Today is National HOT DOG Day! 10 Nutritious & Delicious Hot Dogs
Today is National HOT DOG Day! 10 Nutritious & Delicious Hot Dogs
Posted By: Paula Henry

Editor's Note

I recently saw a cooking show with the hosts debating- boiled vs. grilled hotdogs. Well I'm "Team Boiled" all the way.  I don't love a grilled dog- too charred. I like  to taste the hot dog. And I'm pretty simple when it comes to accoutrements too. Plain bun and mustard only. That's it. In all of it's golden mustardy glory.  

Check out these healthy hot dog choices. Are you team - BOILED or GRILLED?   And what do you put on your dog? Piled high or minimalist?   Enjoy! 

-Paula Henry- MBL Founder 

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These 10 Healthy Hot Dogs Actually Taste Great—We Promise

Time to toast your buns.

Grilling hot dogs

Hot dogs are a quintessential American food. And for good reason: they’re great for summer grilling and are an easy weeknight meal, too.

This comfort food is also a good source of protein—just be sure to check the nutritional profile to ensure your hot dog habit doesn’t derail your health goals.

Of course hot dogs aren’t a superfood, but their health quotient has improved because companies are making them without mystery meat and questionable additives.

So how do you pick a better protein? Look at the size of your dog, says Melanie Boehmer, R.D., at Lenox Hill Hospital.

“Jumbo, stadium, and bun-length dogs can be almost double the size of a regular hot dog and have more of everything—including calories, fat, and sodium,” she tells Men’s Health.

She recommends choosing a hot dog that contains at least 7 grams of protein. And more importantly, Boehmer says hot dogs don’t need to be excluded in an otherwise well-balanced diet.

“I would advise being conscious of overall intake rather than scrutinizing the one hot dog you eat over the weekend,” she says.

Finding a better-for-you hot dog that’s nutritious and tastes good can be daunting. That’s why we did the work for you and found the finest franks available.