself to new undergarments that fit comfortably and make you feel more attractive and confident.

Try new styles

Weight-loss surgery can often give patients the fresh start needed to become healthier and happier with their new lifestyles, and is a great time to try new clothing styles as well. Consider changing your clothing style completely — you may be surprised at just how great you look in styles you’ve never worn before. For example, if you’re used to wearing sweatpants and oversized sweatshirts, consider buying a pair of form-fitting jeans or slacks along with a sweater that hugs your body. Also, do away with layers and choose outfits that are all in one color to make you appear even slimmer.

Choose bootcut-style pants

Although skinny jeans may be the latest fashion trend for men and women, choose classic bootcut pants and jeans that are wider at the cuff. Bootcut-style pants can balance out the upper body for men and women who may still be top-heavy, and can detract attention from the thigh region — resulting in a well put-together and slimming look.




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