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How to avoid dumping syndrome after gastric bypass surgery

Female patient discussing dumping syndrome with gastric-bypass-patient.
Updated: December 5, 2020
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Bloating and weight gain` sometimes occur on behalf of the types of foods you consume on a regular basis. Alcohol, soda, high-fat foods, and foods that contain an excessive amount of sodium will normally contribute to the uncomfortable feeling and puffy, balloony appearance accompanied by bloating. Bloating can sometimes also be caused by eating too fast or by overeating.

In many cases, cutting these types of foods out of your diet will help you lose excess water weight and result in weight loss within just a few days or weeks. In addition, there are certain foods you can actually add to your diet that will help alleviate bloating when it happens.

Here are five foods that will help you fight and eliminate bloating so you can lose weight and get back on track to becoming healthier.

1. Asparagus
Asparagus is rich in both fiber and protein — both of which are nutrients that help stabilize the digestion process and keep food moving through us at a relatively fast, healthy pace. New evidence has shown that asparagus has diuretic properties that can help flush out toxins and excess water, and contains probiotics that can kill and fight off bad, unhealthy gut bacteria that contributes to bloating. Asparagus is best when fully cooked so that its thick and tough stems can be softened for easier consumption.

2. Papaya
Papayas promote digestive health and contain compounds that have the ability to keep toxins in the colon away from healthy colon cells — which can help ease bloating while also reducing the risk for colon cancer. This sweet fruit contains enzymes that aid in the digestion process, and can be prepared in numerous different ways. Eat papaya plain like a melon or add it to fruit salad.

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