6 Unusual Steps to Become More Physically Attractive
6 Unusual Steps to Become More Physically Attractive
Posted By: Paula Henry

Editor's Note

We loved this article at MBL. I was drawn to the "unusual" part. I liked that all of these 6 steps really are about self care and taking time for yourself. Healthier is always more attractive too. So put on your red t-shirt, grab a carrot and go to bed. Seriously though, how to you self care? Do you feel more attractive when you take care of your self? 

-Paula Henry - MBL Founder 

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To be happy should never be our end goal. Striving to be happier, however, is healthier and more attainable. Attractiveness is much the same.

It is best viewed as a continuum, not an either/or. The desire to be more attractive, or at least fend off unattractiveness, is a normal and healthy component of high self-esteem.

“Nature to be commanded must be obeyed.” — Francis Bacon

Now before we begin I want to make a few disclaimers: I’m not going to give you fashion advice, tell you what face wash to use or how to apply invisible concealer. There’s plenty of advice on those topics already on the internet.

I’m also not going to tell you to act confident, speak clearly and hold eye contact. I’m not saying your behavior doesn’t massively affect your attractiveness, it does, but it’s already been covered elsewhere.

What I’m going to tell you are six simple, albeit unusual, scientific ways you can become significantly more physically attractive. They’re not unhealthy, and everyone can use them.

1. Get A Carotenoid Tan

If you water a flower with colored water, over time the leaves of the plant will change color.



Human beings aren’t so different from plants.

Carotenoids are compounds found in brightly colored foods like carrots and sweet potato. If you eat high-carotenoid foods on a regular basis, they will change the coloring of your skin and give you a natural tan-like glow.

I know it sounds a bit far-fetched but keep reading, you’ll soon be convinced.

A new and innovative study recently published in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology sheds new light on the importance of skin color as a determiner of facial attractiveness.

In the first part of the experiment, they made two groups, each consisting of 60 participants and had them rate the attractiveness of 27 tanned faced composites against a pale-faced version of the same person. In the second part of the experiment, one group had a melanin tan (sun exposure), the other group had a carotenoid tan (bright vegetables).

In the first group, 78.5% of the attendants rated the sun-tanned face more attractive than the pale face.

In the second group, 86% voted the carotenoid tan face more attractive than the pale face. 1)

So a tan from the sun or high-carotenoid food is more attractive than being pale.

At this point, you probably think I’m going to recommend getting a tan through carotenoid food sources because vegetables tend to prevent cancer, and excessive sun exposure tends to cause cancer. That’s a good reason, but no…

In the final test, they made attendants rate the attractiveness of 24 sun tanned composites against the carotenoid versions. A whopping 75.9% preferred the carotenoid tan over the sun tan. This suggests that we may have evolved an unconscious ability to extrapolate the health of an individual by the amount of colorful vegetables in their diet.