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Non-scale victories following weight-loss surgery

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Updated: December 5, 2020
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On your journey to weight loss, there are many more factors that indicate you’re slimming down and losing weight

outside of just tracking your progress on the scale. In fact, the scale isn’t always accurate when it comes to weight loss, especially if you’re working out regularly and muscle mass is starting to replace your excess body fat, resulting in little to no changes on the scale.

In the world of weight loss, any accomplishments achieved outside of the scale are often referred to as non-scale victories, or NSVs. Non-scale victories can really brighten your day and motivate you to keep going and work harder during times you may feel a little down about any scale-related weight-loss goals you might not be meeting right away.

If you’re one of those weight-loss patients who constantly measures their weight-loss progress based on scale readings, take a few moments to review this list of non-scale victories and see if you’ve achieved any of these celebratory weight-loss milestones. 

  • Being able to bend down and tie your shoes without struggling.
  • Fitting into an old pair of your most favorite, comfortable jeans.
  • Realizing that you’re no longer thinking about food as often as you were before losing weight.
  • Being able to take out the trash, climb stairs, and complete other types of everyday tasks without feeling winded.
  • Being able to wear your wedding ring, a short necklace, or other piece of jewelry that was too tight prior to losing weight.
  • Being able to cross your legs comfortably.
  • Being able to fit into a smaller shirt or pant size.
  • Flying on an airplane or sitting on public transport without taking up two seats.
  • Sitting comfortably in a restaurant booth without having to squeeze yourself in and out of the booth.
  • Signing up for your first marathon or 5k.
  • Being able to comfortably hug your friends and family members.
  • Getting double-takes from people who may no longer recognize you as a result of your weight loss.
  • Being able to move around without feeling any joint pain.
  • Being able to stop taking medications as a result of having healthy and normal blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

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