Healthy candy swaps that satisfy your sweet tooth

Healthy candy swaps that satisfy your sweet tooth
Posted By: Paula Henry

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With Halloween just around the corner, you may be thinking about how you’re possibly going to resist eating all the candy that’ll be around over the weekend and during the week or two following this “sweet treats” holiday. Holidays in general are what normally tempt people to stray from their diets and fitness routines so they can socialize and take part in America’s most celebrated festivities.

However, if you’re trying to lose weight, you’re probably already well aware of what indulging in Halloween candy will do to your waistline. Instead, try these healthy Halloween candy swaps that are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth in the healthiest manner possible!

You’re craving: chocolate peanut-butter cups
Swap it for: square of dark chocolate with peanut butter spread

Most chocolate peanut-butter cups are high in calories and other additives that could compromise your waistline and overall health. Plus, most of the peanut butter in these types of candies is artificial. Instead, buy a large dark chocolate candy bar made from at least 70 percent cacao, and a jar of organic or all-natural peanut butter that just contains roasted peanuts and lacks sugar and other additives. Then, spread peanut butter over one or two pieces of dark chocolate whenever you get a sweet tooth.

You’re craving: chewy red licorice vines
Swap it for: dried cherries

Most red licorice vines contain cherry artificial flavoring. Swap out the artificial candy for the real thing and eat dried cherries instead. Although some red vines might be labeled as “fat free,” they’ll contain other ingredients that will spike your blood sugar and hinder your weight-loss progress. Plus, real cherries contain a bit of fiber, as well as beta carotene and potassium.



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