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How to take before-and-after weight-loss photos
Posted By: Karen Eisenbraun
On: October 5, 2020
Throughout your weight-loss journey, it can sometimes be visually difficult to tell that you’re losing weight. While body measurements and scale readings can give you a great idea of just how far you’ve come with weight loss, photos can actually give you that extra motivation and self-esteem boost you need...
How To Stay Positive While Losing Weight
Posted By: Erin Falconer
On: September 29, 2020
Losing weight can be difficult under any circumstances, but it can be especially difficult when you aren’t feeling happy with yourself or your progress. The reality is, though, that being down on yourself or what you have accomplished so far can end up making the process even harder. The good...
25 WLS Years, 25 Pound Regain, 25 Lessons Learned
Posted By: Colleen Cook
On: August 28, 2020
Yes, it’s been 25 years since I took control of my weight, improved my health and changed the direction of my life by choosing weight loss surgery. In 1995, many looked down on a surgical option as an intervention for the disease of obesity and making the decision to go...
You Can Be Younger | Use The Power Of Your Mind to Look & Feel 10 Years Younger
Posted By: Ben Greenfield
On: August 22, 2020
The way you look and feel have very little to do with your chronological age, and positive thinking and changing your belief system are the most important factors in staying truly young. In her book, You Can Be Younger, leading therapist Marisa Peer explains how you can arrest the aging...
Runners’ brains may be more connected, research shows
Posted By: Kat
On: August 19, 2020
If you’re thinking about taking up running as your New Year’s resolution and still need some convincing, consider this: MRI scans reveal that endurance runners’ brains have greater functional connectivity than the brains of more sedentary individuals. University of Arizona researchers compared brain scans of young adult cross country runners...

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