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10 Weight-loss Tips for the New Year

Losing weight and becoming healthier is one of the top New Year’s resolutions among Americans every year.

Updated: December 6, 2020
10 weight-loss tips for the New Year.Lady preparing a smoothie
By MBL Featured Blogger: Karen Eisenbraun
Originally Posted: December 30, 2020

Gym membership rates are often at their peak, and you’ll start seeing a trickle of motivated walkers and runners on your way to work.

Given your excitable nature about losing weight and exercising more often, what can you do to make sure you stick to your New Year’s resolution?

Here are 10 weight-loss tips you can follow to accompany your new, positive attitude and dedication to losing weight this year.

1. Calculate your BMI

Your body mass index (BMI) is calculated using a formula that determines whether your body weight is normal, overweight, or obese based on your height and weight. Knowing your BMI can help you set realistic weight-loss goals, and can give you a good idea of just how much weight you need to lose to become healthier. In many cases, if your BMI is still too high after dieting and exercising regularly, you may be an ideal candidate for weight-loss surgery.

2. Review your medications

Weight gain is a common side effect of many prescription drugs, including birth control pills. Make an appointment with your health care provider so you can discuss whether you can undergo alternate treatments in place of your medications, or stop taking medications completely so you can increase your success rate for weight loss.

3. Set realistic goals

Some individuals will experience rapid weight loss within a short period of time as a result of going on fad diets. Keep in mind that fad diets will increase your chances of regaining all your weight back at a later date, and that slow and steady weight loss is often proven more effective for long-term weight loss. Aim to lose at least one or two pounds per week for the first six months of your new fitness and diet routine, and keep your goals realistic. If you’re currently a size 16, don’t makes plans to fit into a size four by April.

4. Don’t skip meals

Skipping meals might equate to overall fewer calories in your mind, but skipping meals can affect your hormonal balance and influence you to make poor food choices and overeating. Eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and snack on healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts in between meals if you get hungry.

5. Change your liquid diet

Dieting isn’t just limited to solid foods, but includes drinks as well. Stop consuming soda, energy drinks, fruit juices, and coffee drinks, and limit your alcohol intake. Most of these types of beverages are high in sugar and calories, and can often negate the effects of healthy eating. Instead of relying on these types of drinks to get you through the day, focus on drinking more water.

6. Add more fiber to your diet

Foods rich in nutrients and fiber will help improve gut and colon health and contributes to healthy, normal bowel movements. Eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day to increase your fiber intake and speed up the natural weight-loss process.

7. Do exercises you enjoy

One of the most common reasons people stop exercising is because they’re doing activities they absolutely dread. For example, an infomercial might have made a set of fitness DVDs look like fun, but perhaps the movements are just too advanced and difficult for the time being. Instead of forcing yourself to do exercise, you don’t enjoy, find new ways to be active that are fun for you. Join a dance class, go on hikes, and engage in other types of exercises you truly enjoy.

8. Stop eating out

While it’s true that some fast-food restaurants offer relatively healthy options these days, you still don’t know what’s in your food. Some salad dressings may contain an excessive amount of calories and sugar, whereas the grilled chicken you’re eating could be packed with hormones that can inhibit your weight-loss progress. Find healthy, easy recipes that you can prepare at home and stop eating out after the New Year.

9. Get more sleep

Sleep deprivation can throw your hormones off-balance, and result in overeating, unhealthy food decisions, and lack of physical activity. Make changes to your sleeping environment as necessary to ensure that you start getting a better night’s sleep, whether it’s buying new, comfortable sheets or buying a white-noise machine to lull you into sleep.

10. Stop doing sedentary activities

Have you ever had friends that say they can’t find time to exercise, yet are able to have a full-blown discussion about last night’s episode of The Bachelor? Make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of time you spend doing sedentary activities such as watching television, playing video games on your smartphone and spending more than a few minutes per day on social media. Instead, make plans to hang out with friends and family in person, and go shopping or dancing to burn off extra calories




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