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Why "everything in moderation" can result in weight-loss failure

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Updated: December 5, 2020
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Throughout your weight-loss journey, you’ll often hear friends and family say the phrase, “everything in moderation” when discussing your nutritional choices. “Everything in moderation” pops up when you’re talking about whether or not you should eat fast-food on a hectic evening, or when you’re deciding whether you should eat that last piece of cake for dessert. While this saying may apply to some situations in your life, it should not be used when talking about your health and nutrition.

Some fitness and nutrition experts say that nothing bothers them more than the “everything in moderation” cliche, as it paves the way for cravings, overeating, and difficulty with weight loss. After all, do people with food allergies eat small amounts of foods they’re allergic to in moderation, or do they avoid those foods completely to maintain good health? The same concept should apply to those who truly want to lose weight and become healthier.

Here are three reasons why “everything in moderation” can be detrimental to your overall health and weight-loss goals.

1. Moderation often makes for relaxed eating patterns

If you allow yourself a little bit of something in moderation, then eventually you’ll start viewing just a little bit more as perfectly safe. For example, one piece of milk chocolate will quickly turn into two, and before you know it, eating chocolate bars will once again become a daily or weekly ritual.




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