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How To Make A Successful Bento Box

How To Make A Successful Bento Box
Updated: December 5, 2020
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Bento boxes make packing lunches for school or work a bit more fun than usual.

They’re easily customizable with compartments filled with colors and textures that create a healthy, balanced meal. But if it looks intimidating to make – don’t worry. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be a bento box master in no time.

What Is A Bento Box?

These beautifully organized lunch boxes are one of Japan’s most loved traditions. For daily travelers or those who have a busy work life, bentos provide convenience at its best. Bite sized foods are nicely packaged into small boxes, making it easy to carry around and eat just about anywhere. More importantly, it’s a way of enjoying tasty, well balanced meals on-the-go.

Typically, bentos consists of rice, meats, fish, vegetables or fruits. But modern days have encouraged new and exciting changes to this concept. Bento box designs are now made in all shapes and sizes and meal combinations don’t shy away from sandwiches, salads, yogurts, or easy sweet treats.

So whether you’re making an adult or kids bento box, now’s the time to get creative. You’ll be surprised how you can turn the simplest ingredients into an exciting meal that’s all around healthy!

Basic Rules To Keep In Mind

  • Keep it nutritionally balanced. Lunch is the one meal to help fuel you for the rest of the day, so make it count. Use ingredients that create tasty yet filling combinations of carbs, protein, vegetables and fruits.
  • Presentation matters. A fundamental concept behind Japanese food is that the presentation should be a reflection of how it tastes. You might be tempted to just toss your leftovers together in a container and call it a day. But when you open up your lunch box to a beautifully put-together meal, it’s going to taste and feel so much better. So think of your box as a blank canvas and have fun with flavors, textures, and a rainbow of colors.
  • Make it quick and easy. While bento boxes can be a little time consuming, there’s so many ways to make it easy. Especially when it comes to choosing the right recipes. The goal is to go for dishes that can be eaten cold. So think salads, wraps, sandwiches, fruits, and more.
  • Save a little money while you’re at it. Bento boxes are made to be simple and convenient. Which means it doesn’t require fancy, expensive foods. Recipes such as tuna salad, Greek salad, or chicken salad are budget friendly. Plus, each recipe will cover at least 2-3 meals of the week. Which means no waste!

Several bento box lunches on a counter with cutlery.

How To Make A Bento Lunch Box

Choose The Right Container

Nowadays bento boxes are designed in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. But there’s a few things to consider when choosing a box that meets your lunch needs.



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