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How to Build a Simple Cheeseboard

How to Build a Simple Cheeseboard
Updated: December 5, 2020
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My favorite tips and tricks for building the perfect cheeseboard with all your favorite charcuterie that is simple, beautiful and made in just minutes! 

Perfect for everyday entertaining!

Okay so cheeseboards are kind of my jam.  I LOVE charcuterie and always like to put boards together any time I have people over or we head to wineries because not only are they beautiful, but there is always something for everyone!  A good charcuterie board should have a variety of cheeses (I like to have at least 3 different options), a variety of meats, fresh fruit, nuts and crackers.  Think salty, sweet and savory!  I also like to throw in a seasonal fruit spread and pop in fresh herbs for a little touch.  Details are everything!

These are my tips and tricks for building a basic cheeseboard, but the great thing about these beauties are you can make them as simple or as fancy as you’d like.  Cheeseboards are literally great any time, whether for a small girls night, a picnic or winery outing, a celebratory event or even a big holiday party!  For more holiday cheeseboard inspiration, be sure to check out my ultimate patriotic cheeseboard and my holiday cheeseboard!

My favorite tips and tricks for building a perfect cheeseboard with all your favorite charcuterie that is simple, beautiful and made in just minutes!


1. The cheeses

I always like to have a wide variety of cheeses because everyone is different in what they prefer, but I like to serve at least 3 different types on my board – firm, soft and semi-soft.  A few staples to have are soft cheeses like brie or burrata, semi-soft cheeses such as havarti, fontina or gorgonzola and firmer cheeses such as aged cheddar, manchego or smoked gouda.  I also like to throw on a strong blue cheese as well because some people just love it!  Variety is key.

I also like to cut my cheeses in different ways too, which makes styling the board much more fun and adds dimension.  Cut your firmer cheeses into cubes, the softer cheeses into slices and I like to leave the brie and blue cheeses whole, while crumbling the blue just a bit to give the overall board some texture.  You really can’t go wrong though because no matter what you do, it is sure to be a beautiful mess!

2. The meats

Along with the cheeses, I always like to have a variety of cured meats on the board as well.  Some of my favorites are spicy salami, prosciutto, soppressata, and capicola.  I also like to display them fun ways too, thinner slices rolled up and arranged around the cheeses or bowls while thicker slices I like to pile up to fill in any gaps which adds more texture and dimension to the overall board.

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