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Women may have a more difficult time losing weight than men

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Updated: December 5, 2020
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Though debates about sexism and men versus women are ongoing in today’s society, differences between both sexes can affect weight loss from a physiological standpoint. Fitness coach Dick Talens explores the differences between men and women he has observed in his clients over the years in a blog for Lifehacker.


It’s biologically harder to lose weight as women

Women have about 10 percent of the testosterone levels men have, which affects the amount of muscle you can gain from overeating. The biological makeup of women differs from men when it comes to building muscle mass, since muscle mass is more easily obtainable in men. 


Self-critique can hinder self-compassion

Self-criticism can hinder positive progress, especially when you are replacing self-compassion. Having the compassion to know you are doing something, which is better than nothing, can foil what you’ve already worked for and cause a downward spiral. 


Monthly hormones are a hindrance

Female body weight oscillates with water retention that is held and released throughout the month. In addition, women with hormonal imbalances or who suffer frequently from PMS may face barriers with bloating and loss of appetite. 


Decisions can be overwhelming

Women tend to make dozens of decisions daily and it can take time to get through them all in a day. Cognitive processing can drain your willpower resources and cause you to crave the foods you were trying to decrease in your diet. 






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