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OVERWEIGHT Family - Supersize Vs Superskinny - How To Lose Weight

SUPERSIZE Vs superskinny
Updated: December 5, 2020
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Editor's Note

Well I'm amazed at how unhealthy a too fat body and a too skinny body both are.   Always struggling with my weight, (and finances)  my motto was, "There's no such thing as too skinny or too rich." Well guess I was  wrong on the too skinny part. This is a very enlightening video. A little long but completely worth the time.   

Also take a look at this -"Eating With Overweight People Can Trigger Weight Gain, Says Study"  

Tell what you think. Oh I have.  Have you also encounter this mentality when eating together? 

- Paula Henry -MBL Founder

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Video Description

Janet and Tara weigh in at nearly half a ton. Their diet of cholesterol-crammed Chinese meals and cakes aplenty have left them both morbidly obese. They swap diets with Joanne and workaholic Keith, who have no time for food in their hectic lifestyles. With a gallery of superskinny horrors, Dr Christian shocks them into realising the potential dangers of their deficient diets. Don’t forgot to subscribe: https://bit.ly/2Bf13bm

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Video Transcription:

Tonight on supersize versus super skinny. We’re seeing double for the very first time, hoping that swapping diets with another pair will rip them of their dangerous eating habits. The supersize mother and daughter, Janet and Tara Wells weighing in at nearly half a ton. Most of our life was spent in and brought together to help this gigantic duo. Our super skinny Joanne Evans and Keith Lineage who weigh almost full times less. I have no interest in food itself. And the top factored against me. I’ll have a coffee

All 4 a checking in for a five day. Stay at dr. Christian Jessen’s feeding clinic, after which we’re sending our supersize mum and daughter stateside to meet a woman. Who’s obesity has left her housebound, and we discovered that choosing what to eat from a buffet is a nightmare. When you have a serious eating disorder,

What about half A slice of toast? I throw it up.

This week. Show is the most radical yet supersizes 44 year old mum, Janet and her 21 year old daughter. Tara will be entering the feeding clinic. Go for cake for five days. They’ll swap diets with two polar opposites in a last ditch attempt to prove they can survive on far less food. Some of the foods we like are jelly sweets. I like biscuits Chinese. I love Chinese  chocolate ice cream cakes. You like cakes. We have cake Wednesdays. So Wednesday can’t wait. So we go down Monday. Instead the girls live in South Hampton with Tara sisters, Tara  and Janet are inseparable. We’re not like mother and daughter are definitely not more like my best friends. We encourage each other to eat too much. Really. We’re just both as bad as each other. Aren’t way filling up on food has become a dangerously unhealthy obsession. You have a dread of banned hungry day. I just hate the feeling of an hungry, even if I’m really, really full. I find it really hard not to eat more, just fed up with it. Just don’t need to be. This far is ridiculous and who better to help them than Dr. Christian

I’m Christian. Nice to meet you. You guys take  your dressing or stick them on the back of the chair for me,

Forty Four  year old, Janet and 21 year old Tara have been through a detailed medical to clarify their health issues before starting the swap.

Well, 375 pounds.

Janet tips, the scales at a massive 26 stone 11. That’s an incredible 15 stone overweight,

417 pounds.

And Tara weighs in a mammoth 29 stone, 11. That’s a terrifying 17 and a half stone overweight that combined weights up almost half a ton. In fact, it gets worse.

Johnny, your BMI is 56 and your BMI 60. What does that mean? That means you’re at significant risk of developing serious health problems like circulatory disease, heart attack, stroke, diabetes. And I know actually take one box already. Cause you’ve got diabetes. Yep. You need to wake up because this diabetes at this rate is going to kill you. And it may very well be a rather unpleasant attracted death with a lot of disability. Yeah. Including blindness.

I don’t want to die young. I want to be able to see my kids grow up. Don’t want to miss out on the rest of my life. Do worry about the health. Cause it scares me. My mom’s obviously the only parent of Cornell and I don’t want to lose my moms.

Your eating habits will come from somewhere. Presumably from your moment, you’ve always lived with her. But where of yours?

I think sometimes I’ve influenced my mum more than she’s actually influenced me. I’m the bad influence actually, since I’ve really, really gained weight rapidly, it’s always been me. That’s been the devil on the shoulder. I hate my weight. I think I just want to be like, I know it’s cliche, but like normal. I just want to be normal. Go out shopping with my friends. Cause I just don’t do that.

What’s up Tommy?

I don’t know. I did it twice though.

That is what your hands find out. Cause there will be a reason. Why is this week going to work?

If we don’t use it now then? Yeah, it’d be dead. Basically. Don’t worry ladies. It’s time to bring in the light cavalry

I’m Christian. Last week

We’ve brought together two similar super skinnies whose minuscule diets will teach the supersizes. They can survive on far less. Whilst they’re gargantuan portions, we’ll encourage the super skinnies to eat more.


Meet Keith Lineage, 33, six foot one and a measly nine stage three that’s one and a half stone underweight and his diet swap partner, 37 year old, Joanne

89 pounds.

She’s a minuscule six stone five and also one and a half stone underweight. Joanne is a very busy single mum of seven. Keith is a workaholic divorcee who sees his daughter every weekend. Sometimes it don’t get a lot of time in the day to eat because I am so busy

Allocate time, purely just for food.

When they do eat. They’re not exactly

Not since be the same. It’s quite easy. Ham sandwich takes two minutes to make, get home from work, Donna kebab or a bit of fast thoughtful takeaway.

I generally stick to the same sort of food, tomato sandwiches for lunch. And I do eat cream crackers.

It’s fair to say. They’ve lost their love for food, but both have totally fallen for its replacements.

Everyday decaffeinated tea. I drink about 12 cups on average a day and I family enjoy them.

But you probably describe me as a caffeine addict. Actually, if I’m hungry, I’ll have a coffee or I have an [inaudible] John, do you want to start and just tell me a little bit about your weight history and how you’ve got this way.

I guess mine is due to my marriage breakdown about seven years ago and become a single mom to seven children overnight and basically put all my, my thoughts into them and their sons and myself. Okay.

It’s a kind of similar story. Isn’t it? Um, had a breakup in a relationship by, but also, and I kept work, work worked, but mind of emotional sky from head, I take work all the time. Do you enjoy food? No. No good answer. Right straight away. No, not at all. No. I do enjoy food as having time to pair food, cook food, niche or food. But if you’re worried about your health because of your weight, food needs to become a priority.

Our Supper sizes and super skinnies weights are worlds apart, but their lives are about to come crashing together. Wow, incredible. It’s going to be tough work really, really tough. We will face this together

Words. Can’t describe. It’s not like a spring.

These four dysfunctional dieters are about to be faced with that entire weekly food intake.

Joanne, this tube here is going to be yours. This is yours. So we’re going to start at the top of the day with breakfast. Here we go. Yeah. That’s not a good start. Is that so surely by this stage and lunchtime, we are hungry, right? Keith, is that a lunch? The answer’s no, if you need a clue. No. Why is that? You’ve had no breakfast, seven kids to clean up after and you think it’s a man. So he’s going to sustain you and allow you to do that. Does this surprise you? Is this what you expecting for my super skinnies?

No, I’m not as bad as one tomato, but I do expect it to be healthy.

Right? So we’re looking more lunches. At least we’ve got a sandwich there. Keith, that was a kind of normally lunch thing. There’s not a handful of crisps then a time. What is that? It’s a Donner kebab. Oh look, there’s another one. Another Donna kebab, Trevor, look at the sort of snacks you got from that. Is it for food for you guys? Really? And truly. Yeah. And I have to say, Joe, you win the prize for smallest amount of food in a food tube ever. You don’t seem surprised, shocked, ashamed, anything by this. What are your thoughts? Or do you tend to drink lots of coffee and caffeine drinks? Um, if you matter, you drink loads and loads of tea and it’s decaf tea, isn’t it. So you got nothing that gives you a boost, gives you a lift. What do you think your calorie count is roughly daily? I think to clear it’s about 1,300 calories a day.

In fact, Keith’s only eating the amount recommended for two to three year old boy review

Joanna. We’ll just say because your calorie count is astounding. It’s 950 calories a day.

This means Joanne’s calorie intake is less than the doctors recommend for a one year old to maintain a healthy weight. Joe should be eating 2000 calories a day and Keith 2,500.

It’s your turn. Now, Tara, this is going to be your tube, Janet. This is your tube. Here we go. The first breakfast coming in now. So that looks like some sort of takeaway breakfast tea thing where you buy it. You don’t really sit at home. Why not eat on the gun? Okay. Lots and lots of sales. Okay. Let’s have a look at lunches that looks like a big night. Right? More sandwiches, more bread, chicken nuggets, more chips, bit of chocolates. I mean your food says to me convenience quick. Grab it. I want it now. Is that right? Alright. So here we go, Dennis. So most of this? Yeah. Okay. Big old noodley, prawns. The works Indian takeaway chicken tikka. Is it. And remember with takeaway food, you have no control over what’s in it at all. Do the fat content, the salt content, the sugar content. You know nothing about it. Same sort of thing. Again, fish and chips and pizza there. Let’s get your snacks and sweets crisps chocolate. What do you guys think? Oh, speechless. So much. It’s time for change for you guys. Big time.

On some days, Tara and Janet combined are eating 14,000 calories enough for a staggering seven people.

So guys, we’ve got to the end of the food choose, which means that now the diet swap has officially started. Just so you’re absolutely clear. Keith, you were swapping with Tara and Joe with Janet diets officially starts. Now

This week, we’ve got four residents in the feeding clinic. There’s mother, daughter, Janet and Tara. And to help this superstar,

The weight we’ve created

The super skinny Alliance of Joanne and Keith who weigh almost four times.

It’s dinner time.

And the supersizes are preparing to dish up a Wells family. Favorite Joe and Keith supper tonight is a cholesterol cram, Chinese takeaway, including chow main vegetable Curry, chicken Curry, chicken balls, rice and chips. Joe’s even got dessert, strawberries meringue and ice cream. But for Janet and Tara, it’s a Mark of coffee and a cup of tea with a couple of crackers.

Wow. It’s so big. Do you always eat something that large is fine? Yeah. Okay. I’m quite worried cause I, I never have coffee. I don’t like coffee.

Okay. Enjoy the first food face off. Begins to taste nice in this occasion. Just notice by the way,

Will you please shut up

Now, but thank you. Any room for put in? Oh, I’ll try the prison

Minutes later. Both super skinny some well and truly.


Let me down too. I’m afraid At the moment. I’m actually feeling fine on the coffee, but ask me in about 10 seconds. I might not be so sure. Oh my gosh. My mail tonight was just shaking. I was so much off. It was believable. Unreal. What’s your thing.

There’s too much. There’s too much. We try. And

It’s day two in the feeding clinic and our double diet. Swappers Joe and Keith and Tara and Janet are speculating about today’s menu. I’m really not looking forward to that.

I’m not looking forward to drinking more sweet tea.

I think this morning, we’re going to get a big plate of breakfast. Not sure what, but I think it’ll be cooked and hot

Fact, it’s a hot takeaway breakfast with an egg muffin and hash Browns for Joanne and pancakes and hash Browns for Keith while it’s two mugs of tea for Janet coffee and energy drinks for Tara of the,


Do you worry that if you eat the you’ll put too much weight on

No I’m principal on a bit of weight, I’m hoping to get some curves. Some [inaudible]

Joanne and Keith’s regular diet contains vast quantities of caffeine. Caffeine is an appetite suppressant when drunk in large quantities, it’s thought the safe amount of caffeine is 400 milligrams a day. That’s about five instant coffees or seven cups of tea. Keith is drinking double that no surprise. Then he has a caffeine addiction. This can lead to anxiety, irritability, and loss of appetite. The new caffeine free Keith now has a gap to fill.

Didn’t think of it as hungry to suit


I’m really impressed that you’ve managed to eat all that actually open breakfast. Would you like to think I’ve ever had a liquid breakfast? I feel fine. Actually. I don’t. I don’t actually feel hungry. It’s just, I feel very, I’m very alert. I feel quite sick now. Quite thought like a greasy, horrible fail

Feel. I feel perfectly fine. Honestly. I put off can’t wait, what time is dinner?

Well, before lunch and dinner, there’s a case of eight cakes for Keith and a vanilla slice for Joe where’d. I put it. Oh, I don’t know

You eat that. Oh, this do it together. You’ll get there.

Hello Joey. It’s all her vanilla slice and amazingly throughout the day, Keith polishes off all eight cakes with Keith’s appetite already returning and Tara seemingly coping with her hunger issues. Dr. Christian encourages them both to join forces and look to their pasts to try and find the emotional reasons for that current eating problems.

Okay. Well first you see now I have no issues with food at all and I was perfectly happy there. So no problems. The next one up across here. That was Katie. Okay. I’m obviously happy then. Obviously fiance. Yeah, that was my phone saying just after here, this picture was taken. Okay. Is when I don’t see to hit. So you didn’t really know what was, I didn’t always happen. Our panic so much. I has crushed it about, I think that you look

Thin here but I think he looked a lot thinner. Now

Once the separation took place, that was a lie smothered. That is when it really hit home. It’s no, God, you lost the most precious to us your life.

And that is when that’s the last, that’s the last part you haven’t lost to the RPA

With Keith coming to terms with where his problems lie. Tara looks back to her childhood for some answers

It’s sounds really stupid, but I can’t remember ever been really, really happy. And obviously when I was younger, my mum’s husband died. So I sort of stepped in as sort of the second mother figure. I tried to stand emotionally strong for my mum because I didn’t want things to get to sort of stress her. So rather than tell my mum things that would worry me, I would always bottle everything up.

Did you then say food is comfort? Or

I actually think it was sort of like a comfort thing. I was allowed to eat the wrong foods. You know, there was never any strict guidelines. Like you must eat there. She must need that.

I think becoming responsible at a fairly young age actually comes with weight issues. Yeah, maybe it did.

Tara begins to realize it’s time to put herself first. It’s been really, really useful.

I’ve learned a lot.

I think I need to make things better for myself. If I don’t do it now, then I’ll miss out on more of my life and I’ve already missed out on 21 years already. So

Four weeks ago, three women with different eating disorders, MENA Emma and Erin embarked on an eight week course in order to help them tackle their own issues with food today. Dietician asks you to fill pot has invited the women to join her for breakfast, where they’ll face a vast array of choices. A hotel buffet can present a huge challenge for somebody with an eating disorder based the choice in the amount of feed or overwhelming they will.

I feel mixed up between being tempted by certain foods, but feel frightened that they’re being asked to move outside their usual pattern of eating their rituals and their sets

Prescription. At the beginning of the series, Mina confessed, she usually sticks to porridge then binges and purges on sugary treats several times throughout the day. So talk me through what you’re thinking. Well, my first thought is not having pastry. That’s what happened. I do have a bit of a problem with sugar, I suppose, sugary things or abandon. And so perhaps I have an association with sugar and bingeing by encouraging Mina to limit the amount of sugar she has as part of a balanced diet Ursula aims to help her slowly gain control over her desire to binge and purge. I’m not suggesting you have a very sugary diet because that can trigger binges. So I think probably what you might want to think about is maybe not for breakfast, but at

Some point trying something with a bit more sugar in and seeing how you feel about that

For now. Mina chooses something containing natural sugars, a banana and some wheat biscuits. Breakfast is the time of day, which Emma who suffers from anorexia finds hardest. I find it very scary for if somebody wants me to sit down and eat, but some day David, God, there’s a standard normal sized breakfast or lunch four weeks ago, Emma revealed she normally sticks to black coffee. First thing

To go with the coffee in the morning, isn’t adequate. You know, breakfast is about break fast break, the fast overnight, and a coffee will not break the fast because it’s just water. Really. Especially if it’s weird, it’s got no milk in it,

leads her to starve herself all day, then suffer uncontrollable urges to binge on fruit. At night, I would probably have 84 pairs, couple of plums, two apples. I’ve gone through the stage of taping the fridge, shutting the door into the kitchen and barricade in that to stop me from getting into it, empty in the fridge and putting it all out in the garage. But nothing seems to work because of 18 during the night. Then I find I don’t have the appetite for breakfast in the morning today. Ursula’s challenge is to get Emma, to eat anything in order to break the cycle of starvation, she punishes her body with each.

You think you might, it’s sometimes difficult to go from nothing SETA, a whole bowl of cereal or nothing to two slices of taste

Having avoided breakfast for years, Emma chooses a small bowl of fruit salad, a little ways. I just kind of want to just keep it on lots and lots, but then I’m also worried that my kind of ate it and then be upset with myself.

Try and start with a smaller portion, even if that’s a really small portion and then build it up and get more comfortable with it. As you go along.

When the group first met, Erin admitted her desire to binge on sweet foods and then purge usually begins after breakfast. A real binge for me would be that she like, I would feel like a shock on a feeding frenzy, just eating mindlessly, deciding to avoid the sweet pastries, Erin attempts to cook breakfast. What do you think of that as a portion?

I think I probably still got hungry. Um, but maybe if I put something else with it that wasn’t fried, it would make me feel a little bit better. Yeah. I think that’s probably a good option. What about something like a slice of toast or half a slice of toast? I throw it out. You’d be sick. Yeah. Okay. What do you, what are you thinking through or something? It can some fruit cause then I, there are some grapes I think just because I know I like them in the small and manageable

After the challenge of choosing a, the group face an even bigger hurdle, eating it. And for Emma having a bowl of fruit salad this morning marks a major breakthrough.

I was just going to ask you, obviously having all the food out on the buffet, like that can be difficult for people. And also because you’ve not prepared it yourselves and you don’t know what’s in it. Could you tell me a bit about how comfortable you are with that? Well, there’s the thought that all the vegetables have been fried and I was just like, Oh, but if I make it, made it at home and grow with it or had it raw, then I’d be fine with it. Yeah. Erin,

All of the time I just pay this the way I shouldn’t be eating. And once I start eating, that’s it I’ve done it. I’m like, I don’t feel really good

Guilty about where it’s the guilt and the feelings after eating that hard to manage. And that’s what leads to you. Is there any backup

Which makes me feel worse? Cause then throw in the first part from a day and then

Yeah. And then it’s a bad start to the day because you’ve, you’ve already eaten and being sick and that’s worse than trying to delay it and then keep something down. Is that what you’re saying? Yeah.

I know how it should eat if I can have just like the one plate, if I could stop that, but would feel happy so I can take that away from the day.

It’s halfway through the diet swap and it’s meal time again for our four residents, a feast awaits Keith and Joanne with a second colossal Chinese takeaway in as many days, all night and beansprouts spring road chips and sweet and sour souls. Tar is having one of Keith’s favorites, a donut Kaibab and Janet, a plate of edge. We feed our rabbit more than this at night.


For the two mothers at the table. It’s all becoming less of a joke.

Is that how you live off food?

Yes. Yeah.

Give one of your kids to eat for their tea tonight.

No, that sounds a lot more, a lot, lot more than that.

So why don’t you do it for you?

Because I just started feeling like I needed the giant Chinese takeaway, a normal meal

In Janet’s diet. He starting to totally overwhelm Joe, but hopefully Janet daughter, Tara are learning from it. I can’t

So much. I sound like I’m going to it.


Can I go to the ball three? I need a ball three seriously.

Okay. Yeah,

It’s disgusting. I can’t eat it. This is not good.

I think Joe tonight really struggled with my mail. It was way too large and actually looking at it on the plate. I can actually think God, do I really need to eat that? Why do I eat that much? It’s pretty gross. Keith is fully embracing the swap. In fact, he’s already a changed man.

What was,

You must be so full. Now God knows how you feel with Keith on a roll. Dr. Christian is keen to keep him motivated and give Joanne the nudge he needs.

I want to really show you why it is so important that you change your eating habits, okay? Because actually it will lead to disease and it will lead to will health. And we’re going to talk to you about some of those things. Now, do you know what that is? That’s got a cataract here to catch her. I thought this person is probably completely blind and they’re completely blind because they’re deficient in vitamin a vitamin a you get from fish butter, added into dairy products to yogurts not getting enough of it can affect your eyes. Does that shock you did you know that poor diets could do something as dramatic as that, right? Should we do another one? What do we think? Gross. This is what we call hypertrophied gums, grossly enlarged overgrown gum. One of the things that will cause this is vitamin C deficiency and it’s vital that you’re getting enough in your diet. So it’s both very relevant to you. Two guys, let’s do one more. This is a bit different. There’s not a photograph is an X Ray obviously. And it’s an X Ray. What, what’s the name of the condition?

Osteoporosis it’s thinning of the bone.

There’s loss of bone mass and therefore loss of bone strength, which then leads to breakages and fractures. Pauses of osteoporosis can be vitamin D deficiency, calcium deficiency, very, very painful,

Good sources of calcium include dairy foods, green leafy, vegetables, and nuts. And you can get vitamin D from oily fish, eggs and 45 breakfast cereals.

I definitely know deep down now that I have to go home and make massive, massive changes in my diet and my portion sizes or I wasn’t going to end up really, really poorly.

Finally, a turning point for Joanne just in time for another meal,

Can’t believe you’re going through that with the egg and the bread. How do you feel that you’ve got where you are and why you eat what you eat? Most people think, Oh, because she’s my mom, you know, she’s the one that sort of influenced Jorie too. But a lot of it is I’ve influenced you in a lot of ways. Quite she, cause I don’t like to say no. Do you do it for an easy life then probably keeping Joanne not impressed.

If it’s my daughter at home, I would, I know I would certainly Kurt my eight habits down to sort of encourage her more.

If I thought that my child was overweight or eating too much, I’d step in. I wouldn’t allow my child to get like that. Dr. Christian is concerned that Tara and Janet is still not taking full responsibility for their weight. He wants them to see their future. If they don’t change their diet,

I want to show you a little video. Now that’s been made for you by somebody who knows all about you.

My name is Sonja Hernandez and my weight is 41 stones. I’ve been in continent now about about two years. I can’t even count how many times I have accidents. So that’s why it’s like, I don’t go anywhere. I can’t walk like a normal person. Just, you know, I struggle short distances. I run out of breath and walking. I really miss that. People take for granted walking. I mean, I miss it so much. I can’t do anything for myself anymore. My mom, she takes care of me. She does everything for me, which is hard. She had to do this for me when I was a baby. And I’ve basically reverted back to that. I was in a relationship with a person that worked in a restaurant. So he’d bring home like pizza, chicken, wings, pastas. I never said no, I knew I was overweight, but it’s like, you block it out.

You tell yourself you’re healthy. You’re fine. Yes. You’re you know, you’re just a little bit overweight. But I had all the classic symptoms of being diabetic, which is extremely thirsty sweats, headaches. The doctor told me that the reason why I had diabetes and I blood pressure was because of my weight. Okay. Janet and Tara, you’re at a point right now that you can actually do something and not get to, to where I am. It’s the hardest thing to live this way. It’s easy for you to think it’s not going to happen to me. That’s exactly what I thought. And I got really sick. I’m very sick. I can die. I don’t want that to happen to you. I feel that I’ve caused that to be like up. We’ll give it to you all the time. I feel like feed you to be loyal to you. We’re in you. We tweak crap. You don’t encourage me. Don’t do so go to the shop and buy it.

I think that’s a very fair point that you’ve just made. But Tara, tell me what you think about what your mom’s just said.

I never really realized, you know, that she did that.

You think it’s a common thing amongst moms probably just fabric. You think you’ve done that too. So that was the first time you’ve heard that from him

Would be the hardest day to ensure the message stays with Janet and Tara. Dr. Christian has a plan.

I’ve got something else. I want to tell you. Now I want you to go over to America and see how God can spend some time with her and really see what her life is like.

It’d be nice to meet Sonia to get her side. Hopefully show like Israelis are stupid. We are treading sick and saying her actually, because I think she’ll think I’m an idiot. She realizes that she’s been silly with her life and she wants to stop you doing it to yours. Yeah. Third cry. It’s the final night in the feeding clinic and the last calorific meal for Joe and Keith it’s pine chips and burger and chips followed by a portion of Eaton mass. Janet’s got crackers, yogurt and tea and Tara, a pizza and an energy drink. Say when we leave here, do you think you’re going to keep on drinking as much coffee and energy drinks? Or do you think you’re going to try sort of substitute for a bit more food? No,

No more caffeine for coffee. All of them. Stick to food innovation. Yay.

Keith rediscovered his appetite from day one and fully embraced the swap. Do you two feel that you’ve learned much about your portion sizes? A hundred percent on portion size or way, way too big being here is just proved to me that sometimes, you know, maybe I’m not going to get as hungry as I think I am is because I’ve been able to survive on, you know, a lot less than I would. Usually mum and daughter are ready to face a healthier future together. Joe, do you like the pie? I really enjoyed it. Thank you. Yay.


Joanne’s found the going tough, but finally she’s appreciating food again. No hands off my foot in and mess down. Now you’re actually fighting over food.

It’s time for our residents to check out of the feeding clinic. And dr. Christian has given all for a healthy eating plan to take home. When we get home, we’re going to encourage each other now to exercise more, eat the right foods. No more takeaways. We’ll be more encouraged each other in the right ways, rather than the wrong ways in the future. I think it’s been quite an emotional roller coaster. I think I’ve learned it last though. You’ve spoke to me on amazing me. We’re in the side now. Way, wherever they go. Good luck. You need to realize why you eat the wrong foods and where the problem first started before you can actually put it all back to them, right though. And you need to work all out before you can change it for us. I don’t know. Really. We’ve all agreed. All four of us that if we get into a bad place in any time of day, that we can just call link chopper for backup and reassurance Shortly after leaving the feeding, Kenny, Johnathan, Tara, fly to Arizona in America to meet 41 stone. Sonia Hernandez. I feel really nervous about meeting her. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m not really that far off of her weight, really? Because of her size and lack of mobility, Sonia’s confined to her house.

Do you ever feel like

Relaxed and comfortable? I can be okay. Sitting down for a while. Yeah, but then, you know, my legs start to feel tired here. Maybe I can show you, um, how my tummy sits on my legs. Yeah. So it’s so much weight on my legs that, uh, the legs it begins to, to numb, you know, makes my legs fall asleep. I just can’t believe that she manages to sort of live in one room. She doesn’t like crack up

Find it feels so trapped. I spoke at your prison. You’re locked in. You can’t get out. You know,

The girls spend the entire day at Sonia’s house, experiencing her isolated life. Janet takes the opportunity to chat to her mum about both their daughters. I feel very guilty that I’ve let Tara get to the size that she has. Do you feel guilty? I don’t feel guilty, but I feel bad for her because I cannot do a lot of stuff for her. Sometimes she blamed herself for the way Sonia is she, she, she knows it’s Sonia, that’s done it where I sort of tend to blame myself. At least Janet come to terms with her part and her daughter’s size and is clearly shocked by Sonia’s health.


Since Sonya struggle was quite hard, really? Because not a nice thing to do is that when you desperately need the liver and you’ve got to have somebody assist you to go, I don’t want to fall over. If I got to the stage of being incontinent and basically like the simple things you take for granted, I would probably just kill myself. I don’t want anybody to go through the things that I went through. And that’s why, you know, hopefully you can see everything that I’m going through. Definitely. And try not to get to the point that I got to. It’s weird because I still see Sonya as something. I know that I’m not going to become now, but I know that I could have definitely turned out bigger. Yeah. Oh, much better. Yeah. Yeah. I know. Hopefully I’ve caught it before. It’s too late. It’s too late. Yeah. Not hopefully you have, well, you never know. No, we know you’re not going back there A few months later and it’s time to find out Janet and Tara have been true to their word as they returned to the feeding clinic for a final checkup along with Keith and Joanne first to be reassessed. And reweighed by Dr. Christian, Johnathan, Tara,

Get with it very well. So tell me how it’s been

Cope with it. All fine. Haven’t way. Worked hard, done the gym, swimming tone and chairs.

Well, I mean, that is the number one on the list. Massive change that you’ve managed to do. So that’s fantastic. And then what about the eating habits?

Yes, completely. Definitely. Sometimes it’s quicker to cook a meal at home than it is to order it and drive up the Chinese and get all the way back and dish it out.

So you guys, who were the takeaway Queens, are you telling me now that a home cooked meal is more convenient and quicker and better? Yeah, definitely a hundred percent. I think having you guys doing this together was a really good move and you can support each other

Next. It’s our super skinnies. Joanne and Keith

Tell me what’s new for you. I’ve got more appetite. The third now a lot of things changed. I’ve changed jobs, work less hours, more close to home. So I’ll get more time. Talk myself too. So eat you sort of using liquids instead of solids really it’s food and they were caffeine containing liquids. We managed to cut that down a little bit. Completely, completely lately. There’s no caffeine tablets, no energy drinks, no caffeine at all. That’s very impressive. And gentlemen about you, then

I eat a lot more, a lot more energy children have really, really noticed a difference in my eating. Now it’s not mum. You need to eat it while mum you’re still eating. Whereas before I don’t know how I lived. I don’t know how my body kept me going

See yourself slipping back to the caffeine pills and the limited restricted diet.

No way, because I prefer me now. So then

Before dr. Christian reveals the results, it’s time for our fab fall to meet up again. Thank you. So John, if we start off with you, what would you like to achieve? How much weight would you like to have gained an ideal world

I’d like to put on two or three pounds.

You’ve gained seven pounds. So he plays so Keith, what about you then? I’ll go on to say it mean to be fair for five pound, but any plus is better. Cause my road to recover now I’m just going to cut straight to it. You’ve put on a stone. Wow. Yeah. Good. Bright girls. Sorry. Yes. Tell me what you would hope for. I would hope for at least to Stein, double that and then add 10 pounds. Wow. That’s what you’ve gone in last Tuesday in 10 pounds. Oh, you’re going to cry again. No, you can’t cry at this point. This is a happy,

That’s what it is. I’ll be this

10 pounds is huge. You’re pleased with that. Despite the tears. Yeah. You finally have your misery. What would you like to achieve then? Eating pound would be fine. I can tell you you’ve done a lot more than that. Three stone, one pounds. It’s massive. It’s huge.

If you really would diffuse my result and I just can’t wait to go on to lose more and be more successful, really spur.

It’s the word I’ve lost as much as I have.

I’m so pleased, but I’m going to continue and put on a funeral foundation,

Put a stone on his short period of time as incredible when it is all purely danced by eight habits. So gonna kick on forward, working out the psychology behind why we, the way we do is key to gaining a healthy control over our diets. These full have done it just that and their hard work has really paid off in a set of results that they can be truly proud of.

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