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Do we still follow the Paleo diet?

Do we still follow the Paleo diet?
Updated: December 5, 2020
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Do we still follow the Paleo diet?

Welcome back to the Whole View, episode 4-1-1. (0:27)

Does 411 still exist as a resource you can call?

This week, we have a really amazing question from Holly.

The topic is one that has been bouncing around in Sarah’s head for a while.

When she talks to someone about how she eats, it can be tricky to navigate what vocabulary to use.

So now seems like a really good time to dig into this, especially given the recent podcast name change.

Listener Question

Holly writes, “Hey ladies, I’m a long time listener of the podcast and I hope by telling you both how awesome you are that you will answer my question. (2:02)

Just kidding! But I know it can’t hurt and it’s true!

Really, thank you both for all the work you do to keep us in the know.

I have been finding the covid-19 shows so helpful and I feel like I get to rant with you both.

On to my question, Sarah I noticed your new book has non-Paleo and non-AIP foods in it and I know the podcast name has changed, so… do you both even still follow a Paleo diet?

I would love to know what your diets look like now.

Also, what do you both recommend now for all of us looking for general health guidelines, if Paleo is no longer the ‘thing’?

Thanks again for all you do!

P.S. Sorry Sarah if you cover this in the book, I admittedly have just done a quick scan, and I promise to read it soon.

Sarah’s New eBook

Sarah completely forgot to tell our podcast listeners that she just launched her Gut Microbiome eBook. (3:01)

The book that Holly is referring to is Sarah’s new Gut Health Guidebook.

Sarah has been working on a Gut Microbiome book for about six years now.

She started this book before writing Healing Kitchen.

Healing Kitchen was a book writing tangent, and then Paleo Principles was a second book writing tangent.

Since Paleo Principles came out, this book has been Sarah’s singular focus.

She was wrapping it up earlier this year and then when covid hit, it caused a delay in the publication process.

Sarah still doesn’t know when it will come out, but her guess is that at this point it will be sometime in 2021.

As soon as she found out that this was not going to be the late 2020 book she was pushing for, Sarah took the cohesive storyline of diet and lifestyle and package that up into an eBook.

The way that the Gut Microbiome book was coming together made it clear that it couldn’t be one book the way Paleo Principles is.

Sarah is taking the companion cookbook and is also going to create an eBook out of that content.

That will launch late this summer.

So the Gut Health Guidebook is now live and you can package it together with a preorder of the cookbook.





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