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Drinking green tea while exercising could help with weight loss

Green tea
Updated: December 5, 2020
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A recent Penn State University study showed that mice can reduce their body mass by 2.1 percent and fat mass by 36.6 percent if they drink green tea while sticking to a consistent exercise regimen. The Penn State study was published one year ago, but revealed that drinking green tea and exercising can help you lose weight without you needing to change the rest of your diet. 


“What is significant about this research is that we report for the first time that voluntary exercise in combination with green tea extract reduced symptoms of metabolic syndrome and diet-induced obesity in high-fat-fed mice more significantly than either treatment alone,” said Joshua Lambert, a Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences researcher, to The Oregonian. 


Lambert wants to continue the study with men to see if anything changes in the results. Many people have already found that drinking green tea has its benefits, and this study simply supports the concept. So instead of exercising or drinking green tea, try combining the two practices and see how it works. 


To learn more about green tea and exercise, read How to nail your New Year’s weight-loss goal: Drink green tea on the run on OregonLive. 



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