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Tech Tuesday-Weight Loss Technology-Video of the Day!

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Updated: December 5, 2020
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I'm not a techie. I always joke that I would still be using a bag phone and rabbit ears for an antenna if it weren't for my DH and teenage son. But I wish I cared more. I wonder if tech would help to loss weight. Have you used tech for exercise? For calorie counting? Are you a techie? 

Paula Henry - MBL Founder

Best Weight Loss Tech Products

Video Description

Here we talk about some of the tech I used to help me loss over 60lb in one year.
Fitbit Aria Smart Scale (US): http://amzn.to/25eh8WT
Fitbit Alta (US): http://amzn.to/1XG0yte
JayBird X2 (US): http://amzn.to/1W7mzlh
Fitbit Aria Smart Scale (UK): http://amzn.to/1svJied
Fitbit Alta (UK): http://amzn.to/1svJhaf
JayBird X2 (UK): http://amzn.to/1XoirfO
Fitbit Aria Smart Scale (CA): http://amzn.to/1sIbJ9m
Fitbit Alta (CA): http://amzn.to/1RenN65
JayBird X2 (CA): http://amzn.to/1TsMkJ7
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Video Transcription:

Hey, what’s up everyone. How’s it going? This is watch hope. You guys are all doing well. And in this video, we’re going to be talking about some of the tech products that I use to lose over 60 pounds in one year. This is the second part part of this whole fitness video series. If you haven’t seen the first video, I just briefly mentioned on the way that I lost all that weight. And thank you. If you’ve watched that video and left a nice comment that I really do appreciate that, but here, we’re going to be specifically talking about, about some of the tech products specifically when it comes to the smartphone applications that I use as well as some hardware. So the first thing that I want to mention is a two applications is a, my fitness pal, which allows you to kind of track your daily calories and as a very large, extensive library of different types of foods that you’re going to come across and you can put in your general information, I’ll track your fitness activities and everything like that.

And it’s a great resource without having to have any additional hardware. Now, the second app that kind of is doing a much of the same thing as my face, ms. Pal, but is more tied towards the specific hardware that I use is the Fitbit app, which is gonna kind of tie in to some of the other products, but it does much of the same things that my fitness pal does. Now, the first piece of hardware that I use is the Fitbit Aria smart scale. This is basically a wifi enabled us scale that will tie in to the Fitbit app and essentially measure a whole bunch of different things. Now, monitoring your weight progression is very important and you can, you obviously you do it manually by using just any scale that you have lying around, but the cool thing with obviously having something connected and being a smart device, that sinks all of your vital information about your specific mass, your BMI, your body fat percentage, and a whole bunch of other things is pretty darn cool.

And it just gives you a little bit more detail information on how you’re doing and how you’re progressing throughout the months and days that you’re going to be losing the weight and kind of keeping track of everything. I additionally have up to eight user profiles. So each of those profiles can be sinked to individual user accounts on the Fitbit apps. So that’s great. If you have a whole bunch of people kind of participating in the whole weight loss process, which can be a motivating factor for the more, the smart scale also talks to other Fitbit trackers. So could actively adjust on how many calories you’ve burned off based on the fitness tracker information and how many calories you’ve consumed based on your own input, uh, logging all the different calories you’re taking in, and then it’ll adapt and, uh, give you a projection of what your weight loss will look like in the future, which is definitely a cool thing.

Now, in terms of battery, life expect to see a couple of months use it, it uses four double a batteries, and just basic batteries will do. And the battery life is pretty decent based on that end and a fairly similar to other digital scales that you’re going to find out there. Now, the next thing we’re going to talk about is a fitness trackers. Now obviously tons of tons of different smart devices out there that will track your day to day stuff, apps and your general fitness activities. Any smartphone will pretty much do that these days. And there’s plenty of smart watches and wearable devices that will also track your day to day activities. But for me personally, I wanted a dedicated device that was small, compact and lightweight. So, uh, when I put it on, I basically forgot that I had something on and something basic, uh, would do perfectly fine.

And one of my favorite fitness trackers out there right now definitely has to be the Fitbit. Alta. This is a really simple device. I basically has one organic led display, which is excellent for better life. You can get sometimes up to six to seven days on a single chart. It’s nice to know that you don’t have to charge these things right every day. And it is sweat rain, splash proof. So very, very durable. It comes in a whole bunch of different colors and sizes, and basically it tracks your a day to day steps. That’s essentially what it does, and also recognize a different cardiovascular activities that you’re going to do. So whether that’s, that’s just a walking, a running or, or even a cycling, and he can even predict it a couple of different exercises such as an elliptical machine, right? No, basically track all that information and via Bluetooth, a sync it to your smartphone or a PC.

And then it’ll go up on the cloud to the Fitbit account and then track your progress through there. So it’s not smart enough to kind of utilize all the different exercises that you’re going to do in the gym, for example. So if you lift a lot of weights, it’s not gonna really tell you on how many calories you’ve burned. It really doesn’t recognize anything but just general movement related activities, such as running and walking. And for that purpose, I think it really does Excel and kind of meets all of my specific needs. And obviously you can use it to tell the time since it does have that organic led display, but there’s tons of other fitness trackers out there. And certainly it’s an optional device that is not necessary, but nice to have now last but not least, we’re going to talk about a good day pair of wireless headphones and wireless headphones are certainly important.

Um, obviously you want something that sounds really good and it’s going to be really comfortable to use for long periods of time. And one that’s going to last and be durable enough for all the different things that you’re going to do with it. And one of my favorite Bluetooth headphones definitely has to be the Jaybird X two. Now the X ones are really great, and there’s still a lot of people that like that series of headphones, but the X two are fantastic and a really, really comfortable to use. And the biggest part about them is one excellent sound quality. And two, uh, the fit and ergonomics comes with a whole bunch of different attachments, including three different pairs of what they call comply, ear cushion, which will actually expand and mold to the shape of your inner ear canal and give you the most comfortable and secure fit that will isolate any kind of extraneous, which is going to be great for audio quality.

I definitely feel like silicone ear tips. They have three pairs of that. It also comes with a three pair of secure earphones, as well as a two pair of X fit clips. So basically earbuds will never fall out of your ears no matter what type of activity you’re going to be doing, which is certainly very, very important. I just want the Bluetooth technology on the [inaudible] is actually really, really good. I’ve never came across any kind of skipping that I found in other, uh, cheaper Bluetooth headsets. And you can be up to 10 meters apart from your smartphone to the headsets themselves, which is definitely a nice to know. Lastly, one of the best things about the X twos definitely has to be the battery life. You can get up to eight to 10 hours of continuous playback it even higher volumes, which is definitely impressive to see, and certainly leading, uh, I’ve experienced many other Bluetooth headsets that had a range between like two to four hours, which is definitely not nice.

And plus with that seamless, sleek design, there’s no real kind of battery compartment. So the battery is actually very small. It just tells you that the engineering and the overall design is really well thought out and it’s kind of worth every penny in that aspect. So definitely recommend it. The Jaybirds X two, if you’re in the market for a nice pair of Bluetooth headsets for any kind of physical activity, right. Really either night guys, that’s really it. If you liked this video, give us a thumbs up. Thanks again for all the nice part positive comments. I can’t thank you guys enough for all that positive feedback. And thanks again for your support. Check out the link in the descriptions for all the specific details about everything we talked about. And thanks again for watching. We’ll see you later. Take care.

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