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Face Mask Collection…The Kind For Your Skin!

Face Mask Collection…The Kind For Your Skin!
Updated: December 5, 2020
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Who would have thought that 2020 would bring a whole new meaning to face masks?!

It’s kind of crazy that I need to differentiate between face masks that cover your mouth and the kind that are part of your skincare routine, but here we are! It’s pretty clear that one type of face mask is wayyyy more important than the other (here are my favorites!) but I also absolutely love my skincare face masks.

I pretty much do one every single day. Of course, there are benefits for your skin but it’s also part of my self-care routine. The intentionality of hopping in the bath, putting on a face mask and reading a book keeps me calm and grounded. It also allows me to be in tune with my skin’s needs and select a mask based on those needs. To some this may seem excessive, but to me it feels very aligned. And that’s really what self-care means: being aligned and in tune with your body and its needs.

Here’s the thing – I have A LOT of face masks. Probably more than any other product in my skincare collection. On some level I consider myself a bit of a face mask expert. But I also recognize that everyone’s skin is different with varying levels of sensitivity. I’m not here to tell you which one is best for you (it’s why I’ve avoided this post for a long time) but I did want to give you a little sneak peek into my skincare cupboard and let you shop my face mask collection.

I’ve broken the list down into 3 categories: exfoliating, clarifying and soothing/hydrating. Some could fall under multiple categories but I tried to focus I why I use them. To be honest, you can’t go wrong with any of them!


Herbivore Blue Tansy Mask – My ride or die mask. I honestly think everyone should own this one. I’ve gone through at least 5 jars of this over the last few years. My go to for a chemical exfoliant.


Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel – This is a powerhouse mask! I find just 5-10 minutes of this and my skin is prepped. It definitely turns your skin a little red after use but it dies down pretty quickly. In a world in which I used to go out I’d do this the night before so my skin was feeling fresh the next morning before applying makeup.


Naturopathica Cherry Enzyme Mask – pretty much serves the same purpose as the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel though I find this one to be slightly gentler.

Lil Fox Jungle Glow – The only physical exfoliant on this list. It is definitely on the more abrasive side but it makes my skin feel sooooo fresh. I also like using this on my back to prevent breakouts from sweat build-up.



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