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I walk/jogged 1 mile a day for 21 days...this is what happened-VIDEO of the DAY

I walked 1 mile everyday
Updated: December 5, 2020
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MOTIVATION MONDAY !!! Way to go girl! I, too, am not a lover of running. Let's get up and move today!

-Paula Henry - MBL Founder 


Video Description

I decided to begin my actual fitness journey with this 21 day fitness challenge to walk/jog 1 mile a day for 21 days. I began thinking that I could magically run 1 mile a day as a complete beginner but I was greatly mistaken and re-evaluated my goals very fast. Jogging is definitely not easy just starting out but it got easier over time and it is a very effective way to lose weight and tone up. I didn’t really enjoy running but it feels good to have completed this 21 day fitness challenge and I am definitely loving the before and after results. In this video you will see my ups, downs, and the challenges I face being over-weight and running.
Starting Weight: 252.4 lbs Current Weight: 239.8 lbs Goal Weight: 150 lbs.
THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! Please, stick around for a while! My weight loss journey to lose 100lbs is just getting started.
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Video Transcription:

Don’t make fun of my Hobbit feet. My fives slapped together with the heat of a thousand suns.

Hey guys, it’s B I’m at my local track and I’m about to start a fitness challenge. I am really nervous because I am about to try to run one mile a day. Every day for 21 days have visions of grandeur in my head. I’m picturing running like a gazelle. Like it’s no problem. However, I know that that’s not the case because I have always been that chubby wheezy kid. And I’m having some strong middle-school flashbacks right now. So I’m so scared. I don’t know why I, Oh, it’s so intimidating, but this is what I want to do. And they always say, you’ve got to walk before you ran, but we’re going to run. I’m just procrastinating, but do this. Wow. Never mind. We’re going to have to find a new place to run. Okay. So no plan. So as I was leaving the high school track, three cars rolled up. They just jumped the little fence thing and proceeded to use the track. My anxiety won’t let me do that. Like I’m anxious enough about starting this whole thing, but anyway, press the trip button and it reset it. And then I went around a square and it was conveniently 1.1 miles. I was like, yes. Okay. We’re going to stop procrastinating. We’re going to stretch and we’re going to do it because I am just, I’m really just rambling and I’m procrastinating and this, but I do.

Oh God. Okay. Let’s go. Here we go.

Here we go.

Okay. So it appears that we have grossly overestimated our abilities. We need to reevaluate this plan. I figured that we’re going to go on a walk jog for a mile a day. And eventually, hopefully at the end of this, we can talk the entire time.

Good, good.

That was so embarrassing and disheartening. I don’t know why I thought I could go from like zero physical activity to running a mile.

Like I started dying immediately. My throat started hurting my lungs. It wasn’t even like my legs or anything. It was like, it was hard to breathe. And there were just so many people outside. Everyone’s doing yard work. Everyone’s walking their dog on their bikes. I was just so embarrassed because like my belly, you just kept jiggling and jiggling and jiggling. It was like pushing my pants down and my shirt up, I felt like God damn Winnie the Pooh. And I never know what that means right now. So I’m just so sad and out of shape. But I do have a treadmill in my house. So we’re going to use that to like up stamina and

Confidence. It’d be honestly easier to like track how far I’ve gone. Like I wanted to run outside, but it’s just, we’ve got to build up, honey. So I’m going to go ahead and take some measurements as some before pictures I already weighed in this morning. Cause I just completed my week of drinking a gallon a day link will be somewhere up here. If you want to check out that video and you know, we might also make an Excel spreadsheet because you know, your girl loves some quantitative and qualitative data. Every math teacher in the world right now, it’s just quaking. Welcome to this extra room in my house where workout equipment goes to die. We are on day two. I’m wearing my hikes waisted pants. So hopefully going to offset some of the problems we had to yesterday, let’s go breathing.

And the majority of the time was walking. So I really don’t feel like doing this today. [inaudible] so this is day five and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually looking forward to getting on the treadmill. For some reason, middle school me is shook right now because I’ve never been that athletic. I would never been like the person that other people wanted on their team. When it came to sports, I have no coordination. I was definitely always that kid who got hit in the face every time I played Dodge ball or kickball or really anything with a ball, just balls to the face all the time. We’re just going to let that go. Or was I going with this? So anyway, I talked long enough, let’s get day five out of the way, welcome to day 10. And I’m absolutely dreading going on the treadmill today. My body is betraying me or I’m betraying it. I’m not quite sure. So what’s going on is my feet are very hurting and that’s the medical term. I’ll just show you. Cause it’s a, it’s a home. It’s a mess. Okay. First of all, don’t make fun of my Hobbit

Feet. They’re little. And I know my toes are stumpy, but they get the job done. We seem to be having problems with these toes, getting blisters on the bottom of them. They’re kind of weird shaped. They’re like triangular. I can’t really show you I’d have to take the bandage off, but I blisters on the bottom of those toes. Then this pinky is just wrecked. And this side right here has like irritation. It’s like Rebbie so we have that going on. And then on top of that, okay, let me tell you something about thick thighs. When I walk, God forbid run my thighs slapped together with the heat of a thousand sentence. As you can imagine that causes some friction, but we got a whole chafing situation going on down there. I’m not going to show you because, Oh my God, I would never. I mean, I’m all for being like honest on this journey, but there are some things that you just don’t need to and don’t want to see.

That would be one of them. So we have a Chubb rep situation going on and it’s very uncomfortable. Um, I don’t have a bandaid big enough for my thighs. I remember hearing somewhere that bull put deodorant in between their thighs, like when they wear shorts or something. So anyway, I slathered some deodorant in between my thighs and hopefully that will help. I mean, honestly, it’s already irritated. So I think the deodorant was to prevent it in the first place, but we’re going to try it. I mean, we’re not going to give up, we’re going to keep going. I’m going to lay in my bed for like another, like 15 minutes. I’m going to hype myself up and we’re gonna finish day 10.

Eventually, sometime today. [inaudible] pretty proud of myself. Cause I only does that. A walking pace for one minute during that whole time, Hey guys, it’s day 15. I decided to talk to you before I got on the treadmill today. So you didn’t have to see a sweaty potato wheezing. I just wanted to update you on the whole thigh situation. Cause I know that you want it to know. So the putting deodorant between my thighs really did help with the chafing. 10 out of 10 would recommend also another pro tip that I noticed if you’re really prone to getting those sides stitches, like what are those called? You get it like right here from like running and breathing. But I heard long, long time ago when your right foot hits, that’s when you’re supposed to exhale and it helps you not to get that anyways. But I haven’t gotten a side stitch like this whole time. So I think it works. I’m also breathing really deep when I’m trying to run basically like you’re in a Lamaze class girl. I don’t know. I’ve never birthed anything, but from what I seen on TV, that’s what they do. You know the, yeah, like I purposely breathe super deep because I noticed once I start reading really shallow, it hurts everything. 10 times worse, like my muscles, my throat. Anyway, let’s get to the

Sure, sorry guys. I’m so upset. Um, this is embarrassing, but my thigh literally just busted through my weddings and it’s so red and hurting and shaved, but I pushed through,

Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Boom.

Let me just put it off for a few more focus on the number because it makes me sad. Cause I think a minute has passed. It’s only like 10 seconds running sucks so much.

Every time I took a step on my right foot, I felt like a shooting pain. It felt like the arch of my foot was tearing. So I had to walk pretty much the whole entirety of this mile and try to keep pushing myself and then like, it just hurt too bad. So I’m going to soak my foot, try to elevate it, figure out what it is, how to fix it for tomorrow. But uh, I don’t know. I was getting like really down on myself and then in my head I was just like, Oh, we just ruined all the progress that we had made. Sorry, hold on. I’m being dramatic. It’s just okay. To kind of slip back sometimes. I mean, if we look at this, the entirety, I’m a hell of a lot further than I was this time last month. I mean, I wasn’t even working out last month, so okay. Let me explain to you what’s going on? So I kicked my foot with masking tape. Sorry I have the hiccups. I taped my foot with masking tape. So after yesterday I had soaked my foot did the whole thing, you know, breasted it, I was taking good care of myself day. My spirits were up and everything and I was walking around and her foot still kind of hurt. It kind of just felt like everything needed to be


Taped together. So that’s what we did. I don’t know why it’s so funny to me. So yeah, I walked around on it a little bit. Well, it was taped and it felt a lot better and you just needed that extra support, you know, it’s the second to last day of the challenge and then tomorrow is the finale. So I’m going to try whatever I can to make this work. I’m excited because the tape worked. There’s absolutely no foot pain at all. I don’t know. I felt like it was really negative these past couple days. I don’t typically like to be like that, especially when I’m doing something to improve myself or get better. And that’s what all this is about is just getting better. So yeah, I’m happy. I figured some stuff out good morning and welcome to the final day in this 21 day challenge.

If you haven’t noticed I’m out in the wilderness today. So we’re actually at the track where I went to middle school, like so many kids, I imagine I have traumatic middle school, gym experiences, but one that stands out in my memory in particular was my first year at this school, every year we were required to run a mile in like it be timed for like some kind of standardized presidential test or something. I don’t really remember, but so I didn’t know this at the time, but I guess like the gym teacher separated everyone in like different waves, but the first way was completely made up of like all the track kids. I didn’t have a lot of friends at the school. They only had like one or two and it just so happened that the friend that I had that was in the STEM class was a tech girl.

First I wanted to run with her. Cause like, if you’re going to do something terrible, you want to do it with a friend. So I ran with this first wave of kids who ran all the time and it did not go well. I like pushed myself as hard as I could to like keep up with my friend, ended up pushing myself too hard. I had major like cramps in my sides and my waist. I couldn’t breathe at all. Um, and probably the worst thing is my crush happened to be the person who was holding the timer, timing, all of us. I ended up collapsing on the grass midway through this track right here. I literally felt like I was done. And he came over to me and he was like, are you okay? And I was like, no, I’m not. Okay. So I thought it would be kind of fun to like come to this track and redeem myself a little bit, even though like no one from middle school even remembers that, or probably even knows that it was traumatic for me, but I’m the only one who will know, but like kind of cold to like do something for yourself.

So I did a warm up lap. I stretched my foot is taped, trying to figure out where to put the camera now so that you can see. Okay. So I think that’s as good as it’s going to get, I’m going miss, like that whole corner of the track, but

so many stairs.

Okay. So that, wasn’t the triumphant conclusion that I thought it would be. Um, it turns out running outside is a lot harder than running on the treadmill, but it doesn’t help that there’s like this gravelly stuff. I don’t know if you can see, but so it’s basically like running in sand. So that really sucked. But you know what? I did it, I concluded my 21 days I feel accomplished tomorrow morning. We will weigh in and do measurements and all that good stuff. See how much progress I made in like the body region safety of my own car. I ended up mainly walk, jogging. That whole thing is because like, it was so much more difficult. It was good to kind of like, see the difference between like running on a treadmill versus like running like on a track or in a real world situation. Overall.

I’m proud of myself. And I mean, like even if running doesn’t end up being my thing, which I don’t really feel like it is at this point. Like just being honest, I don’t know. But like, that’s the whole point of like me trying all these different things. I gave running a shot. I gave it a solid 21 days. You know, I’m still not really feeling it. You know, maybe that’s not my thing, but that’s the point is like, I keep trying the things until I find my thing and running while you’re overweight is just, it’s like really high impact on all your joints. And I don’t know, I feel like I’ve been complaining throughout this whole thing. I don’t mean to be so negative. I mean, like I know like a lot of people love running and stuff. It’s just something that I was really struggling with it the whole time.

And I kept having all these issues. I’m just kind of like telling you my experience and my experience is mostly negative. I don’t know, but I am really proud of myself at the end of the day I did accomplish what I set out to do. I don’t know my time for this final run. I will go back on the footage and check I’m 100% sure it was not fast, but tomorrow we’re going to wait in. We’re going to do our after pictures. We’re going to measure when I look in the mirror, I don’t really see it, but so I guess we’ll see tomorrow. And so I’ll talk to you then guys, it’s finally the date, the result day, the day I have been waiting for since one of this 21

Day challenge. So let’s just jump right into it. When I started this challenge, I weighed in at 245.2 pounds. Now, when I stepped on the scale this morning, I weighed 239.8 pounds. That means I lost 5.4 pounds in the span of 21 days. And what’s even more crazy is the amount of time that I spent doing this was very minimal. Like it’s very low commitment. I think my longest time was like 20 minutes and that was mostly walking. And then my shortest time was 12 and a half I’ll average all my times and pop them on the screen here. So you can get like a better idea of like how long I spent approximately per day, but that’s not some five hour workout like they do on the biggest loser. You know, it’s not a huge commitment, which is great for my life because your girl has some commitment issues, but we’re not going to get into that right now, but we are going to get into the before and after pictures.

So I’ll pop those on the screen right now. Okay. So I’m not seeing a whole lot of difference. I mean the main difference I would see would probably be in the stomach area. Um, you could see this as kind of slimmer. I also have this line right here. This more prominent could just be the lighting. I don’t know what that is. That’s definitely not an ad line. I have too much fat in my belly for an AB line, also a ghost. Here’s where I’m seeing the biggest difference. Like look at the thickness right here and then look right here. And like the slope of it. Isn’t like in this one, it’s more like, and this one, it’s more like straight down also the, but like I got this square butt thing going on, like this. Hmm, Hmm. Right here. It’s more lifted and round. So yes, we’re making some progress in the back.

I’m not really seeing much, maybe a little bit less Chubb here could just be the way my brother’s sitting. Yeah. It’s hard to tell anything else. And here’s my measurement results. As you can see, I lost quite a bit of inches, most being in my butt. And then like my waist, my belly is like the fattest part of my middle. And there was like, no change in that. So like, that’s kind of what we’re seeing in the pictures, like the upper belly, um, and under waist were the ones that lost the most when the, my butt lost two inches. And we saw that in the side view of the pictures. My FAS are the same size right now, so that’s cool. But you know what, aside from all of the body measurement type stuff, I feel great. Even though like I’m not my snatch dude, just snatched just even though I’m not my most mismatched, like I feel like, yes, I’m feeling good.

It’s amazing how just treating your body, right. Getting your water in, eating healthy, doing a little bit of physical activity. It’s like insane. How much better I feel. And you know, a huge win for me is like, I can exert myself a little bit more my lungs and my throat. Aren’t literally on fire. When I try to jog, like they were at the beginning of this, you know, I’m feeling more athletic. I definitely don’t look more athletic. I was watching that video back of my last track experience. And I don’t know, I was just laughing to myself. I was like, girl, I think it’s fine to laugh at yourself and not take yourself too seriously. Like I know I make fun of myself a lot. I’m not hating myself or anything like that. It’s just so funny how I’m picturing it, looking at my head, like girl, in my head, in my head, I’m like this athletic runner, just bruising along like just, and then in the video,

It’s just so funny. Like it’s not like that at all. You know, aside from that, like, I want to thank you guys so much for watching my videos and supporting my channel. And if you want to support the struggle, I’d appreciate it. If you go ahead and subscribe, hit that notification bell, like my videos. Cause it really helps me out. I mean, not only like helping the channel grow, but the motivation I get from you guys is like top notch. Like it’s incredible. And then like the sense of community we build around this whole weight loss thing, like finding people to relate to who are on similar journeys as myself. I don’t know. Like I don’t wanna, like, I don’t want to cry or anything, but like it like really, it really gets me going. It’s just like this amazing experience. You know, I definitely am someone who is more reserved in real life and like cautious to like, you know, ma maybe I say something and it’s weird or stuff like that. And like, I don’t know, putting my whole struggle on YouTube has really helped me in like so many ways. And I’m very appreciative of that. Uh, I don’t know. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you again on the next one.

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