TACO TUESDAY-Mexican Beef Skillet

TACO TUESDAY-Mexican Beef Skillet
Posted By: Paula Henry

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Whether you make this on game day or eat it as a main meal, this Mexican Beef Skillet requires one pan only and only 40 minutes of your time!

I am all about the recipes that only require one pan. Why? I hate doing dishes. It’s as simple as that! The less there is to wash, the happier I am!

Versatility is Key

So this Beef Skillet. It’s all about versatility. Want to eat it as a healthy dinner idea? Need a game day app? Want a meal-prep lunch recipe? Girl, this works for all of that!

Made in just one pan, this Mexican skillet recipe is made with all the flavors, plus is packed with veggies, beans, and rice, too!

PS: this seriously might be the best ground beef recipes we’ve ever made!

ground beef skillet ingredients on cutting board

How to Make a Mexican Ground Beef Skillet


  • garlic: every good Mexican dish starts with garlic and that’s just a fact. Feel free to add more if your heart desires.
  • yellow onion
  • bell pepper: we love sneaking veg into our dishes when we can and bell peppers fit quite nicely in this skillet. Choose any color you’d like and even double it if you feel like it.
  • ground beef: the star of this dish really is the ground beef. Now, we like a little fat in our ground beef, which is why we used 85%, but feel free to use a less fatty beef OR even swap it out for ground turkey.
  • taco seasoning: we always have an all-purpose taco seasoning on hand at our house. It’s meant exactly for recipes like this! Basic spices, but a whole lot of flavor.
  • tomato sauce: a little tomato sauce goes a long way. All you need is 1/2 cup and you’re good to go!
  • green chiles: green chiles are mild for a pepper, yet they add really great flavor. If you like it spicy, be my guest and use jalapeños instead!
  • black beans: black beans are another one of those Mexican essential ingredients. I keep a stock-pile of cans in my cupboard because they’re cheap and high protein. Feel free to use pinto instead!
  • Instant rice: instant rice is pure magic. Let me stress the instant because in order for this to coo properly, you need to use instant rice, not regular rice. We tested this with both brown and white and they work swimmingly!
  • shredded cheese: all skillets deserve to be topped with shredded cheese. Add as much or as little as you’d like!

Kitchen Accessories

Here are all of the essentials you need to make one of the most amazing Mexican ground beef recipes.

taco seasoning and brown rice


As you know, this recipe only requires one pan and one pan only! That means the Instructions are rather simple.

beef skillet in pan

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