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Keto Cocktails-Who Knew? Video of the Day!

Updated: December 5, 2020
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It's Friday Friday !!! And It's my birthday! Woo Hoot! So it's cocktail time! Yes! I'm trying these out. Might even try them all over the course of this birthday weekend. What are you up to this weekend? Love you all! 

Paula Henry- MBL Founder

Keto cocktails you can enjoy on your weight loss journey - New Day NW

Video Description

Kyndra Holley’s new book Keto Happy Hour features delightful drinks that are keto friendly.

Video Transcription:

Hey there, everybody. The ketogenic diet is a popular low carb lifestyle aimed at burning fat, but just because you’re trying to lose weight does not mean you cannot enjoy a cocktail once in a while, as you will see in the new book, keto happy hour, joining me now is author Kendra. Holly, how are you? I’m very well. This is very good news for people who are low carbing. It that there are ways to adjust our cocktails. It really tastes good. It is, you know, it was a really common question I got through my blog. Can I drink alcohol on a low carb diet? Or how can I incorporate alcohol on a low carb diet? And I’m all about providing resources. And I got asked the question enough times and I was like, I’m just gonna write a book about it. And you did. I did.

And it’s beautiful. And the recipes are pretty simple. So let’s run through some popular ones so people can kind of get the idea cause we’re trying to take the sugar out. Right? Yeah. So the idea is to kind of recreate all the favorite cocktails you would get when you’re out, especially those good summertime ones, but take some of the carbs up. Okay. Yeah, let’s do it. So what we’ve got here, what we’re going to go through today, uh, this is a French 75, which I learned is your personal favorite is right now. I’m just all about that. And then this is what I’m calling an Irish cold brew. And so, you know, the phrase coffee tell cocktails. Yes. I’m bridging the gap there a little bit with this one and some cocktails. You’re going to be the most popular person in the building. And then this is strawberry basil lemon drop.

I love combining fresh fruits and herbs and just, you know, perfect. A little extra oomph. So I’m going to start with, we’ll start with your favorite, like standing back, like something is going to happen here, but you never have, like, I did take the cork off out there because I, you know, that’s the wildcard here. Good. All right. So one of the ways that I make all of these low carb is by using erythritol instead of sugar, it’s a natural sweetener. And so that is where you’re able to subtract a lot of the carbs. Is it hard to find, do I order it online? Is it in grocery stores? It’s becoming more and more popular and you’ll see it in more places. I still buy everything on Amazon. Cause it’s the best deal. Right. But you’re starting to see it in a lot of grocery stores.

Okay. And do I use it like sugar? Does it measure out the same way? It’s a little less sweet, but I use it as a one for one replacement. Cause I don’t like things overly sweet as well, but it’s kind of a matter of like fine tuning your personal preferences. Almost like powdered sugar in it. Well this, yeah, this is the powdered version, like a confectioner’s version. They also make it in granular. Very good. Yeah. So just add a little bit of that. Alrighty. Then we are going to add some fresh lemon juice. Perfect. And will it just dissolve in that? Well, we’re going to give it a little stir and then we’ll add the gin about an ounce of gin.

And I was just asking you earlier, but I’ll ask this in front of everybody so they can learn too. I like a French 75 with cognac in it. Does that have more carbs than gin? Cognac is going to have more carbs than gin, but it’s not really off the table at a deal breaker. And like I said, since we’re not adding straight sugar, you can splurge a little bit, you know, for some cognac. That makes sense. So we’ve just stirred the fresh lemon juice, the erythritol, a little bit of gin. Now we’re going to top it with some dry and that’s, that’s all it is. It is. It’s very simple, really refreshing. Try not to overflow it here can be powerful. And that’s why it’s called a French 75, which was a, you know, very powerful weapon I think in world war one. So just go easy when you start these, the thing about all of these, they’re the ones that can really kind of get away from you on a hot day because they taste so good. Go down easily. Yeah. And I think I should obviously sample best and find out what’s up. I mean, come on.

That’s delicious.

I love it. I can hear the fizz as I know, it’s delicious. It is so smooth. That’s just be careful with this. That’s all I’m saying. I’m going to keep this over here for myself. Yes. So they’re already starting. We’re going to do, this is what I called the Irish cold brew. This one is really, really so. Okay. So we’re just going to pardon my hands. Everybody’s really into the cold coffees and the nitros and stuff like that these days. Well, you know, it’s less acidic than, and it’s, you know, it gives you that like strong, dark, bold flavor of a coffee without like icing down a drip coffee. Exactly. Which doesn’t taste that good to me. But the nitro coffees I think are yes. Oh yes. All right. So I’m going to do just a little bit of whiskey here. Okay. This is actually a Brown sugar whiskey, which is a tiny bit higher than normal, but like I said, it’s low enough carved that you can, you can work in a little bit of indulgences here as well.

And it’s easy to just Google things. If you want to know what the carb level is, just Google, you know, the, the substance and it’ll tell you per amount so you can figure it out and you obviously have everything listed in your book. I included all of that in my book for all of the common, um, liquors, but also for like beers and wines. It’s so important. And then you, if you’re figuring out, you know, if you’re at a certain level you’re trying to hit each day, then you can figure out and work it in, you know, exactly what’s going on. And so for this one in the recipe, in the book, I put sweetener as optional. And that would, you would kind of gauge that by if you like your morning coffee, sweet. Or if you like your morning coffee, you know, unsweetened. So then we’re just going to top it with a little bit of heavy cream.

Okay. I love watching the way that it kind of so pretty, it goes down there. Yeah. That is beautiful. The other one looked like that too. Yeah. I love coffee pan. Oh my goodness. I need a bigger word than fan. Yes. She’s a coffee lover. That is beautiful. Okay. And then the one was strawberries. I’m dying to see which we can mention without sure. Without alcohol, if we want to. Right. Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, you can make any of these without alcohol. Well, I mean, that would just be healthy with cream, but yeah, exactly. But it’s really tasty. Oh my gosh. Super refreshing. Okay. Fire away. All right. So the next one is a little bit more involved and of the three. This is my personal favorite and this is something I just want to interrupt you for a second. And just because I’m not even a coffee drinker and that’s really good.

Good. Thank you. There you go. That’s it. That’s a good sign then. Yeah. Alright. So here we are going to take just a few strawberries, strawberries, pop them in here. A couple of lemon wheels and some fresh basil. You can just kind of rough tear it. I love it. Drop it in there. It gives you a little sweetness and then the nasal has. Yeah. And then this is a little bit of low carbs, simple syrup. So in drinks like this, all those carbs are usually coming from the simple syrup, which is essentially just sugar water. So how did you make a low carb, simple syrup? So I’ve taken the earth for tall and I just boil it down with water, just like a stone carpet sweetener. And this is a zero carb sweetener. Um, it’s really sh it’s shown not to like, not to spike, you know, your blood glucose levels where you’re trying to avoid. Right. That’s very interesting. Yeah. Cause you’re right. That’s where we go wrong. Everything else is fine. But you put in an ounce of simple syrup and you’ve kind of blown it. All right. And then we’re just going to muddle those and you just kind of want to do it until the, I can smell it all coming together. It’s just beautiful. Just going to do that until like the fruits are crushed and tell, you know, you’ve kind of really mashed up the basil and you get it all combined there,


Yeah. Just a couple of seconds. Should I throw some ice in there for you? Oh sure. Yes. It has melted together. I’m going to do the shaking cause I have a little vodka finger now it’ll be okay. Vodka finger. No, nothing did not ever hurt anybody. All right, go ahead. We’re good on there. Yeah. And then shake,

Give it a shake

And it’s totally beautiful. And again, if you want to do it without, you’re fine. You can totally make this one, a Virgin drink or a mocktail. A lot of people ask me, can I use your book if I don’t like alcoholic? Yes. Because you still have more drink options and you still have the KIDO. Yeah, absolutely drink. Thank you. Kendra recipes are posted on new days websites. You can try them out for yourself, but don’t forget the book. Quito happy hour. Our medical panel returns when we come back, let’s we’re delish.

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