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Trying Hello Fresh for the first time - VIDEO OF THE DAY

Hello Fresh review
Updated: December 5, 2020
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Editor's Note

We missed Taco Tuesday by 1 day.  During this time of quarantine and social distancing, most people are cooking at home. Now I'm a pretty good cook and LOVE to meal plan. It's my love language(taking care of people).  But having fewer skills, less time and some would say "little creativity in the kitchen" could make all this cooking - "HELL".  So for those cooks, I love the idea of meal kits.   My NYC friend and I have been doing a Quarantine Dinner Diary and his meal kits look AMAZING!  If you are interested check out Hello Fresh here

-Paula Henry- MBL Founder

TRYING HELLO FRESH FOR THE FIRST TIME - honest review and unboxing!

Video Description

I hope this video gives you guys some information to help with deciding if you want to try HelloFresh yourself!:)
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disclaimer: this is not sponsored, I did genuinely love the meals and if you can get a discounted price it is definitely worth it in my opinion!

Video Transcription:

Today is Tuesday. So of course, I’m going to go ahead and make the tacos.


Hey guys. Welcome back to my channel. And if you’re new, welcome to my channel based video, it’s going to be a really fun video because we are actually reviewing HelloFresh for the very first time. I’m going to take you guys through the ordering process and actually getting it delivered to us. And then I’m going to make a whole meal with you guys. So I’m really excited and let’s get into the video. Hey guys. So it is the evening right now, and we weren’t really expecting to be doing this, but we found a discount code online for HelloFresh. And I’ve always wanted to try HelloFresh because I see so many other YouTubers using it and they always suggest to try it, but I’ve just never tried it. We are going to try that out and it is supposed to come Tuesday, but I just decided that it would be kind of cool to do a whole review on it.

So I wanted to review this part now the actual ordering process while we’re doing so we actually just placed our order. Um, we got the tacos, the salmon and the steak. I’m so excited to try this. I am really interested to see how this goes, because I think I’ve mentioned before that, where we live, we live in an apartment building and it’s just a little bit difficult to get things shipped here. So we selected for them to call us when they’re delivering it. So hopefully it works out well, but I will keep you guys updated on that. There are some that are a little bit more expensive and add more to your shipping if you decide to pick them. But there are a lot of options that just come with the base price and wait to update you guys on Tuesday. I was in the middle of getting ready and HelloFresh got here. So I’m so excited. Let’s go get it. Okay. So I finished getting ready and now we are just going to unbox this. Hello, fresh. I am so excited to see what it looks like inside. So these are all of the meals that we got. Oh, this is all exciting.


Oh, this is what it looks like when you first open it. Um, everything is actually still really cold, so that’s good. Uh, each of our meals are in here. They’re all separated. And what is this? Welcome to the fresh fam. That’s cute.


And these are pretty, they look pretty easy to follow. I like how it gives all the ingredients on the side. That’s

Just put those on top of each other.

Once we took the bags out, all of the meats, actually the very bottom, which is awesome because that’s a lot yeah. Safer. Okay guys, I’ve literally been waiting all day to be able to make this hello fresh. And it’s finally dinner time. So today is Tuesday. So of course, I’m going to go ahead and make the tacos, but I will bring you guys along with me. And I’m really excited because they look delicious. So this is the one we are cooking tonight. It’s the Southwestern pork tacos. All the instructions are just on the back. And then the front is just the picture with all the ingredients that it comes with. So, Oh, and also says approximately how much time it takes to complete them on it. This one says 35 minutes. The first step on these is to roast the veggies. The first thing I’m going to do is cut up those buttons. Hey guys, this is everything that comes in the HelloFresh box and everything that we need to make the tacos

So it sent, you put a little bit of oil and season them with salt and pepper, and then the next parts are to make the salsa. And so I’m just gonna go ahead and start

So I’m just cooking the lean ground pork at the same time as I’m making the salsa, just because it takes about five to 10 minutes to cook that anyways. Um, uh, hello, fresh instructions. Just say to add the recipe, spice blend mix into the pork and cook it with a little bit of oil. So that is what I’m going to do.

You guys, I’m basically done cooking everything. Um, the pork is just finishing up, but than that, I just have to cut the cucumber and put everything together. So I’m actually building both of Tyler and I’s dinner right now. Technically it said to warm these up, but until they’re flexible, but I think it’s just because they come in the cold package because they’re really flexible right now. You could still heat them up in the oven and toast them if you want. And then the only other stuff that I kind of skipped, cause I didn’t realize until after was that with these cucumbers, I’m supposed to mix, um, lime juice and the lettuce and kind of make it like a cohesive thing, but I’m just going to place it all separately because I just want to build it that way. So that’s what we’re going to do.

Okay. They’re just about done, but I just wanted to show you guys, this is the crema that I made. Tyler only really likes it anyways. So I’m just going to put a tiny bit on mine and put most on his

Okay. You guys is done. Are you ready? This looks extremely delicious. And I can’t wait to taste test it. It is time to do the official taste test. Now,

Honestly, guys, there’s a few things in these that I don’t really usually like, but this is so delicious. I want to see you try it now. Yeah. I’m just going to go ahead and end the video here. I hope that this was helpful for you guys and kind of gave you an idea if hello, fresh is weathered or not my final thoughts on HelloFresh. Um, I definitely say if you guys can get a discount code or something like that, definitely try it out. It is so worth it for the meals. So many places that you can find discount codes now. So I would definitely say that I would reorder from HelloFresh and that the dinner turned out amazing tonight. And I cannot wait to make one of their other dinners tomorrow night. Um, stay tuned for upcoming cooking videos because I might do another hello, fresh cook with me. Um, just depending on the meals that we get coming up. So thank you guys so much for watching my video and I will see you next time.

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