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What happened to April?

What happened to April?
Updated: December 5, 2020
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I can’t believe April is over tonight and I’ve not written a single blog post. Apparently a global pandemic funk will do that to someone.

There were about 6 times that I sat down to write and nothing felt right. I even asked you all on Facebook and Instagram a couple of times if it was okay to write about things that weren’t coronavirus-related. And everyone said YES! GIVE US THINGS THAT AREN’T GLOOM AND DOOM! Yet, I haven’t. I’ve spent a lot of time in March and April off the computer, doing things that would get me away from spiraling into an anxiety spell.

Moving forward, can we all agree that the world is in a place of suck right now, and we’re all feeling the effects of this in one way or another? Some have it much worse than others, but we’ve all had our lives upended. “Normal” disappeared when COVID-19 appeared.

Now that we’re all in agreement, I’ll quickly move through some things that happened in April:

  • I turned 39, which felt very strange. I’m thankful for another trip around the sun, even if I don’t know what the coming year has in store.
  • My mission to continue getting dressed everyday has been pretty successful. I have a few weeks of outfits I know I need to share here.




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