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Get Better Sleep, Improve Weight Loss- Video of the Day

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Updated: December 5, 2020
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Seems like lately, a good night's sleep has eluded me. I am awake all night. In fact last night it was 2 AM before I got to sleep and then I saw every hour on the clock till morning. I was tired when I got up and needed extra coffee to get going.  And to think that lack of sleep can hinder weight loss. Dang. How do you sleep? Has the pandemic affected your sleep? Do you use sleep aids? earplugs? eye mask? Meditation App? Medical intervention? 

Paula Henry - MBL Founder



Better Sleep for Weight Loss Success

Video Description

Sleep hygiene is the science of making your sleep as restful as possible — and great sleep can set you up for weight loss success. Here’s how to make it happen.

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Video Transcription:

Hi, I’m dr. Carol Ropelewski with the weight loss center. And you might wonder why is someone from weight loss talking to me about sleep? Well, I’m going to, because sleep makes a huge difference in how your body functions and that if you don’t build up cortisol, then you won’t gain weight. Sleep hygiene is the science of making your sleep as restful as possible. Few things you should know, one make your room as cool as possible. We like to snuggle in and under our covers. Make sure the room is dark. If you can make it for two primary purposes for sleeping and for other things that I’m sure you know what those are. And then also please minimize distractions that will get you actually riled up before bed. You don’t want to exercise within an hour of going to sleep and I’d encourage you to please minimize your screen time. That’s TV, computers, e-readers phones. All the things that we have, what happens is the light activates the rods and cones in your eyes. And your body starts to say that, wow, it’s light. I should be getting up instead of, I should be winding down, wind down sleep, be at peace, lose weight. It works that way. Thank you.

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