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Fish oil, Healthy or not?

Fish oil, Healthy or not?
Updated: December 5, 2020
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 Fish oil, Healthy or not?

Welcome back to the Whole View, episode 415. (0:27)

Stacy is jazzed that they are revisiting a topic that has been laid with controversy for years.

She loves to revisit topics and update science on past episode subjects.

First, Stacy wants to share a story on fish oil.

Stacy recently had an appointment with one of her children who has ADHD/ADD.

The pediatrician knows that they work to manage his symptoms through lifestyle and are trying to avoid medication.

Stacy shared with the pediatrician some of the challenges she has been facing at home and asked if there was an alternative to using a stimulant.

One of the things that he said was to increase the fish oil that this kid was getting, who is on fish oil, but needs to increase his dosage.

A few years ago this is not something they would have heard, so Stacy thought this was a cool advancement.

They will up this child’s intake, and the brand that he takes is Rosita, who is also our sponsor this week.

We love to showcase brands that we genuinely use and love.

A special thank you to Rosita for being this week’s sponsor.

You can visit them at this link here and use the code ‘thewholeview’ to receive 5% off your order.

Rosita was the brand that made Sarah feel comfortable about taking fish oil again.

Quality is really important, and Rosita‘s fresh cod liver oil (not fermented) is so fresh and wild-caught from sustainable fish.

It is so clean that they don’t even need to add flavoring to it.

This is extra virgin cod liver oil that is top quality and is the brand that Stacy and Sarah choose for themselves and their families.

They offer both the oil and the capsules.

Stacy shared a fun fact about the Rock’s cod intake.

Listener Question

Katie says, “Hi ladies, thank you for your wonderful podcast. (9:55)

I listen every week, and I love everything, from the science to the soapboxes.

My question has to do with fish oil.

Specifically, I’ve heard mixed research on whether or not it is healthy for people to take as a supplement.

It seems there is a lot of people that say that adding a fish oil supplement is really beneficial, but I recently attended a lecture where they were talking about how it can be damaging to the cells due to how it is extracted, and that we actually don’t need it as much as we thought.

As with anything diet and nutrition-related, there always seem to be many camps that people fall into, and I would love to hear your balanced approach on the science!”

It is really important for our bodies because they are used for forming fat-based hormone-like molecules in our bodies.






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