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From This to 'Dang' | An 'Average Girl Does Makeup' Routine / GRWM

From This to ‘Dang’ | An ‘Average Girl Does Makeup’ Routine / GRWM
Updated: December 5, 2020
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From This to 'Dang' | An 'Average Girl Does Makeup' Routine / GRWM

Video Description

Hi Guys, everything I used is detailed below, no links, just google the names, and search for the best price for you, and where you best like to shop!

Hope you enjoy the video, never sure with these ones haha, but I hope it helps show you everything I use, and how I do my makeup, which a few of you guys have requested!

Nivea Micellar Water
Nivea Toner
Olay Anti-Wrinkle Eye Renewal Gel
Olay Anti-Wrinkle Firm And Lift Serum

Revolution Mattify Primer
Revlon ColorStay Foundation Combi/Oily (250)
Maybelline SuperStay24H Pressed Powder 021 Nude 9g
Maybelline Instant Conceal Eraser Concealer Brightener
Rimmel London Brow This Way Eyebrow Kit 3.3g Mid Brown 002
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara
You Are Magic Primark *Disney* Pallette
Any bronzer & blusher you love!
SOSU Premium Lash – Alex

Hope you are staying safe and well!

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Video Transcription:

Welcome. If you’re just new here, my name is Candy. And here my channel, you can be finding loads, of new products. And today I’ve got something a little different for you guys. A lot of you guys have requested me to show you how I do my makeup. So that’s what we’re going to do today. And I’m just going to show you sort of my general, um, filming makeup or going out makeup. It’s kind of mediocre disclaimer, I am no makeup artist. I am lit. She just going to show you the products I use, how I do it, and I hope that you enjoy it. So if you want to see how I went from this to this, then stick around. So how are you guys all doing? How’s everyone coping with, uh, different levels of lockdown?

I know you guys are all around the world, so how are you all, um, catch me up in the comments down below. If you guys do enjoy this video, please give it a thumbs up. It’ll help me know if you want to see more videos like this going forward. And also please subscribe if you’re not already. It really helps out my channel. I accompanied with nearly 6,000 strong, it plays my mind. Uh, my like Ayman desire for this year with 5,000, we’re already nearly on 6,000, so that blows my mind. But yeah, do subscribe. It really helps out the channel and I’d really appreciate it. Jump straight into this. I am just going to talk you through basically what I do to get from here to sort of a, and if I haven’t hop six not to not to mediocre. Um, first is tie back to her.

This, um, Alice band is from pink clove. If you’re wondering where it’s from. Uh, so the only new product we’re going to be using today, which I haven’t used before, are going to be some lashes, which I got off. Boohoo. Uh, so these are the only items which are different, but I generally will put on some falsies just at the moment because unfortunately my eyelashes have sort of reverted back to a little stumpy butts and I need to get some new, uh, lash oil desperately. So part from that, everything else is sort of as it was. First thing I always do is I cleanse. So I’ve got these oval cotton pads from prime knock and I go in with my micellar water. They use one half of the pad to cleanse. I haven’t re Thailand, uh, in the past few days, so might have a little bit difference, but we’re kind of going back to normal now.

It’s a bit easier, highly recommend using a micellar water and a toner. Um, so the Turner I use again is the Nivea refreshing toner. There we go. This feels so cold on your skin, but in such a good way. Next I’m gonna use my Olay eye gel and this just goes onto my eyes and around my eyes. Uh, I’ve been using this, Oh, for a while now. It’s been at least a year or two now. And honestly, I just love it. I feel it really does make a difference. Um, before I started using it, sort of noticing that I was getting a bit, you know, aged under the eyes and in like corners of my eyes and since I’ve been using this, I don’t know, I just feel it has made a difference personally. So that’s all I can say on it. Then after that I use the Olay anti-wrinkle from and left two and one anti wrinkle booster and firming serum.

This is what it looks like. Think I’m nearly out of this sadly. And this is just a sort of pearlescent cream. It is really, really nice. I feel it doesn’t leave my skin oiling and as you can see any hot to use like a very small drop and it does my whole face and neck at my fin, my fin, nothing. My skin just feels refreshed and clean and ready for the makeup. Next I’m going to go in with my mattify primer and this is, Oh my Lord. My camera just does not want to focus today. There you go. So this is the mattify primer oil control. Um, from makeup revolution. I love this one. I wore this for my wedding day and I just find it really does make a big difference. So I don’t use a lot. That’s all I use. Just a little, a little dollop there and just apply it really all over my face.

Just not really my eye area and then I’ll just apply it as if it was a cream. It doesn’t feel heavy. It doesn’t feel like yucky. It’s very smooth, works really nicely for my skin and I just feel it really provides a good letter for my foundation for foundation. You can see I’m nearly out. Have another one. I use the matte finish for combination oily skin. Um, this is SPF 15. It’s the Revlon color stay 24 hour, um, foundation, liquid foundation in fresh beige. It’s one’s pretty much done now to be fair, I don’t think there’s much more I can get from it. And then I’m just going to apply this. Oh, that bowl was pretty much done. This let’s get into a new one. Okay. So normally I would just apply it to my brush or my face. This is a stippling brush. It’s very, very, very old.

I don’t know where it’s from. My mom gave it to me, but it’s just a flat head foundation brush. Sometimes I use my fingers, sometimes I just use my brush. Um, and I just kind of put foundation in the areas I want it just to kind of even out how much I think I’ll put a bit too much on my brush. But now mine, I’ve got my little [inaudible] here so you can use a beauty blender, whatever you want to use your hands. I use my hands quite often. I just don’t find to getting them dirty right now.

I’m gonna just gonna

As you can see, I’m just lending that and just using you guys as my mirror. So apologies if you’re looking in the viewfinder instead of at you. So as you can see, it’s a little bit different color to my chest. I’m a little bit Sunkist and my tongue is just kind of wearing off. But this is not the end stages. So if you’re not, so as you can see that it’s a really nice coverage. Uh, I’ve got a lot of rosacea on my cheeks and it does cover that quite nicely. Just really buff the end, especially around the nose.

Oh, I love this foundation. It feels so nice and lightweight and comfortable. And then what I’ll go in with is my Maybelline instant age of [inaudible] and this is my go to, I get it an ivory cause I like quite bright under eyes and then I’ll just do three dApps. Just go in with the one-on-one hasty buffing brush from Primark. This is what it looks like. It’s got like a triangle so it really gets into the crease there really well while at the corner of your eye there really well. Now just buff this in. They’re very good base for eyeshadow, hence why I go over my eye as well.

That really just brightens up as you can see there. It just really brightens up the under eye. A little dab more cause I’m feeling quite tired today.

Uh, honestly I find doing my makeup so relaxing. Uh, I really enjoy just taking my time and when I can. Obviously it’s just, I don’t know. I find it really, really relaxing. It’s something I very much enjoy and it’s nice to kind of take that time for yourself. Have a cup of coffee, which reminds me, have a cup of coffee and just, yeah, relax a bit brighter under the eye. And what I will do is I’ll go in with the F L elf. Perfect. Finished HD powder. I am one of those that does like to set their under eye cause I crease. So I will just dab under that with just a tiny little beauty blender. This one’s super old, it’s not gonna stay looking. So I just put it on all those areas that does really brighten up, which is quite nice. And of course if you wanted to, you could like cut out from cheekbones.

I don’t do any of that. I’m just going to show you what I regularly will do. I’m gonna leave that white powder. I’m not going to brush that off yet. Next thing I’m going to go in with his eyebrows and eyebrows is one of the things a lot of you guys were asking about. So products I tend to use remote brow this way as you can see, well loved and well used. I’ve got a fresh one and then I used to use this as a new brush I got from prime Primark a few weeks ago and it’s got the brush and obviously your angled eyebrow pencil and then just brush them out a bit. Uh, I don’t get my eyebrows plucked threaded or anything like that. I just do the myself with tweezers and just sort of keep to my natural shape. But it is amazing what difference putting on eyebrows makes.

That’s always the thing that gets to me. It’s like wow, is it, it does make such a difference. So I just go in with the brush into the wax section, not the powder. I’m going to have to kind of have to get my, my Mary here and I just follow the natural line. I should really hope that my eyebrows before this, but mind I just follow the natural line of my eyebrows. I don’t overline I don’t underline, I just try keep to where I see me heads. Um, I use this end of the brush as my straight edge for like that first bit of Brown and then I just follow up natural arch and down. But that’s okay. Pretty much. I mean you can see the difference it makes to your face. Um, but that’s what I do for the eyebrows. And then of course the age old dilemma, making them match up. What did they say? They’re not twins. They’re sisters.

And the special primer, I think it was only a pound a pound 50. And it’s brilliant. It’s really, really good. And they’re not going to be perfect. They’re not going to be, you know, exactly the same. So don’t beat yourself up about it. Then what I do is I’ll take the powder side, apply that over the eyebrow, how do that’ll do? And then I just sort of brush him brushing through once I’ve done all that. Not too shabby. It definitely don’t match perfectly. But they’re on. And then next thing we’re going to do is, Oh, you can apply gel if you want. Sometimes I do use an eyebrow gel just to keep them in place, but don’t I need to do that today. Next thing I’m going to go in with is eyeshadow. I like to do my eyebrows before my eye shadow. Otherwise it just looks a bit weird to be honest with you. I shadow you are magic. This is a prime art pallet I got a while ago now. Um, this was eight pounds. I don’t know if they’ll still have it but I mean the colors you can find in loads of different kinds of palettes. You can see which ones I use the most. So I’m going to go in with this,

This and then that one seem you in a bit. If you’ve got me on your TV, I am sorry. Okay, so I’m going to go in with that cuddle first, which is that sort of creamy base color

And I’m just going to buff that all over my eye. Again, not makeup artist, she’s showing how to do it and I’m just using a very old sort of buffing brush. This is super, super old. My mom gave me this many, many minutes ago, so I don’t know where it’s from, apologies, but you can get all these brushes from Primark or more expensive ones. Totally up to you. Then next I’m going to go in with that first love, which is the one you can see I use the most and I’m just gonna start in on the corner of my eye with some big circles and then I bring it over and I go all the way up into here. I definitely build up my makeup. I don’t tend to um, go straight in with a heavy layer. I tend to just build up as I want it for that day. Then I just focus it in on the corner sweep.

So you can see it just deepens that really nice sort of blush color. This is very similar to the makeup I did for my wedding. In fact, I used this palette. An eight pound prime arch palette just goes to show you don’t need to spend a fortune.

If you don’t want to

just blends out beautifully. I would highly recommend trying out some of the prime ONC makeup if you haven’t already. Once we, once we can go back to prime Mark, can’t wait. What I tend to do is with that same color, it’s called first love. I’ll take a teeny tiny brush and I’ll just drag some of that under my eye.


Just adds a lot of depth, brings in all the Eichler.

I quite like that.

Then we’re going to go in with a serious, the dark color and this is going to be focused just on the corner of your eyes and it’s going to add a really nice sort of smoky depth smoky eye look almost. And you can go as heavy or light as you want. There’s a little bit fallout. No, no, I’m just dabbing that on both eyes. Similarly, some of the lead as possible. That’s how it looks initially. And then I go back in with my blending brush, not just buff that in and just blend it so it’s not so harsh. It blends quite beautifully. It goes far more opaque would be the right word. So that’s it. Blended in and that’s it. Just harsh on your eye. Blending is your best friend.

Then with the leftovers on the brush and not dipping it in. Again, I’m just going under my eye with the leftovers on the brush. Just don’t want it to be too, too intense for like a day on day. Look, again, I’ve got a tiny bit of fallout because I’ve got that powder under my eye. It does sort of help and catch it and I just brush it off. Next I’m going to take this eye shadow brush. I think this was autograph. Yeah, and this is an autograph. I showed a brush and I use the sort of more stumpy end. I’m going to focus if I use the stumpy and I’m going to go in with inspired. Now this is a shim of color just here, and this is going to go just in the corner here and it’s just going to add a little bit.

I love. So there you go. You can see the difference there. There’ll be a Shema in the corner and sort of go and however, however you want with this. Really, that’s how the Shema [inaudible]. So it’s just a really nice little touch and I just like how it looks. I tend to just go in with my fluffy brush and sort of blend out a little bit. Again, it just makes it transitioned really nicely into the rest of the I look and it’s not too harsh either, but that is eyes done. Next I’m going to come my eyelashes. I highly recommend curling your eyelashes to anybody who has shorter eyelashes. It instantaneously changes how you Maskcara will look on your eye and it really makes your eye pop and your eyelashes look longer. I will always highly recommend an eyelash color. I know they’re scary. I couldn’t use them for ages. Eyelashes curled. I’m going to go in with my mascara. I used to both benefit, so these are a bit pricey, but I use the bad girl bang. And the roller lash. You usually use roller lash first and then go over it with the bag out. Bang. Um, I just find this works for me personally. Uh, I’ve, I’m a laborer when it comes to mascara, but I’ll show you the Rona lash first. That’s the brush on the road, lash curved and it really grabs those lashes really well. Whereas before,

one very light layer and I want the light layers. I’ll go and again I’ll try link everything I use down below in the description box. So that’s just a bit of a heavier layer. As you can see. It makes such a big difference. Highly recommend curling your eyelashes as well. So I’m going to go do the other eye.

Yeah, so that is both. I’ve got Twitch UI. Can you see it? Oh, it’s driving me mad. Oh, there you go. That’s nice. And then I go over it with the bag out. Bang. This just adds a bit more of a deeper black. Um, I find the bag bang is really, really black mascara and it just adds a little bit of length as well as you can see that you can just use the bag, go bang. Of course. It is great. I just have my ways. You can see my eyelashes are a little bit shorter at the moment than they were before. They were a good few millimeters, much longer. Um, so unfortunately they’re back to sort of my natural, which is, it’s fine, you know, but for me, I really love the big long eyelashes, but that’s how they look. You could leave it like that. Absolutely fine to leave it like that. Let me back out. That’s enough of a closeup for all of us. Okay. So that is eyes done. Now once I’ve got my eyes done, I’m going to put a layer of powder foundation on. Um, but before I do that, I’d rather go in with falsies where I might potentially touch my face, et cetera, et cetera. So we’re going to try my new ones.

So those are them again, they look quite natural. So these are fi. So these are 100% human hair. So they look quite nice. They definitely look too long. Um, so I’m going to trim them down a little bit. And the way to trim them is to trim from the outside, not the inside, because otherwise go look a little bit too long on the inside. So I have trimmed off one little piece. So now I’ve got eyelashes that will just be a little bit better on my eye. Okay, so next thing I’m going to go in with my glue. These didn’t come with glue, just so you’re aware. I go in with the Ardell lash grip adhesive. It’s very old. It still does a job. I haven’t melted my eyeball off yet. I just apply a very thin layer of glue onto the line of the lash. I grabbed my tweezers and I hold them in the middle.


I’m going to put these on and I’ll come right back to you because Lord knows I need to concentrate for this. So I thought I’d just show you what difference. Just the one that lash makes. These are really, really nice. I must admit, I really liked the shape of these. They’re very lightweight. The band is very thin, which I like. I hate those big thick bands. But yeah, there’s one lash on and just so you know, I place it down in the middle. Um, I pushed down the corner first and then I pushed down this end and that’s sort of how I do it. And let me just come up close so you can see that’s where the end of the eyelash is just here and that’s where the other end is cause you don’t want to take it too far onto the corner and you don’t want to take it too far in. Otherwise it kind of looks unnatural. Actually. Show you me doing the second one just so you can see how I do it. I’ll try and get up close and want that glued to be tacky. Do not want it to be fully wet. Wow. If I’m on your TV, screenshot me and send me a picture.

Right.  very hard at using. If you find out, just do it.

Okay. You’re going to go in in the middle. Oh, hold on. I’m going to have to use the mirror.

You can still see what I’m doing here today. So I’m just pushing down that lash to get as close to my natural eyeliner as possible. I guess that’s how they look both on. As you can see, I really like these guys. These are really lush. Okay. So there’s both eyelashes on itching quite nicely. They’ve made a really lovely difference and I highly recommend those. Those were only, I think Fiverr as well. So sort of on par with your Ardell wispies um, if not a pound or so cheaper. But there’s the eyelashes on. I really like them. I’m very impressed with those. I kind of tried to show you. I hope it helped. Okay. Next thing I am going to spritz my face with the makeup revolution sport fix. This is just going to keep that liquid foundation really locked.

Let that dry completely cause then what I’m going to do is I’m going to go over my face with a layer of powder because that’s just how I do things. How I like him. Right. So that has set in, sorry if you can hear the dogs barking. It’s just real life. The thing in the garden, it’s a sunny day. Next I’m going to go in with my super stay foundation. This is Maybelline and I have this in 21 nude because I’m a bit more tanned. Usually I’ll use sand otherwise it’s just a powder foundation as you can see. I love it and I use a big powder brush from prime. Mark is the PS pro powder brush. My camera just doesn’t want to focus today. I’m sorry guys, but it’s just a really nice big powder brush and I just pardon my face. I dab. Don’t swipe too much.

You don’t want to unset. Oh, you want liquid foundation at all. And I just kinda dove it all over. And the reason I do this after I’ve done everything else is so that when I’m doing eyes or anything eyebrows, I’m not touching it. It is the last bit to go. Just kind of applies a really nice blurry filter almost. Okay. Next, because I do have a bit of a tan, as you can see, not matching at all. I’m going to go in and with this taught palette, which my mom got me, I’m going in with the same pad rush and I’m going to use the bronzer here is sort of the nicest bronzer. I have to be honest, and I’m going to bronze up a bit because I am a very pale otherwise. So I start on my cheeks. See it just makes such a nice difference and I’m just going to buff that out a bit gently. Um, don’t take crazy on the brush strokes cause you can see it’s just bronzed me up a little bit. That extremely nice. Oh, I’m ready Chuck. This is going well. And then last but definitely not least. I’m going to go in with a little bit blusher I’m just going to use this mini powder brush from look good. Feel better. I’m not too sure where that’s from, but I’m just going to use this little brush better. It’s very pigmented,

Just very gently on the top of my cheek.

It’s not too heavy.

I’m not going to highlight or anything. I’m just going to go in with the blush and that’ll be that. Oh, that looks nice. I like that a lot. Cool us, but definitely not least guys, I’m going to go in with some lippy. I’m just going to use the PS prime arc lip liner and crayon [inaudible] and recommended this and I’m glad she did because it’s awesome. It’s mix. I don’t overline I do the natural line of my lip. Um, I’m not a massive fan of the over lining. Look, by the way, this is in color blush, just so you know. I love it. It’s beautiful and it’s got the crayon end. That’s how that looks. But I go over it with, I go in with the set and Lux from Primark and this is beautiful. This is like moisturizing soft. Um, if my camera would just focus on my face, that’d be freaking wonderful.

Just adds a nice little sheen. It feels like lip. I saw lip balm and that’s how it looks. That is the face done. What do you think? Did you enjoy it? Alright. Alright, let’s do the hair and finish off this lip, right guys? There you go. Here is card. If you’re curious what I use to use this bad boy. This is very, very old. Um, it’s just I think a one inch one slightly smaller at the bottom and I just wrap and creates these nice waves calls whenever you want to call him. There you go. That is the final look. I really hope you enjoyed this video. Hope it gave you a good idea of how I do my makeup and I hope you enjoyed it. I’m not very good at these. I know, I’m sorry if it was a bit boring, but I do hope you enjoy it.

Maybe next time we could do like I get ready with me different. I look and maybe have some questions as well. Let me know your thoughts. But if you want to see more like this, give the video a little thumbs up. Don’t forget to subscribe down below and I hope you all keeping safe and keeping well and staying home and for those on the front lines, still working, still serving. Thank you so much for what you’re doing. We love and appreciate you so, so much and say hi. Let me know how you guys are doing and I will be seeing you on Sunday for a new blog on Wednesday for small fashion and next Friday, hopefully for something else. But yeah, thanks for watching guys and I will see you real soon. Bye.

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