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Makeup Routine When Wearing A Mask! Eyes! Video of the Day

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Updated: December 5, 2020
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In our city, we are under a mandatory mask order because we are a Corona virus hotspot.  So when I go out (wearing a mask, of course) I have started to really notice people's eyes.  Since quarantine, work from home has happened, my make routine has fallen by the way side. But some are taking advantage of this time to REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY up their eye makeup game. Have you seen some of those eyelash trends out here now.  This post has some super crazy ideas for eye makeup. Are you a makeup maximalist or a minimalist like me? 

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My Easy + LightWeight Makeup Routine When Wearing A Mask!

Video Description

A lot of you requested a video on my lightweight makeup routine when wearing a mask so here it is. I try to stick with less is more considering half of my face is covered up. You can stick with just focusing on the eyes but I wanted to show you a full face look in the event you take off your mask. LMK your thoughts and also let me know what video you want me to film next.

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Video Transcription:

What’s going on. You guys welcome back to my channel. So today’s video is actually a video that was very highly requested in my last video. Like Holy cow. I did not think you guys would want to see this video as much as you guys do now, as a result of COVID, a lot of you said that you’re not really wearing makeup right now, and you don’t really feel and look your best because you have to wear a mask. But I want to show you that you can feel and look good while still wearing a mask. We’re really gonna focus in on the eyes. And I’m also going to show you guys how I, even out my skin tone, because I do struggle with acne and blemishes and stuff like that. And the last thing I want is to really elevate your eyes and then you have to take off your mask and then you have a bunch of acne showing. So I’m going to show you like a really quick and easy like foundation routine to even out your skin tone, that’s still going to remain very, very lightweight. So that way it doesn’t interfere with your mass. So I hope you guys love today’s video. If you love it, stop what you’re doing and press that like button subscribe. If you guys haven’t already and also click that bell. So that way YouTube will notify you when I upload, which is every Monday and Wednesday with that let’s zoom in and let’s get started.

And the look let’s go lead ship

To it. I do want to first and foremost, start off with my brows. I do like to fill in my brows with a powder now, because as you can see, I did grow out my brows quite a bit. I do like to use this Brown powder right here by ABH. This is the medium Brown brow powder duo. I like to take the darker shade on a spooly brush. This is a Sephora number 20. We have an angled brush on one side, and then this Lily on the other, I’m going to dip the angled brush into the dark Brown powder. And I’m just going to lightly start filling in my brow. Again, nothing too crazy as you can see, I’m not creating a stark line or anything like that. I just want to create a really pretty shadow. So that way my brows look a little fuller. This next up is totally optional. Honestly, it really just depends how you like your Rouse, but I’m going to go in with a Brown marker. This is by stele. This is the sale date, waterproof brow color in the shade jar. And I’m going to use this create hair, like strokes throughout my brow to give it more of like a feathered boy.

So I think that’s

Pretty good. I’m now going to go in with the P Louise of base two, which is an eyeshadow primer. And I’m going to take a little bit on a flat brush, put this all over my eyelid, and then whatever’s left over. I’m going to use it to kind of clean up underneath my browse a little bit. Now, the reason I’m going in with eyeshadow primer is because we are really just going to focus on the eyes today. Not to say that I’m not going to do anything to my face because I definitely am. But the main focus is going to be on the eyes today. Let’s move on to eyeshadow, which is the star of the show. The pallet I will be using today is this pallet right here by ColourPop. This is egoing coconuts palette. If you have not tried it, I highly recommend that you guys check it out is one of my all time favorite palettes from ColourPop.

I’m going to start off with a shade called a shredded on an [inaudible] three. And I’m just gonna use this as my base shadow before I actually go in with my trend that transitional shade could not say that for a second. Then for the transitional shade, I’m going to take the shade right here called a lovely bunch on that same brush. I’m going to top off and I’m just going to swipe it back and forth in my crease. Now, if you don’t have time for eyeshadow, this may not be the best for you just because I don’t know, I’m really gonna put an emphasis on the eyes. Also keeping them very soft and sultry. So I’m going to go in little circular motions and flick this color in words, also taking it into my crease, but not on the lid.

So that’s

Looking super cute. I’m now going to go back into the shade right here called a shredded and on a support. Number 14, I’m going to start packing this all over my eyelid. Just to bring some brightness into the look. Now you can cut your crease. You could make it a little sharper, but for me, I really want this to remain very soft and subtle. So that’s why I’m going in and just padding on the color to bring some brightness to the look You want to amp up my outer corner a little bit. So I’m going to take the shade right here. It’s called a shell. Yeah. On a clean brush. And I’m going to start tapping it in the outer V just to really amplify and smoke it out a little bit without it being too intense though, because you definitely don’t want to do like a full blown smokey eye and barely anything on your face that can look a little strange. So just go in with a light hand and slowly start to build up the color.

Now I’m going to go in with a little bit of Brown liner. I’m going to take this one right here by Mac. You can use whatever Brown liner you have in your collection. This is an eye Cole by map, which means it’s very, very nice and blendable and it’s in the shade at coaster reach. I’m going to take it and I’m just going to run it right alongside my lash line. And I’m going to take it all the way through, even in the very inner part where I have that later shade, just to give my eyes some dimension, You go in with an eyeliner and I’m sorry

To smite it out.

That Brown blended out. I’m just going to go in. And I’m just lately going to start adding a little bit more of shell. Yeah. Especially towards the base right here. And then just kind of smoking it out and circling the brush and the outer V Even take a little bit of the shade called the shell. Yeah. And I’ll start tapping it directly over top of the liner. And then I’m going to mix in a little bit of the darker Brown called the nutty, but I’m not going to go too crazy with it because they don’t want this to be too intense or dark

Well, that’s pretty much all I’m gonna do it for the eyes. I told you guys, it was shorts. We in straight to the point, now it’s completely up to you. Whether or not you want to do just mascara or pop on some kind of fall scene. I’ve been really into individual lashes. I do have these right here. These are the double up lashes by Ardell. Or if you’re not into that, you could always go in with a strip lash. These are the Demi Whispies by Ardell as well. I’m probably going to go in with these and then stack a little bit of individual lashes towards the outer V to give it more of a fit and flare look. But you can definitely customize it based on whatever you’re into. So lashes are on we’re now going to start working on base makeup, because even though we’re going to be wearing a mask and it’s going to cover up half of our face, there’s going to come a point where we’re probably going to take our mask off.

And it’s going to look a little shrinkage. If you just have your eyes done, and then you have all of your blemishes peeking through. So I definitely want to do a little bit of coverage. Now. I’m not going to say that the base makeup I’m going to do today is going to be 100% transfer proof because it’s not like the reality is you’re probably going to get some makeup on your mask. But the key is to go in with very little product, but still cover up everything that you need to cover up. So I’m going to first start off by moisturizing my face a little bit. I’m going to take the Bobby Brown vitamin enrich face base, which I love. And I’m going to moisturize and really hydrate my skin because when you have a mask on and you’re talking all that hot air is going to be hitting your face and it’s really going to dry out your skin.

So you want to make sure that you start off with really nice and hydrated skin before putting anything on. So the next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to go and in prime, the skin today, I will be using this by elf. This is the do primer. You guys know, I love this. I’m almost out of it. It is a spot on Duke for the milk hydro grip primer, which I have been using a ton in my videos. This is honestly so sticky. It’s like glue for your skin. So if you want anything to stay on your face, use this primer. It is just about good. I’m going to put this all over because I will be going in with some kind of powder foundation powder foundation for me is going to be your best friend or my best friend whenever I’m wearing a mask, because it is willing to allow me to really cover up my blemishes and wear something a little bit more lightweight than like a liquid full coverage foundation.

Following primer. I am going to go in with my tinted sunscreen. You guys know I’m obsessed with this by Elta MD. I feel like I recommend it to everybody. I know like friends, family, whatever, and everyone loves it. This has SPF 44 in it. And it’s going to protect my skin from the UVA and UVB rays. I do like to take a generous amount of this and really just allow her it all over mothers. I know it looks like a lot, but I want to make sure every area of my face was covered. And I also take this down my neck. I’m not playing games. You guys like sunscreen is a must. It literally is a step that I no longer skip. And I can’t believe it’s taking me years to actually get into wearing sunscreen, but better, late than never. So apply your sunscreen folks.

Now I will say on a good day, I’ll probably just put the sunscreen all over a little bit of mascara and browse and I’m good to go, but this is for everyone out there who wants to look put together. If you have to go to work and you’re just tired of looking, busted and crusted while wearing a mask. Okay. So I do want to go the extra mile for those of you. You can literally stop here because as you can see, my skin looks great, but because I do have a lot of scarring in this area, I’m going to take it up a notch. I am going to go in with a color Cracker. You guys know I have been loving this one right here by LA girl. This is the pro conceal high definition and sealer in the shade peach. I’m going to take a little bit on the back of my hand.

And then I’m going to take a number 57 brush by Sephora collection. And I’m just going to lightly start tapping it over the areas that I want to cover up the darkness. I do notice that when I get acne and stuff like that, I do scar like blue purple. So it is a little bit darker than usual. So that’s why I go in with a peach concealer first to really just conceal and cover up these areas. It makes it a lot easier if I’m spot concealing or something like that. So that’s a little tip for you guys. If you do have acne scarring like myself, go in with a peach concealer and you are money, honey. I also like to take a little bit underneath my eyes as well because your girl really hasn’t been getting much sleep these days. So I definitely have to hit this area with a little bit of concealer.

So now that I have that peach color Cracker down, I want to even out my skin tone a little bit. So I am going to be going in with some concealer just to cover up the peach. And then I’m going to go in with a powder foundation because in this case less is more, I feel like the more foundation you pile on, the more it’s going to transfer onto your mass. So I’m trying to create a very, very thin layer of product that’s going to instantly make me look put together. So I’m going to go in with the NARS radiant creamy concealer. This one here is in the shade canal, and I’m going to take a little, a bit of this to cover up that peach color corrector. And I’m literally going to put it in all the areas where I did put the color

Well, the clean number 57 brush, I’m going to do the same motions and really tap out that concealer underneath my eyes and around my mouth.


I’m going to use for today’s video is by makeup forever. This is the matte velvet skin will luring powder foundation. I have mine in the shade. Why two, a five. This does come with a sponge, but instead I am going to go in with a fluffier brush. I’m going to go in with this one right here. This is a number 59 by Sephora. And I’m just going to slowly start tapping it over the areas where we put that concealer. And I’m also going to take it around the perimeter of my face to add additional coverage without it being too heavy. I am going to finish off my lower lash line with a little bit of shadow. So I’m going to go in with a lovely bunch on a flat definer brush. And I’m just going to smoke this out. I’m just going to bring the shadow down just so that way it looks a little more put together. Then I’m going to take a fluffy brush and then just start to smoke it out. I’m going to take a little bit of shell. Yeah. On that same flat definer brush. And I’m going to push it closest to the lash line, just to give my lower lash line some more definition. I’m going to hit my lashes with a little, a bit of mascara. I want to say a little bit. I mean a little bit. I don’t want like spidery lower

This year is a stop. I always do never skip. I’m going to go in with a new liner. This is my LA girl. This is the intense day auto liner in the shade is super bright. I’m going to use this to brighten up my eyes again. Our eyes are really the showstopper for this looks.


I’m going to add some color to my face. I’m going to take the number seven bronzer and just lightly like ever so lightly bronze up the skin a little a bit. I’m gonna take a little bit of this. Just hit my forehead. And this is just going to give me more color just so that way I don’t look super flat. The thing about a mass is that it’s not really going to disturb your contour. Anything you are going to see it a little bit, but nothing crazy. So just go in and lightly raw ones. I’m going to add a little bit of blush to my cheeks. This is the Almay healthy. Hugh blush in the shade is so peachy and I’m just going to hit the apples of my cheeks. I’m not really going to put on any highlighter or anything like that, just because we’re naturally going to get hot and sweaty.

So there’s really no need for all that. Now you guys know I would also go in and kind of like bronze up my nose a little bit, but because the nose is where you’re going to be powdering the most. I’m not really going to focus too much bronzer in that area, but I am going to try to chisel out this top area right here. So I’m going to take that setting brush by real techniques with a little bit of the number seven bronzer. And I’m going to start super high up because it’s going to give the illusion that I have a stellar and it was contour going on, even though I don’t underneath. And then I’m just going to take a little bit alongside my nose.

If you really pinch it right up here, it’s going to make you look that much more put together and then just dust a little bit onto your nose. So that way in the event, you take your mask off. You don’t look nuts for lips. You can do a liquid lipstick, can do a gloss. You can do a lip balm. Honestly, I would probably offer liquid lipsticks something that’s a little bit more long lasting, just so that way it’s not transfer proof on your mask. So today I’m going to go in with the BFF tulip liner by ColourPop. And I’m going to also go in with a liquid lipstick by Oprah. This is a part of the Jen loves review collection. I do have a code with them. It’s a Murray. If you guys want to save some money at checkout, the shade I’m going to be using by Oprah is in the shade revive. Now that lips are done, I’m going to seal the deal with a little bit of setting spray. I feel like it’s important to go in with a setting spray. That’s really going to lock your makeup in place. So today I will be using the all nighter setting spray by urban decay. This stuff works like the dream, just going to spray all over

Is my math makeup. As you can see, the focal point is definitely my brows and my eyes, and I’m obsessed with it. I’m also wearing a liquid lipstick, so it’s not going to transfer onto my mask is my powder foundation going to transfer onto my math a hundred percent. Honestly, I haven’t came across anything that is going to be a hundred percent foolproof and a hundred percent transfer proof. You can see, I do have some makeup on my mask here, but it’s a hundred percent. Okay. I will wash this at the end of the night and I’ll be good to go. So I hope you guys appreciate today’s video just because we have to wear a mask everywhere we go. Doesn’t mean you can’t feel and look put together. And I hope this video shows that if you guys have any more video requests, let me know down below, drop me a like subscribe. If you guys haven’t already and until next time, I’ll be sure to,

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