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 Patience is key following weight-loss surgery

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Updated: December 5, 2020
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Weight-loss surgery is an exciting endeavor; after years of trying to lose weight through diet and exercise alone, you can now rest assured that your weight-loss efforts will finally pay off as a result of having a smaller stomach. 

Within the first several weeks and months following weight-loss surgery, you’ll most likely lose a substantial portion of your body weight as a result of eating smaller portion sizes. However, you may reach a point at which your weight loss will seem to slow down dramatically or stop completely. At this point of your weight-loss journey, it’s important to know that “weight-loss plateaus” such as these are completely normal, and that having patience will be key to the remainder of your journey.

Initial weight loss following bariatric surgery

Evidence shows that patients who undergo weight-loss surgery will lose the majority of their excess body weight within the first 20 weeks following surgery. Additionally, most patients will meet their initial weight-loss goals within 2 years post-surgery. 

Just like with weight gain, weight loss can take several months to occur. Remember how gaining weight may have taken you several months, or several years as a result of overeating, being inactive, or making unhealthy choices when it came to food? Keep in mind that the same rules apply when it comes to meeting your weight-loss goals — weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. But with the proper mindset, realistic expectations, and knowledge about how the human body works, you can maximize your weight-loss potential and stay focused on losing weight even sooner.

Learn to have fun with your diet

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring and tasteless. In fact, as your body becomes tuned in to healthy eating, it will naturally begin to crave those delicious fruits and vegetables! 

If you’re not sure how to have fun with your new diet, browse health and recipe websites for dishes that are low in fat, or spice up vegetable dishes with seasonings you’ve never tried before. Eat fruit and yogurt smoothies for dessert, or try a different salad every day. The sooner you can get creative with your diet, the sooner you’ll start to appreciate healthy foods.

Change up your exercise routine

A boring workout can really impact your motivation, and before you know it, you’re dreading the gym and are starting to skip your workout sessions. Instead of sticking to the same routine over and over on a daily basis, do something different every day or try something new. Are you sick of the treadmill? Try the elliptical machine! Tired of doing cardio workouts? Try strength training! Other things you can do to make your exercise routine more exciting include downloading new music and buying new workout clothes.

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