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Updated: December 5, 2020
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7 Minutes to Start Your Day Right! - MORNING MOTIVATION

Video Description

Listen to this 7 minutes to Start Your Day Right – Morning Motivational Video, Motivational Video for Success, Motivation for 2019
✔ SOURCES ✔ Gary Davis on Tom Bilyeu – https://youtu.be/g3ZHDt8vuSI Priyanka Chopra on NDTV – https://youtu.be/NGdUChxQAE8
Marie Folie On Impact Theory – https://youtu.be/1-go0xQZ89w
Special Thanks to Tom Bilyeu with Tom Bilyeu
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Speakers: Gary Davis Priyanka Chopra Marie Forleo
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Video Transcription:

If something ever doesn’t go the way that you’ve planned and you find yourself in that situation, don’t panic. The most important thing you can do is stay calm, stay, present, being able to be calm that you’ve laid a plan out. You’ve done what you’ve done that got you to this point. If something comes up that you didn’t expect, or that you didn’t know what was going to come, your plan’s not bad. It got you to where you are right now. You have to deal with what’s in front of you. That doesn’t mean runaway. It doesn’t mean stop. It don’t do anything. It means deal with it. Deal with what’s in front of you, move through it, move around it and go over it and move under it. But keep moving forward, rectify the situation, regroup and go.

I’m talking to those guys who hate to fail because I hate to fail. It’s really as simple as that, it takes dubs and dubs of ice cream, lots of tissues, lots of fields, lots of LaMi, buzzy, my mother, my best friends, my family, everybody making me feel better about it. But the one thing that is as soon as night and day, ladies and gentlemen is that you will fail. It’s just how it is. And there’s nothing that you can do to stop that. It’s what you do after that will define where you go. When something I’ve invested in my heart and my soul, which I do with everything that I actually put my mind to. If that feels I don’t just wallow in self pity, I roll myself in it. I roll around in it. I wrapped myself in, it had to do self pity, self pity, self pity.

It’s not a pretty sight, but then I get up cry a little dust myself off and dive straight back into life because the only way to push failure aside is to move ahead. Not ignore it, analyze it and learn from it. Always remember, you will never truly enjoy success until you have tasted failure, fail, fail, fail again, and then rise like a Phoenix. Now, what is life without a little bit of a risk right now? I’m not an adrenaline junkie. I’m not telling you to go off roller coasters or anything. I’ve always believed that you have to take risks, calculated, educated risks to evolve because if you’ve not truly explored the full extent of your possibilities, you’ll always remain stagnant. People have written me off several times in my career. Sometimes they didn’t agree with my choices. When I played a negative character in my film actress very early in my career, I was told I’ll be a vamp and no one would cast me as a heroin. When I took on a female film called fashion again, very early on in my career, I was told that was not normal. When I signed a USD V show at the height of my film career India, each time the risks were huge, the stakes were high and the repercussions could have been to say, not the least career ending.

Thank God they weren’t. And I’m still standing in front of you. I really appreciate it. God, I don’t know what will happen going forward. But as of now, I can say that my risks and the gamble was worth it. You know why? Because I backed up those risks with my hundred percent, be bold and take these risks.

One of my life mantras that saves my butt every single day of the week is this idea that clarity comes from engagement, not thought. So you can be, you know, sitting on your couch and wrestling with two options. You know, whether it’s which business should I start? Should I stay in this relationship or not? Should I go back to school or should I stay in this job? There’s a million things that all of us kind of struggle with each and every day. And one of the things that’s helped me. And I remember it was actually tied back to when I was considering whether or not to go for some type of career in dance. Now I had never had any formal dance training. Um, my dance experience really was me. Moonwalking across my mom’s linoleum floor and my white socks to like Michael Jackson. That’s as far as the dance training I had, but I love to dance.

And when I was starting my life coaching business at 23, one of the things that was awesome about that experience was getting a chance to really look at all my own beliefs and my own desires and what was in my own heart. And that’s when I started to really identify that. I didn’t just want to be a coach and I didn’t want to just focus on one specific thing. And I loved spirituality and loved business marketing. I love personal development. They also loved fitness and they also looked dance. And so I was having a hard time reconciling what to call myself, what to focus on. It was really a confusing time in my life. It was really frustrating because I had a lot of drive and I wanted to help people and I wanted to make a difference, but I didn’t, and I couldn’t figure out how I fit into society.

So this idea of dance just didn’t leave me alone. And I remember just saying to myself, like if I don’t actually go and take a class, like, how am I going to know? And so, uh, I went and I took my first ever professional dance class at Broadway dance center. I remember going into that class and, um, it was like the warmup section. And I just sat down on this wooden floor and I moved myself in the back. Cause I was terrified that I would make, you know, people trip or that people laugh at me. And I just sat on the floor and at the music came on and I started crying because it felt so right. And I’m like, why have I tortured myself for like three years going like, could I dance? Should I dance? Should I try to dance? I mean, I tortured myself for years about that and was miserable.

And so this idea of comes from engagement. Not thought if you’re wrestling with something, do anything you can to move towards the thing that you think you want. You know, if you’re not sure if you should stay in a relationship, it’s like, give that relationship. Everything. You can go get some couples therapy. Talk to somebody say, I want to work on this. If it’s a career that you might want to investigate, or you might want to move towards like go take a class intern, get yourself embedded in that field somehow to test it because your body has a truth. It has a natural knowing that you can never access through your mind alone. And I think that once you engage with your body and you actually take action, there is this flood of intelligence that you have access to that you can not get any other way.

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