The Best Soup Recipes for Fall

The Best Soup Recipes for Fall
Posted By: Paula Henry

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A round-up of seasonal soup recipes for fall comfort food.

A generous pot of Borscht is simmering on stove as I write this. It’s full of the first beets and cabbage of the season, as well as a handful of dill from my herb garden.

Not only is today the first day of fall, but Hurricane Teddy is raining down all around us here in Nova Scotia. We’ve done all of our storm prep (gas! groceries! gin!) and now there’s nothing else to do but hunker down and ride it out.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet. Here’s all the inspiration you need to start a pot of soup for dinner tonight.


How to Make Soup from Scratch

Before we get to the recipes…do you know how to make soup from scratch? Unusual circumstances like hurricanes and pandemics can leave us scrambling to get a meal on the table using what we have in the fridge and pantry.

In one of my post popular posts How to Make Soup from Scratch, you can learn to make any soup using the ingredients you have on hand, with the flavours you prefer, without any recipe. It’s such a good skill to have!

The Best Soup Recipes for Fall

Chicken Noodle. Minestrone. French Lentil. Creamy Squash….all of your favourite soup recipes for fall are here.

Big Batch Chicken Noodle Soup

Cream of Turkey and Wild Rice Soup

Creamy Beef Stroganoff Soup

Late-Summer Minestrone

Butternut Squash and Apple Soup

Slow Cooker Coconut Curry Red Lentil Soup

Harvest Corn Chowder

Roasted Red Pepper Soup

Simple Lentil Pumpkin and Kale Soup

Slow Cooker Split Pea Soup

Classic French Lentil Soup with Bacon

Sausage, Bean & Pasta Soup with Spinach

Simple Cioppino

Coconut Curried Green Lentil Soup

Harvest Tortilla Soup

Roasted Carrot and Cilantro Soup

French Onion Soup

Cream of Potato-Leek Soup with Bacon

Homemade soup freezes really well, so while the markets are still open and full of fresh produce, make a few big batches! I freeze mine for up to 6 months.

What is your favourite fall or winter soup?

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