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Using proper form is important when exercising

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Updated: December 5, 2020
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When you’ve got your heart set on adding exercise to your daily routine,

you might feel excited and eager to get moving as soon as possible. On your first day back at the gym, you might feel motivated and superhuman enough to the point where you try new exercises or do slightly more than your body might be ready for. Though this behavior may be great for your morale, it’s important to use proper form at all times and listen to your body’s cues when it’s telling you it’s time to take a break. Using improper form, or doing too much at once could result in your getting injured and delay your weight-loss progress.

Using the proper form during your fitness regime can result in the proper muscle building and a more productive workout. If you’re learning a new exercise or movement, it’s important to make sure you consult with a professional to make sure you’re doing the movement correctly.

Using the proper form will:

  • Prevent injuries. Using the wrong form could put your body out of alignment, and lead to strains and tears on tendons, joints, and muscles.
  • Work and target the proper muscle groups. Doing an exercise improperly could also result in your working the wrong muscle group. For example, if you’re doing a certain exercise to specifically target your tricep muscles, then using improper form could have you targeting your back muscles instead.
  • Encourage proper breathing. Using proper form will allow you to breathe more easily during your workouts in a natural manner, which is important for muscle-building.

Tips for practicing proper form

  • Exercise at your own pace. Continue to push yourself, and only do what feels right. If you feel as if you’re moving too fast, or that you’re simply not strong enough to complete a certain exercise, listen to your body and stop before injury occurs.
  • Don’t look to other gym-goers for help. Just because a person is in great shape and looks like they know what they’re doing at the gym, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re using the proper form. Work with a professional fitness trainer or other fitness expert to make sure you’re practicing proper form.
  • Focus on breathing during all your movements. If you forget to breathe, your body can tense up and increase the risk of injury. Focus on breathing out when you lift weights, and on breathing in when you lower weights.
  • Start out small. Lift smaller, lighter weights until your body is truly ready to advance to the next level. Don’t worry about what other people are thinking about you at the gym, and don’t worry about trying to impress anyone. Lifting weights that are too heavy can put excess strain on your muscles that your body won’t be able to handle at first. Just start small, and continue working up until you can safely lift heavier weights.




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