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Taco Tuesday-Fresh and Easy Shrimp Ceviche-Video of the Day

Shrimp Ceviche
Updated: December 5, 2020
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Editor's Note

Ok I must confess, I'm obsessed with CEVICHE! I love it. The first time I ever tried it was in Mexico on the idyllic Isle Mujeres. My DH, son and I were staying at the Mia Reef Resort. It was actually my son that found the "Ceviche Hut" (our name for it not the resorts) on the beach with his new friend, Eduardo. They came running up the beach with cups of citrussy fish and homemade tortilla chips. I was hooked. Yes, pun intended. The "Ceviche Hut" had all sorts of fish, and I tried them all, but it was the shrimp that I loved best. 

And now in the heat of summer, during this quarantine, masked, stay-at-home order, I am pining for Mexico and that Shrimp Ceviche. But could I make it myself? My Costa Rican friend made it with canned tuna last year. Hmmm? It was OK, but not fresh. That was my first indication, that I too might be able to make it at home too. Adam and Joanne made it look so easy on the video. Sadly, living in Missouri, I will not be using fresh caught shrimp, but I'm going for it. Taco Tuesday will include Ceviche this week. You gonna try it? Let me know. 

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Fresh and Easy Shrimp Ceviche - How to Make Homemade Shrimp Ceviche

Video Description

For the full Shrimp Ceviche Recipe with ingredient amounts and instructions, please visit our recipe page on Inspired Taste: https://www.inspiredtaste.net/41481/s…

How to make fresh, healthy, and delicious shrimp ceviche at home! This shrimp ceviche is made with limes, lemon, red onion, cucumber, chile peppers, cilantro, and avocado. I love it served as an appetizer or for a light meal. This shrimp ceviche is made with limes, lemon, red onion, cucumber, chile peppers, cilantro, and avocado for a fresh, healthy, and delicious shrimp ceviche recipe.

Watch our video above to see us make it. The ceviche is best served the day of making it, after which the shrimp become tough and the cilantro starts to taste bitter.

Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video, we’ve got lots more.

Visit our YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/inspiredtaste to see them and Subscribe to keep up to date with new video uploads. – Joanne and Adam

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Video Transcription:

We’re Adam and Joanne from inspired taste.net and welcome to our kitchen. We’re showing you how to make fresh, healthy, and delicious shrimp VJ at home. I love it served as an appetizer or for a light meal to start. We need a lot of fresh squeezed citrus juice. I’m using limes and lemon for this recipe, but you can always experiment with a different ratio of citrus or include a little orange for more sweetness. Fresh juice is what makes the Ceviche taste best to get the most juice out of each fruit. We use a citrus reamer. This one didn’t cost us much. Next up. We need some finely minced red onion. And since we are adding it raw, we like to deflame them with hot water, letting the onion sit in hot water for a few seconds, takes the raw heat off of the onion. So it doesn’t overpower it.

The dish for some crunch,

We add cucumber. I just chop it into bite size pieces. Now don’t forget as usual. The full recipe with extra tips is on inspired taste. We love some spice from chiles. We use two chilies in the recipe, but remove the seeds first. If you want the Ceviche to be spicy, leave some or all of the seeds in tact.

I like them to be finally minced

For even more fresh flavor. We add cilantro. I just roughly chop it. If you’re not a fan,

Leave it out

Now, before we move on, don’t forget the deflamed onions from earlier. traditionally Ceviche is made with raw seafood. That’s cooked in citrus juices. This means it is very important to use fresh caught shrimp. If you don’t have access to fresh cut shrimp, we have a safer foolproof option. We gently poach the shrimp first and then add it to the citrus juices and other ingredients to marinate. We realize this isn’t traditional, but I promise it still tastes amazing. It only takes a few minutes to do when cooked, lay the shrimp out onto your cutting board and cool. Then when they are cool enough to handle, pull off the tails and chop into small pieces.

Remember,  if you have access to fresh caught shrimp, you can skip the poaching step. We’ve shared all of our tips in the recipe on inspired taste. Now it’s time to put everything together, add the shrimp to the other ingredients and pour over the citrus juices season with a little salt, then toss really, really well. Now press the shrimp down into the juices and marinate in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Then just before serving, we like to dice an avocado and stir it into the Ceviche.

Then serve the Ceviche straight away or within a few hours. It really is best enjoyed the day of making it not that we’ve ever had any leftovers and that’s it easy, fresh shrimps of each. I enjoy.

Thanks for watching. If you love this video, we have lots more. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and say hi on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We’re at inspired taste.

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