Outdoor Float Trip Workout-Video of the Day
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It's Friday in July and it's hot here. Summer was always a time that we traveled to the Ozark's to "float" with our big extended family.  It usually involved camping, swimming, cooking over a fire and fellowship. I have such fond memories of those trips.    So in a time of social distancing, the outdoors seems like the best place to go. Pack yourself up and go. You don't even need to have a canoe, outfitters will supply you with all you need. Just bring the sunscreen, the snack and your muscle.  Here's where we always went in Missouri and for a little more adventure we'd go to  River Runners in Colorado for white water. Happy Rowing!

Editor - Paula Henry

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A group of our friends get together each year and go on a float trip! We decided this year we should do an outdoor workout before we went on the river. Enjoy!