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Taco Tuesday in 10 Minutes! Healthy Tacos Recipe Kids Love- Video of the Day

Taco Tuesday
Updated: December 5, 2020
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Editor's Note

It's Taco Tuesday at our house too.   Plus you can't go wrong with such a cute helper. Teach your child to cook, and even better - teach your child to cook healthy foods.    

Editor - Paula Henry 

Taco Tuesday in 10 Minutes! Healthy Tacos Recipe Kids Love

Video Description

It’s Taco Tuesday and after a busy Monday, I’m still in a huff and a puff and maybe don’t have all the time in the world to make dinner

BUT that doesn’t mean it can’t still be amazingly delicious! In fact, I have a couple hacks under my sleeve that make for a fresh n healthy Taco Tuesday (aka sneaking veggies in there). Plus, it’s a blast in the kitchen with my little helper Olivia. She can’t stop saying Taco Tuesday, it’s a thing.

Memories are made in the kitchen!

Recipe notables: Cauliflower rice, lettuce taco shells, and Turmeric #tacos #healthy #recipes _________

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Video Transcription:

Speaker 1: (00:15)
All right. Super easy. We’re doing tackle Tuesday and under 10 minutes, what’s even possible. Okay. I’m going to start by a scale it on over medium key. I am going to use a pounds of gummy, a pound of volleyball, rites, combine them chopping an onion. Alexa set timer for 10 minutes.  That’s why you need kids around the kitchen. They’re lower to the floor. So they help you pick things up. I have to get out my ski goggles. All right. People might be horrified by the fact that these onions are not perfectly chopped, but we’re talking 10 minutes taco Tuesday, not perfect. Taco Tuesday breakfast. We’re going to lay out some of these tacklers show because they’re from trader Joe’s. I’m also going to use a big iceberg lettuce wedges for mom’s taco.

We’re going to do some Rican dried beans cause yum, diced tomatoes, one pound the ground beef. You can also use ground Turkey. You could also use tofu. It’s definitely have to season it. These are the two shortcuts of life that everyone needs to have, but I’m going to go a little more homemade today. We’ll say and do my own garlic half Rica, always paprika on red meat, sprinkle, gentle, nice out. We’re saved by the spatula. I’m just always into throwing in like a pinch of turmeric wherever I can, because no one can tell if they’re really good for you. It’s anti-inflammatory and it’s flavored is pretty mild when you don’t use a lot. And if you keep just doing like a painter, a hint in it and all your cooking, eventually I feel like you grow a bigger teaspoon. So literally literally literally tiny sprinkle. Yes, here. The cool part. The cool part to talk to you today is what you don’t. I’m not going to put the plastic monkey into the taco, the coolest way to do taco Tuesday. It’s cute. It’s very cute.

This is a rice vegetable medley from trader Joe’s. I think green giant also has one. By the way, you can just do it yourself. You could just take the stems of broccoli, carrot, cauliflower. Those are the firmer parts. If you just throw them in a food processor or get at your chopping skills, you can do it too. And literally double the volume. And I’m going to add just a little salt. I like to use some, either marinara sauce or crushed tomatoes. This bring it all together. So it sticks in your taco and it makes it more flavorful. The rice veggies obviously change the look of it and everything. But the funny thing is it really kind of doesn’t change the taste and this way, every taco is going to be jam packed with veggies. I only have one and a third or two thirds. We’re going to make guacamole. This is from Holy guacamole. I always keep in my fridge because expiration is pretty good. Are these times where you don’t have enough avocados or taco night, I am going to match them up together. We’re using like Ganek can refuse, but we are going to add in a sense of freshness, just using kitchen sheers to get me some fresh scallions here, I’m using Daya at the dairy free style, shredded cheese,

Some lettuce cups. We washed it. We sliced out the core. It literally makes the best, biggest, most delicious taco shells. I can’t wait to build this baby. Yeah.

People tell me that they have a hard time getting a cause our rice to soften. It’s helpful. When you add in the tomato sauce, all that liquid and you use a whip because then it really seems off as it is out six top. Those that were harmed in the making of these videos, Just tackle Tuesday with just the girls, right? Are you building my taco? These are some of the refried beans. I’m definitely gonna have some of that. Can we get in on this veggie meat mixture? Veggie on the veggie on veggie walk up. Oh my gosh.


Chat it out here so you can add it by yourself. You’re really filling that up.

Don’t grow your skills. It’s like a little baby.

Okay. You ready to take a bite of your taco?

Cheers. Cheers. Video. I promise. It’s so yummy talking to his dad. Daddy’s coming in hot. What’s on your taco. Oh my God. Now that pick it up. How’s that first bite.

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