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NUDE DAY-Are You Comfortable Naked?- Video Of The Day!

Are You Comfortable Naked?
Updated: December 5, 2020
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Editor's Note

July 14th, is National Nude Day. I don't know whether I should cheer, boo or hide.  I have only been naked outside on a very few occasions. And it usually occurred at night and was in water. I.e. skinny dipping. I was younger then.

We are, however, very comfortable being naked in the house.  I'm not talking "clothing optional", but running to and from the bathroom  and dressing with the bedroom door open. We never wanted our child to be uncomfortable with his body.  Feeling comfortable in your own skin is important. It's your body, you should love ALL of it, and your partner will to.  ( if not,they're not for you) 

SO if you are so inclined, STRIP and Enjoy the day!

-Paula Henry - MBL Founder

Are You Comfortable Naked?

Video Description

“Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud.”
Hello Gorgeous! I’m sorry if this video felt choppy. It was initially like 30 minutes long. I went through my sexual history and gave you guys a breakdown of how I felt in each relationship and how I came to finally be comfortable naked and having sex without all of the self-consciousness. But it felt a little too mature for some of my audience. In hindsight, I should’ve split this into “Being Comfortable Naked” and “Being Comfortable Having Sex”… with that said, I think I may cover the latter topic in more depth, in an upcoming video, if any of you are interested.
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Video Transcription:

Raise your hand. If you are not confident, looking at yourself naked when no one else is around, no, one’s there to judge you with the two eyes in your own head. Okay. Uh, being naked is difficult because I can make myself look pretty good in clothes. And a lot of people don’t know what I’m working with underneath my clothes. You know, you kind of just get an idea of the shape of my body and I’m sure you can tell that I am whatever size that I am. And I’m, you know, it’s not a secret, but when you’re naked, like there’s nothing you can’t, there’s nothing that you can hide anymore. It’s there, it’s there for everybody to see when I, everybody look, whoever you’re showing it to, it all boils down to how you feel about yourself, right? And, um, I mean, if you have a problem being naked with yourself, then you should try to fix that before you try to fix, you know, being naked around someone else, because that’s so much pressure and you don’t know how someone else is thinking, but I just want to hammer it into your guys’ heads, that all of those negative things that you are seeing on your body, all of those negative thoughts that you have about yourself, all of those terrible things that go through your head a thousand times a day, those same thoughts are not going to be going through your boyfriend or your girlfriend’s head or your wife or your husband or whatever.

It’s not going to be going through their head. I mean, if I’m sitting here like, Oh my God, I’m a fat cow. Holy crap. Like, I am huge, really like, Oh my God, okay. I have thoughts like that. Sometimes I bought a lot of girl scout cookies recently after a roast in men’s he started getting a little depressed, you know what I’m saying? So, you know, I might have these thoughts about writes off sometimes, but I know that the guy that I’m in a relationship with is not having those same thoughts about me. And you have to remember that. You have to remember that I’ve mentioned it before, but I mean, no one has, no one is as mean to you. No one thinks as negatively about you as you do about yourself. No one thinks all of those terrible things, because only you have all those little demons inside of you only, you can see those dark pits inside of you mean only you really know yourself truly fully.

I mean, no one else can have as strong of an emotion about you as you have about yourself. So it’s a really a matter of you deciding that I’m going to be okay with the body that I have, and I’m going to like the body that I have because, you know, just because you’re a little extra hairy or you’re kind of fat, or you’re kind of skinny and, you know, whatever you’re so-called problem is just realize that that doesn’t make or break you as a human being. And if you’re in a relationship with someone and you’re having, um, you know, opening up sexually, because you feel a certain way about your body and you are, you know, you’re apprehensive about really just letting go and, you know, kind of enjoying the moment and not having all these reservations and not thinking about, Oh my God, do I look fat in this position?

Like if you’re having those sorts of problems, then you really need to focus on accepting your body and accepting yourself the way that you are. If the only reason that you are unhappy with your body is because society has told us that being overweight is ugly or that having really dark hair on your arms and your legs is not feminine, or you have asymmetrical booms. And I mean, hello, I’m working with like a whole different cup size over here. It’s bullshit. But you know, you need to be more accepting of yourself. And truly the biggest tip I have when feeling confident, naked is just knowing that it’s okay, you’re fine. You don’t look like someone on TV, but those people on TV don’t look like the people on TV in real life. And I can tell you seriously, if you’re not confident in yourself and you are feeling insecure while you are naked and you know, and you’re in a sexual relationship with someone that is wants you to have a detrimental effect on your sex life, and it will carry it over into other parts of your relationship.

Because I mean, sex is a, as far as I’m concerned, sex is a really vital part of any relationship. And I mean, not every relationship has to have sex, I guess, but I mean, my relationships have sex. Cause sex is great. If you’re of age and totally able to make those kinds of decisions for yourself, you have to remember, okay, let’s say I’m going to go have sex with my boyfriend for the first time. Right. He hasn’t seen me naked, none of that. So he’s not, you know, I’m not going to walk into the room, looking like me looking like the girl that he’s been seeing for the longest time and have him assume that underneath all this, I looked like a Jennifer Lawrence or something, you know, just, just work on it, remembering that you have one body it’s yours. Love it. No one else is going to love it.

If you don’t love it, don’t make me go through that whole video again, explaining the whole blue and red situation. I hope this video kind of helped you guys out. The only thing that I can really say, I mean, I wanted this to have 10 tips on how to be competent naked. When in reality, I don’t want to tell you guys, well, don’t eat a big lunch. If you know, you’re going to get down later, like, don’t do that. It’s not about how your body is in that moment. It’s just about overall your feeling of, you know, the feeling you have of yourself. When you really have to value yourself, you have to realize that you are worthy, that you are a good person, that you are a good looking person. I mean, everyone’s definition of beauty is different. And if someone is that in team, when someone wants to be in a relationship with you and have sex with you and chances are, they’re not sitting there judging you anyway, I hope that helps see you guys in the next video.

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