7 Tiny Tweaks For a Beauty Routine That Doesn’t Harm Our Planet
7 Tiny Tweaks For a Beauty Routine That Doesn’t Harm Our Planet
Posted By: Paula Henry

It’s clear AF that Mother Earth is pissed off with us humans.
First came the storms and earthquakes, then the apocalyptic wildfires and now a global pandemic so completely unprecedented and so throughly devastating that we can finally understand how a species as hardy as the dinosaurs could vanish off the earth.

It’s easy to see the sheer scale of the mess that we humans have created.

Millions of tons of plastic dumped into oceans, cruise liners the size of small towns rocking through tiny waterways, air pollution so dense that smog has become a default weather pattern, wildlife killed for sport, toxic chemicals that decimate entire coral reefs, a fast and wasteful fashion industry that chokes landfills with non-biodegradable synthetic materials (approximately 85% of all textiles end up in the dump every year), trash lining the beaches and forests… need I go on?

And all it took was roughly three months for the earth to put us in our place. And clean up our mess. Since the almost-global lockdowns, air pollution levels have plummeted drastically across the world, waterways have cleared (Venice has sparkling canals for the first time in maybe a century), wildlife is filling the vacuum left behind by quarantined humans and it’s no longer surprising to see deer grazing near the White House in Washington or peacocks strutting in Wales, and seismologist says that even the earth’s very vibrations seem to be growing calmer.



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