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Want To Make Cooking A Bit Easier? Try Adding One Of These 24 Things To Your Kitchen. Who knew there were ways to make cooking easy?

Want To Make Cooking A Bit Easier? Try Adding One Of These 24 Things To Your Kitchen. Who knew there were ways to make cooking easy?
Updated: December 5, 2020
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Editor's Note

Editor's Note:   Since cooking healthy and weight loss go hand in hand, some of these items might actually come in handy.  I would use and LOVE  the #5 spiralizer for zoodles and the #8 countertop blender for smoothies. BUT #5 a special tool  for cutting up cauliflower, that's where you lost me.    What would you buy/use to make cooking easier?    Let me know what you think?   
– Paula Henry 

1. An Instant Pot that’ll pretty much become your new favorite gadget — this thing is a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a rice cooker, a steamer, a sauté-r, a yogurt maker, and a warmer all in ONE.

It can prepare food up to 70% faster than other methods. It can keep food warm automatically for up to 10 hours, and there are three temperatures for sautéing and slow-cooking. The inner cooking pot, lid, and steam-rack are dishwasher-safe! Check out our write-up about the incredible Instant Pot!

Promising review: “This is quite possibly the coolest, most versatile kitchen gadget I’ve ever owned. I love it so much that I’ve purchased two more for friends and relatives. What can it do? I think the real question is ‘What can’t it do?’ I truly believe you could replace every cooking appliance (including your oven and stove top) and do EVERYTHING in the Instant Pot. I purchased two sizes for my own use: the 3-quart (which is my almost-every-day workhorse for two-person dishes) and the 8-quart (which I bring out to handle my dinner party dishes). Everything I’ve tried has been fabulous. In the realm of kitchen appliances, there is no better investment than the Instant Pot. Highly recommended!!!” —Stereoman

Get it from Amazon for $79+ (available in two sizes)


2. rapid egg cooker to prepare your favorite style of the yummy breakfast food EGGtra quick — hard/medium/soft boiled, poached, scrambled, omelet — breakfast for every meal anyone?

 It also features an auto-shutoff function! It can boil up to six eggs at a time, poach up to two eggs at a time, or make an omelet! There’s a poaching tray, omelet tray, a six-egg holder tray, a measuring cup, a recipe book, and access to a recipe database. All non-electric parts are dishwasher-safe! To learn more about this EGGcellent product, check out our write-up of the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker!

Chicken eggs in a egg electric cooker on a white wooden table

Toasts with avocado guacamole



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