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Rainbow Scratch-Off Nails for Stress-Relieving Nail Art

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Updated: December 5, 2020
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Editor's Note

Editor's Note:   I need stress relief right now.   But is painting your own nails stress relieving or stress inducing???  Art, for me anyway, is super stress relieving.  You decide?  Have you tried the art and would you do it on your nails?   Please let me know what you think below. 
Editor - Paula Henry 

Rainbow Scratch-Off Nails for Stress-Relieving Nail Art

Video Transcription:

Imagine just being able to scratch off just the top layer of your nail and reveal beautiful colors underneath without damaging your natural nails. It could be beautiful and stress-relieving. Is it possible we’ll find out today on this episode of simply neurological does nail art

well? Hello everyone. It’s me, Christine again, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling a little stressed out lately. So today for a change, we’re going to check out some of the most relaxing, de-stressing, nailer attacks that the internet has to offer because it’s certainly not on this channel. All right, internet stress-relieving relaxing. A manicure can be a great stress reliever. It’s too bad you can’t get one at a salon right now. How does a man, Oh no, I don’t want you to special office. How does a manicure relieve my stress? When you go into the spa facility, you are able to sit down, you can sit down, you can take your mind off of everything and focus on feeling good. Get a manicure today. Okay, maybe I will give myself a manicure just like I already do every week. I relieve stress every week. That must be why I’m just so chill all the time.


Aside from these nail massages that you might get a at a nail salon or the relaxation, you might feel if you yourself are painting your nails and just like the simple strokes of the Polish getting the nail. I wonder if certain colors maybe are more relaxing than others. If the color we choose on our nails was supposed to reflect like our level of relaxation, then that explains why I’m always crazy. I do believe that painting your own nails can relieve some stress. Assuming the manicure doesn’t take that long and you’re not, you know, going to Polish mountain or anything, just simply painting your nails can be good for the soul. He look according to a psycho therapist. Painting your nails can help to alleviate stress, boost your mood, and give you confidence. Sitting down to paint your nails is a simple gesture that tells you, okay, well I don’t need a psychotherapist to tell me why I like painting my nails. I just do. But are there any nail hacks or nail art techniques that are particularly distressing? Some are doing your nails relaxing Manicure. Let’s take a lesson.

Hello, how are you all they go? Yeah. Well I would love to help you fix up your nails. Absolutely. I haven’t done done, done the press on. Always going on. I have, I could not be my nails to save my life. You can’t either. Yeah, exactly.

Okay. I know that ASMR is a huge genre on YouTube and then a lot of people really like it. I just personally can’t get into it. I don’t know what it is. It kind of breaks me up. It makes the hair on my arms stand right up and I just want to run away. Give you seems like a really nice person. I just don’t find ASMR are relaxing at all.

Aussie top road. No dock top,

So we’re going to have to move on and see what else is on the internet. Nail distress thing. [inaudible] the last time I clicked on a true, true video, I saw a grown woman put her entire body into her pants and walk around pretending to be a dinosaur. Don’t step on my nest, but nine weird nail hacks. Anti-stress nail art. I need to know you see what they do. I can’t help but click it. This young woman doesn’t know what she wants. She has a ton of problems. Can relate a very, Oh my God, my homie Watts has been taken hostage and true. True. We hope our best nail lady will help. Do you think trim term is practicing social distancing written? Okay. This video is from a while ago. I wonder if trim trim is still making videos and quarantine or did they just film all this content years ago and they’re slowly releasing it? It’s like there’s nothing topical, but what they do, maybe this was filmed seven years ago and they’re all dead now. We’ll never know

And attached to the caps to the nails with multipurpose glue. Why does trim trim have so many empty drug capsules? Actually don’t answer that. She ruined my nails. This is a childish toy. Exactly. This doesn’t relieve stress at all. So kind of rubber ball. Cut a strip with little tips out of the ball thing of children’s toys. So relaxing, especially when you do it in front of their faces. A real artist is always covered in paint by, by manicure. Yeah, that does suck, but well, I was ripping paint off my nails. I came up with a new kind of nail or acrylic paint hack. Apply colorful nail Polish in random patterns. Spread them over with a thin brush. Sure. Rub a candle into the nail when the Polish is dried, dilute a graphite shade of go wash paint with some liquid soap. What the heck is go wash, paint all the nails with it that she was going to use. Acrylic paint. Let it dry. I have miniature scratch art on my nails, but no, I don’t see any scratching. Hold on. Go back. Watch that again.

She’s just dusting the paintbrush over the knee. Too bad I can’t put them into a frame and display them in a museum. She’s winking at me. She knows she cheated or something went wrong. All right, thank you. Trim, trim. You know, most of those don’t really seem like they’re going to relieve my stress. However, the scratch off nail art though is promising. Think about it. It could be really satisfying for people who like to pick at their nails and instead of picking out your cuticles, which you shouldn’t do, imagine just being able to scratch off just the top layer of your nail and reveal beautiful colors underneath. So I’ve actually done, or shall I say attempted scratch off nail art before back in, I don’t know, 2017 but he never ended up making a real video on it. It ended up in my nail fails video because I couldn’t get it to work the way I wanted it.

So I’ll link that nail failed video down below if you want to see me embarrass myself. But I’ve taken what I’ve learned from that fail and I’m going to try it again today. Not using trim Truman’s technique cause like honestly it didn’t even really turn out that good and I don’t have access to go wash paint, whatever that is. I’m going to use acrylic paint because in my experience, if you recall from 2014 2015 simply neurological videos, I used to do this toothpick trick where I’d use acrylic paint to draw fine details on my nails, and then after the acrylic paint was dry, you could easily scratch it off the surface of the nail. So long as whatever you had underneath was sealed and dried with a mastic coat of glass in tacos. So in theory, you should be able to do scratch off nail art by applying a layer of acrylic paint over top of nail Polish that has already been fully dried and coated with a nice thick coat of glossy talk.

So I did these colorful nails last night and they’ve been dry for a full 24 hours. Simply voiceover, where are you? All right. Today we’re working on my other hand because the other one is busy. Don’t ask questions, okay, please don’t be shocked by my short, less well-kept nails on my bad hand. She’s got exzema. She’s seen and done things in life that she regrets. That’s why we call her my other hand. This is what we’re going for. A random hodgepodge of rainbow colors, so no matter where you scratch, it’s like a surprise. Which color are you going to get? I’m starting off with hollow tacos, long lasting base coat because I want the base to stick so I don’t scratch it up and Oh my God, is that a mentee hair? Yes, yes it is. How are we going to add a fresh coat of not Milky white as the base underneath the rainbow colors and because we’re doing some sponges and I don’t feel like cleaning the house today, we’re going to slap on some protective peel liquid latex on my skin so I can easily peel off the mess, let that dry for a few minutes.

Once it’s dry, it turns into darker pink shade and instead of a gradient, I’m doing a random blended smoosh of colors here and we’re going to dab dab deck to make your other hand fab. The point is for it to be a little messy and unpredictable, so I’m not too concerned with it being completely, perfectly blended. Remember the entire rainbow base isn’t going to be shown anyways and now we go on to peel it off

And because I can’t help myself, we’re going to add some flaky hollow tuck because I would like a hollow surprise and the most important step. You got to seal it all in with a nasty coat of glassy taco to ensure that it protects your nail Polish design underneath it cures and seals and dries it completely so that when we go to scratch the taco will essentially be the scratch resistant layer of protection. So we don’t dig up the design underneath. I’ve got my yogurt lid, my black acrylic paint because we’re going to go for that classic black scratch off stuff and now all I gotta do is coat the entire rainbow with the black

Acrylic paint is an underestimated tool for nail art can, you don’t have to be an expert to paint with acrylic paint. In fact, quite the opposite. I find acrylic paint really easy to work with. If you want to draw a couple lines and make some designs, it’s also easy to correct mistakes because it’s quite thin and formula and you can water it down. I’ve used a lot of acrylic paint in my nail art days when I was drawing some fine details. Funny enough, it is harder to draw nail art details with nail Polish than it is with the acrylic paint. I find that to be the case anyways. Ooh, it’s so black. It’s like Woohoo. Like we go some competition. Generally speaking though, I wouldn’t paint your entire nails with just acrylic paint because it is still a thin formula and it’s not going to do very much to help protect your nails. Unlike nail Polish, once you’ve added up all the layers of base coat, Polish and top coat is quite thick, so it kind of acts as like a splint on your nail and prevent breaking. The acrylic paint wouldn’t really do that cause it’s just too thin. This is so satisfying. My stress is already floating away and I haven’t even scratched the surface yet.

Oh my God, I need to get out but I can’t go out. All right, that looks pretty good. There’s a couple ballish spots so I’m just going to do a second coat of the black. Okay. Now you want to let the acrylic paint dry to the point that you don’t see any shiny or glossiness of it. I think the trick is to not let the acrylic paint dry too long. Either want it to be dry but not so dry that it’s impossible to scratch out. You know? Okay. Are we ready? I’m nervous. I’m wait, I’m stressed but I’m about to be distressed.


Oh my God, it’s working. Trying to position my nails properly for the camera so you can see isn’t the most ideal angle for me though, cause I’m like trying to look at my nail leg, knees. But all this is so satisfying. What design do we do? Oh my God, this is so exciting.


yeah, look, look, it’s a peace sign. Peace on earth. Feel like this is like an adult coloring book, except I’m scratching away the darkness in my life to reveal a beautiful pattern underneath that is just so unpredictable. It’s like I don’t know what I’m going to get. I just have to scratch and find out. Kind of like life, you know? No would be funny if you forget what you painted your nails with and then you scratch it off and it’s like a really fun surprise or maybe a not so fun. Surprise. It depends what you forgot you did the other day. Wow.

Bam. Look, look, I am stress-free. It’s amazing. So you don’t even need tea? No, no. I need tea. Oh really? This trip? Oh wait, hold on, hold on, hold on. I one thing continue. Oh, my bag is so tight because I’ve been scratching off my nails for just like 30 seconds so far. But you’ve been scratching off my nails. Okay, well what should I draw? It kind of looks like you’re a like a hang man. He’s going to die. I would offer you a chance to try it, but I feel like you screwed up. He’d scratched too much and I get mad at you. It’s like a lottery ticket. Yeah, it’s like a lottery ticket, but instead of winning money when relaxation. Not fun, Ben. I will. I’ll be down here for hours just scratching that away. Okay. Well that’s so cool. You see kids, if you fail at something, it’s okay. Just try again. Three years later. Yeah, like a semicircle. Like the sun rising

by my wife’s brain turning into a new smart journal. Oh, maybe I should do SFR scratch off nail art. Maybe I am doing that right now. I don’t know how this works. I don’t think I have a good enough microphone for ESR. I also don’t think I have a soothing enough boys for me. SMR. You know,

I would just annoy the shit out of people. Oh no, it’s off center because I’m coming at it from a weird angle. Dammit. Okay. I’m sorry, but you’re not going to get the front row tickets anymore cause I got to concentrate through the time lapse of simply relaxation nail or [inaudible]

[inaudible] [inaudible] this

actually turned out much better than I expected. However, my baseline was one of my old fail videos and a trim trim video. So one thing I did notice though as I was going from nail to nail and more time passed, a Z black acrylic paint was drying. It became increasingly harder to easily scratch off the paint in a nice clean line. So I would recommend if you want to do this at home, to paint each nail just one at a time so that way you can take your time scratching each nail. For me, you can see by the time I got to the third and the fourth, now the lines aren’t as clean and it was having too much trouble trying to scratch with the wooden toothpick. But I ended up switching to a metal cuticle pusher tool and it still doesn’t look as good.

The trick obviously with this nail art, if you actually want to wear it and have it look cool, is to not scratch the entire black acrylic part off. It’s to create a design that looks kinda cool. So this is crazy to say that I think I’ve achieved that. I’ve achieved nail art status and relaxation in the same day. What a wonderful day to subscribe to my channel. If you’re doing this for nail art purposes, once you’re happy with the design, I would recommend adding a Nastic code glossy taco just so you can seal it all in so the design stays put. Or if you’re not really going for any particular design and you more or less just want to pick at your nails all day. Don’t add anything after the acrylic paint and dress, you know, have a good scratchy old time. This was ultimately really fun and cool to do and satisfied two parts of me, the stressed out part and also like the part that wants really cool nails.

Isn’t this cool? Look, look, look at it. Don’t scratch it cause it’s a work of art. You know? I think personally for me the best way to cope with stress is to be productive. But that doesn’t mean doing something you don’t want to do. Obviously you got to pick a project or something that you enjoy doing. Maybe it’s doing nail art, maybe it’s reading a book. Maybe it’s reorganizing your 2000 bottles of nail Polish into rainbow order, whatever it is that makes you feel. All right everybody, thanks so much for scratching and I’ll see y’all later.

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