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National Avocado Day- You're Welcome!-Video of the day

Updated: December 5, 2020
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Editor's Note

National AVOCADO Day! Can I get an "Amen"? I love avocados, I love them anytime and on any kind of food, salads, tacos, sushi, toast, eggs and tortilla chips. It's great to know that they good for me too. But as soon as you force yourself to eat an avocado EVERY day, do you begin to dread it? Do you come to resent that avocado? Do you then begin to despise that avocado?  Oh I doubt it. It's so great to have avocados in my life. How bout you?

Paula Henry- MBL Founder

Why I Eat An Avocado EVERY DAY 30 Day Avocado Challenge

Video Description

I describe in this video all about why I choose to eat an avocado every day and the incredible benefits that I have seen since doing this! If you suffer from dull hair and nail breakage, this video is for you!! I also include my go-to favourite avocado healthy recipes in this video. I hope that you will try out this avocado challenge and see how it impacts the healthy of both your hair and nails!


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Video Transcription:

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel today. I’m going to be talking to you all about avocados and why I obviously love them and eat one almost every single day, as well as I’m going to share with you some of my go to avocado recipes so that you guys can try it out as like a challenge. If you could eat one every day as well, to see the enhancements in both your hair and your nails, I have always had really long hair and I get a ton of questions, especially on Instagram from you guys about how I keep my hair so long. So shiny, healthy, overall, what is my haircare routine? And so to be completely honest, my hair looks like this naturally. It is very straight and long and all I use is shampoo and conditioner. I find that my diet has a huge impact on the health of my hair.

Um, and specifically avocados since I started to incorporate them into my diet. So frequently, I have seen a large increase in shine and just overall health and thickness of my hair. And I have been so impressed. And that’s also why I’ve continued to give them my diet so frequently because of all these benefits that I’ve seen, but not only my hair, it’s also been my nails. They can grow so long and be so solid, basically looking like fake nails. Um, but they’re completely natural ever since incorporating these avocados into my diet on a daily basis. So that’s been really impressive too. So my hair and my nails are growing like crazy. They’re both incredibly healthy and I love avocados. Like tasted them. They’re a fruit that’s naturally creamy. You can like kind of mix it up and have it be a dip. They can be aside to something.

You could eat them on their own. Like they’re such a versatile fruit and I love them. It’s so I’m going to share with you guys next. So my go-to favorite recipes, and if you guys don’t like, these are what I’ve paired them with. There’s also loads more on the fit hive.ca and all over the internet. There is no shortage of avocado recipes. So I would challenge you guys to try to incorporate them more into your diet, to see if this makes a difference for your hair and nail health. Not only have these healthy fats, there also have a lot of potassium and fiber, which is really great for you. And so I’m going to share with you guys next, my go to favorite avocado recipes, but I hope you guys love as much as I do.

I do. So I always start by washing my avocado and removing a little STEM at the top. And then I slice them open and twist open up, and then it’s time to remove the pit. And so I take a sharp knife, I tap it against the back and twist, and then I just take them out. If I tap it against the garbage and the pit easily falls off most of the time and never going to remove the skin off of one of these avocados. So just gently peeling it back away from the avocado. This one was a little bit sticky as the avocado stuck a little bit more than it normally does.

So for the avocado, with the skin on it, we’re just going to make little avocado cubes with our knife. For the other avocado, we’re going to make long thin slices. And on the other half, we’re just going to do shorter, slightly thicker slices. And we’re going be adding this into our first recipe, which is avocado and eggs to scrambled eggs. We’re going to add slice of avocado and season with salt and pepper. Next step is avocado toast. We’re going to toast a slice of rye bread, and we’re going to add in an avocado just on top, and we’re going to mash it in with a fork.

We’re going to get a really generous, thick layer of avocado onto this toast. Now she gets it it’s creamy and a smooth consistency. And then we’re going to season with salt pepper, cayenne Sesame seeds. And we’re going to top this with a sunny side up egg. And then my boyfriend’s version of this recipe is to get your ride toast, add a little bit of butter, and you’re going to add your avocado over top of that. Usually it’s scooping out with a spoon, but I just use the fork here that I mashed with spoons a little bit easier, getting a nice, thick, generous layer of avocado, covering the whole pieces of toast. And then we’re going to season with salt pepper, Sesame seeds, red pepper flakes, herb oil, and with two sunny side up eggs. And then we’re going to add a little bit of cayenne pepper to the top of these eggs.

Next step is an avocado smoothie into our blender. We’re going to add banana avocado, spinach, Greek yogurt, chia, seed, and water. And we’re going to blend all of this together to make a nice thick, creamy green avocado smoothie. Next step is our avocado salad in a bowl. We’re going to add romaine spinach, cucumber, avocado walnuts, and we’re going to talk with a great fruit vinaigrette and these are just a few of the many avocado health benefits for you guys to read through. Thank you guys so much for watching this video. I hope you got a lot out of it and I hope you give avocados a try and it would mean so much to me. If you guys liked this video, share it and subscribe to my channel. I’ll see you guys next time.

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