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Preparing your kitchen for life after weight-loss surgery

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Updated: December 5, 2020
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Immediately after undergoing weight-loss surgery, your bariatric surgeon will place you on a strict diet so your body can fully heal in a healthy manner.

For the first few days following surgery, you’ll be restricted to consuming liquids only before you can eventually move on to eating softer foods and whole foods. 

Considering you’ll need time to heal and adjust to your new lifestyle post-surgery, it may be wise to prepare your kitchen accordingly so when you come home from the hospital, both your kitchen and your body will be ready for a fresh start.

Here are tips you can follow to get your kitchen ready for your new healthy lifestyle following weight-loss surgery.

Clean out your cupboards

Prior to surgery, your bariatric surgeon will provide you with a list of foods that you can and cannot eat following the procedure. Consult this food list and clean out your cupboards accordingly to get rid of any food items you won’t be able to eat after surgery. Discard junk food items such as cookies, potato chips, and soda, and any other high-calorie processed meals. Such foods are not only detrimental to your waistline, but could be tempting on some of your more challenging days.

Write out a grocery list

Shopping for groceries usually becomes a more streamlined process following weight-loss surgery given your new diet restrictions. Before going to the grocery store, make a list of all the foods you have been approved to eat following surgery, and avoid making any impulse purchases that could have adverse effects on your weight-loss program — and your health.

Stock up on post-surgery liquids

For the first several days following surgery, you may not feel energetic enough to go to the grocery store, given you’ve just undergone surgery and are restricted to a liquid diet. Make sure you stock up on approved liquids prior to going to the hospital for your procedure. Your bariatric surgeon will provide you with a list of acceptable liquids to drink during this phase, such as sugar-free clear juice, fat-free clear broth, and clear protein drinks.

Stow away larger plates

Studies have shown that larger plates and bowls can actually cause some people to serve themselves larger portion sizes and end up overeating. Put away all large plates and bowls, and start using smaller tableware that accommodates your smaller portion sizes.

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