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Plus Sized MALE Models-Video of the Day!

Zach Miko - plus size male model
Updated: December 5, 2020
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Editor's Note

The woman that ran the English department where I got my degree, was also in charge of the women's studies program. Subsequently I had to take, or better put, was lucky to have to take several women's studies classes as part of my required classes. African American studies too. Also a big eye opener! But what I never understood was the complete disregard for issues around weight and self esteem in men and especially boys in their adolescence. The default understanding was that men and boys didn't care about their appearance and were not pressured the same way girls were to keep up their appearance. Maybe that was true in the generation before mine, but I certainly had a different experience.

I was in middle and high school in the early 1980's. Go class of 1985! I, as well as the other boys, were keenly aware that being fat or even chubby, was a sure fire way to never get a date to a school dance. I wasn't a big jock, more of an arts and letters guy, but I worried about my weight and appearance a great deal. I often felt fat and that others viewed me the same way. I remember overhearing one of the girls, who I secretly had a crush on, talk about one of my friends basically saying she didn't care that he wasn't smart, he had a killer six-pack. How about that as motivation to keep the weight off? I was mortified when I got my senior pics back, only to see that my pants had slightly rolled down over the top of my belt, no more than an inch or two, pushed down by a slight belly that I would kill to have now! In those days we called that "Dun-Lap" short for your belly dun lapped over your belt. Nice....

I support the body positivity movement when it is focused on unfair expectations around appearance. But when it supports staying overweight while ignoring their overall health, I start to backaway. Sure it is okay to be a "big-girl or big-guy" but it's not okay to use that as a rationalization to kill yourself with food. Food addiction should be taken seriously. It is a disease not unlike alcohol, and drugs, that can greatly reduce the quality and length of live.

I do hope that educators, like my former professor, and those in charge of high school boys during their development, help them as well as the girls, to understand their emotions, fears and thus love themselves. And as part of this new era of enlightenment around these issues, they communicate that putting a premium on living a healthy life, and not only being positive about their bodies, but caring for it as the vessel that will serve them well as an integral part of a long and prosperous life.

– Jeff Henry - Founder MBL


What It's Like To Be A Plus Sized Model In Fashion

Video Transcription:

It’s true that above average plus size guys are viewed in society as second class. This is a misconception that plus size is not sexy. And I think that it’s more people stepping out of the box and showing their sex appeal.

I am six foot six. I weigh about 275 pounds. I’m 50 long jacket. So I’m like a hundred pounds and 10 inches bigger than the average model. I’m also like four or five inches tall.

I’m six, four. I’m probably about 50 ways of my 19 and a half Mac. I’m like a 14, 15 shoe. I’m just a giant 63 extra large. T-shirt 44 to 32 pants. Well, I’ve always been kind of a heavier guy. I just, I love to eat. It is what it is. I’m big.

I hit six foot six when I was about 13, 14 years old. You definitely stand out to a point. That’s almost freakish to them, especially if you’re like me and you are the big guy, but you don’t play football or basketball. Now you’re like real freakish. I cried in my, uh, freshman football tryouts. So that’s why I don’t know

Play football. That was the quintessential fat kid. I was, I was fat kid. I was definitely bullied as a kid for being a bigger guy. Big has always been the prefix to my name, big, this or big that I’m used to it. I had a lot of body dysmorphia just from like being teased and like, from feeling like I was outside of what was normal, it was a real sensitive kit. If somebody was like, Hey, big guy, I’d be like, Oh fuck this. I gotta be big. Like, I don’t, it would just like hit me to my core. I’d be like, why is that the first thing that anybody ever notices about me? There were there’s this really, really mean a girl in school. I think I was in a fourth to fifth grade. I looked just real round and I was a smiling. So like I had really big cheeks. She used to call me cheeseburger all the time and it was, it kinda got to me cause I was like, I’m not a cheeseburger, maybe a double cheeseburger. If I’m going to be a cheeseburger, I’m going to be the best cheeseburger.

Shopping is terrifying to a young

Chubby kid. A lot of the fashion that I see in big and tall is really boxing.

We got like the drags of fashion. They make all this super awesome stuff for other people. And then they’re like, and you guys can have this and we’re supposed to be grateful for what they give us. But meanwhile, every big and tall guy in the world is dressed like a giant three-year-olds.

The Brendan car collection was started out of my own frustrations with the lack of options in the market. The best way to speak to any industry to any society is just to show them, this is what we want. This is who we are. And this is where we’re trying to go. So either get on board or we’re going to do it ourselves. I’m really happy to be working with Winston box. We’re trying to create clothing that let people be able to express themselves. We’re bold patterns. As long as the proportions work for your body, you can wear whatever you want. You can wear every color. Black is not the most limiting thing. Before I got into men’s plus size fashion, I actually did women’s plus size fashion for 10 years. So I worked with Ashley Graham. I worked with test how they have Ashley, like, come on. She’s Ashley. I love Ashley Graham. I love what she’s doing. I finally, we got some type of representation there.

The men’s industry is completely walking in the shadow of the women’s plus size industry. They’re the pioneers of this

Beginning of a movement. I don’t want you to see my size for see me first. See me for the person that I am.

One of the big differences. I think between men and women is women kind of bound together and said, this is something we want. This is something we demand men still won’t say that. Even now. They still will not say they pretend that, Oh, I don’t have to. It doesn’t matter. Fashion is not a guy thing.

The idea that men shouldn’t care about how they look or about fashion at all is stupid. Like why shouldn’t we, you give them, give somebody a compliment. Oh, I like your shoes do this. I like those. That’s not tarnishing your masculinity. Masculinity. I feel like you holding yourself as a, as a man that you’re holding yourself as someone who’s respectable, conscious, and just being an overall good person.

I do feel comfortable in my body now, but it took a very long time,

More than just, you know, loving the clothes that you put on, but just genuinely loving yourself from the time you’re born to the time you die. You’re truly the only person that loves herself that entire time. We could always want to make improvements, but I have to love myself right here where it is that I am. It’s just go for it. Don’t let anybody tell you. You can’t do something. Just being completely comfortable with yourself as the best thing I can tell anybody.

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