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How To Create a Summer Workout Schedule/Guide

How To Create a Summer Workout Schedule/Guide
Updated: December 5, 2020
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I always find it funny how we work our booties off at the start of summer and then once it starts, it’s like an all Rose’ parade, chicken fingers and french fries diet for the kids and we end up eating their leftovers on top of our own ice cream. I may not eat the best during New England summers but I do try to stick to my fitness routine to feel my best, maintain some self confidence on the beach and minimize the damage of a less than stellar diet.

Now, this summer is also a little different. All our gyms have been closed! We’ve been working out at home, if at all. Luckily for some of us this means that on vacation, not having a gym is nothing new and perhaps we have equipment to bring with us to our summer rentals.

The real challenge is staying motivated and getting in an efficient workout with minimal equipment. Here is a 20 minute full body workout you can do at home with resistance bands or medium dumbbells.

[embedded content]

I recommend watching this YouTube video on your TV and playing your favorite playlist in the background from your phone, computer, Alexa or other home speaker device. My long workouts on Instagram keep getting removed on YouTube due to music copyright which is why this one has no music.

I filmed this video while staying at our Cape Cod vacation house in Harwich through Del Mar Vacations. We brought a set of weights with us but for the video, I only used the band. Vacation rentals are booking up FAST right now. If you haven’t reserved a spot yet, check out my summer guide to vacation rentals on the Cape this summer and if you book a house through Del Mar, get 5% off using my promo code “SarahFit”!

Need more motivation than just a single workout? Here’s a plan.

First, if you haven’t already created a workout schedule to follow, get on it asap. As a coach and VIP member of the FASTer Way To Fat Loss, I have a weekly schedule that I’ve followed for 18 months. We do HIIT on Mondays, Sprints on Tuesdays, Full Body workout on Wednesday, Upper Body on Thursday and Leg day on Saturday. This helps me stay on track and I’m never wasting precious time trying to figure out I should do which would eat into the time I could have used to exercise.





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