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11 signs that indicate high blood sugar
11 signs that indicate high blood sugar
Posted By MBL Featured Blogger: Karen Eisenbraun
On: April 19, 2020

If you’ve ever struggled with your weight, you may already know that high blood sugar levels are a major precursor to obesity and type 2 diabetes. In many cases, high blood sugar is also associated with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high stress levels, and poor sleeping habits, among other related health problems. One of the keys to losing weight and becoming healthier is managing, or regulating high blood sugar.

How blood sugar control works

Whenever you eat food, the sugars in your food will increase your blood sugar level. In response, your body will secrete insulin, which is the hormone produced by your pancreas. Insulin lowers your blood sugar level by speeding up the rate at which the cells in your body consume glucose. If you eat foods that contain too much sugar on a regular basis, your body will eventually become resistant to insulin and trigger weight gain and the onset of type 2 diabetes.

The best way to manage your blood sugar is to eat meals all throughout the day and consume healthy foods low in sugar content.

Is it possible you’re suffering from high blood sugar? Here are 11 signs that indicate high blood sugar levels.

  1. You’re experiencing problems with losing weight.
  2. Your waist is larger and wider than your hips.
  3. You constantly crave sweets and junk foods.
  4. You feel hungry all the time, even after eating.
  5. You feel much better after eating.
  6. You become crabby and irritable if you don’t eat on time.
  7. You wake up frequently all throughout the night.
  8. You start to cry for no good reason.
  9. You often feel spacey.
  10. You become anxious for no obvious reason.
  11. You feel tired and sleep every afternoon.

If you answered “yes” to several of these questions, see your healthcare provider immediately to have your blood sugar levels tested. Your doctor can then either set you on track with diet and nutrition, or prescribe medications that can help regulate your blood sugar.


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Karen Eisenbraun
Karen Eisenbraun is a certified holistic nutrition consultant and writer with a background in digital marketing. She has written extensively on the topics of nutrition and holistic health for many leading websites. Karen received her nutrition certification from the American College of Healthcare Sciences in 2012. She follows a ketogenic diet and practices intermittent fasting. Karen advocates a whole foods approach to nutrition and believes in empowering yourself with information that allows you to make smarter decisions about your health.

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