Consistency During the Holidays (aka Giving a Sh*t)

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is next week! Usually, I’m not one to rush the holiday season, but I am so ready for it this year. My schedule is already filling up with holiday parties and get-togethers, and I’m sure you’re in the same boat, so I wanted to share two...

Our Downsized Thanksgiving 2020 Menu

We’ve talked a lot about how different the holidays will look in 2020. With a worldwide pandemic still very much a health and safety hazard, now more than ever, our Thanksgiving gathering will be much smaller than usual. That’s why this year, we’re scaling down our menu while still keeping...

 5 more tasty, whole foods that fight inflammation

When most people hear the word “inflammation,” they automatically think of the redness and swelling associated with injuries that occur to the outside of their bodies. However, many remain unaware of the type of inflammation that occurs on the inside of their bodies, and how inflammatory cells can increase the...

Does low-fat actually mean less healthy?

However, a new review finds that there is no evidence to support that conclusion. Zoe Harcombe, researcher and Ph.D. candidate at the University of the West of Scotland, and her colleagues reported in the journal OpenHeart that the conclusion in 1977 that low-fat diets translate to fewer cases of heart... does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment for any medical condition.

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