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344 Pounds: From a 48-Inch to 34-Inch Waist

VOL #8, Weeks 29 Through 32, My WeightLoss Journey Coninues!

Updated: December 6, 2020
Before and after
By MBL Featured Blogger: Shawn Tyler Weeks
Originally Posted: August 1, 2020

Weeks 29 Through 32

Week 29

August 3

Routine is an important part of a well-balanced diet.

Last week was a week full of celebrations. My birthday kicked it off on the 26th, followed by the start of my week-long vacation from work that Monday (27th) and my 4-year wedding anniversary on the 30th.

It was a fun week.

Unfortunately, all my old friends came back to visit. Soda. Sweet tea. Large portions. Second helpings. Buffets. Everything I’ve eliminated for the past 27 weeks came back to chip away at the 105.4 105 pounds I’ve lost.

I have a lot of feelings:

  • Disbelief
  • Shame
  • Doubt
  • Disappointment
  • Embarrassment

Most of all, I’m scared. A week vacation won’t throw away all the work I’ve done for the past 27, but it does show I’m not as strong as I (or you) think I am.

It shows that the ability to regain this weight is very, very real.

And while a lot of bad came out of last week, something good came out of it as well: focus.  

This last week proved that I’m not supernatural and don’t have a magic formula for losing weight. If I want to keep losing weight for the next five months I need to keep my butt in the gym and eat moderately.

After last week’s meltdown, I couldn’t be more focused on doing just that. I’m going to lose 150 pounds in 2009, and absolutely nothing can stop me.


August 5

As I said Monday: back on track.

weight 234.4

August 05 weight: 234.4

July 29 weight: 239.2

July 22 weight: 238.8

July 15 weight: 241.4

July 08 weight: 243.8

I’ve lost 4.8 pounds in the last week and 109.8 pounds in 28 weeks. Want stats from past weeks? Check out my entire 28 week weight loss progress.

Every Wednesday I post my weekly, monthly and total weight loss statistics.

Today, a couple of new statistics:

I’ve been on my weight loss journey for a little over 200 days. In those 200 days, I’ve been able to lose 109.8 pounds. That works out to an average of over half a pound lost every single day on my journey.

Stats like that make me already excited about next Wednesday. I hope to carry this newly found momentum into next week and get close to reaching the 220s.

Another statistic:  I’m looking to reach 199 by Thanksgiving.

I’m going to lose 150 pounds in 2009, and absolutely nothing can stop me.

Shawn Tyler Weeks – 344 Pounds, A Weightloss Journey

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Week 30

August 10

My life has changed a lot over the past year.

Around this time last year, I found out I was going to be a dad. A few months after that, I found out I was going to have a little baby girl.

In November, I switched careers.

A few months after that, in January of 2009, I decided to lose weight. I started a little blog, joined a local gym and got on the elliptical machine.

In March, my little girl was born and I became a daddy.

In June, I was interviewed by Newsweek about my little blog.

In July, I lost 100 pounds.

Last week, due to a disagreement with my landlord, my wife and I gave our 30-day notice. We’ll be leaving the home we have loved and lived in for the past two years in just a few weeks. I’ll also be leaving my gym.

Saturday, I bought pants with a 34-inch waist — down from 48.

As of today, I’ve lost 109.8 pounds. My daughter goes to daycare for the first time. I found out we’ll be moving into a new house on August 29th.

I just thought you’d like to know how my life is changing.

August 11

I have loose skin from losing weight. The problem areas (at the present time) look to be my stomach, upper chest, upper arms and my upper thighs.

I traded 110 pounds for probably 2-3 pounds of loose skin. By the time I’m done losing 150 pounds, I’ll probably have 4-5 pounds of loose skin.

From what I’ve read, loose skin is a physical imperfection that I have no way of fixing anytime soon. I’ve been researching the topic for months and have found a variety of methods to deal with loose skin.  

With that being said, a lot of options are marketed and sold by charlatans and snake oil salesmen.

A few real possible options for removing loose skin includes:

  • waiting
  • muscle building
  • surgery
  • creams & lotions

Waiting. Skin is fairly elastic and can simply retract to fit your new body over a few years. However, the more weight you lose (and the quicker you lose it, ala tummy tuck surgery or something similarly rapid) the less likely your skin will ever look like it “fits” you.

Muscle building. By building muscle, I’ll make myself large again with weights instead of cookies. My loose skin will mold around my new muscles.

Surgery. I’ve seriously considered surgery to remove loose skin. Typically, surgery is the first option people think of when they decide to lose loose skin.  

I’m not sure why. While it is extremely effective in removing loose skin, it also gives you a permanent scar for the rest of your life. I’ll go further into depth about my reasons against surgery to remove loose skin later on, but the main reasons include its cost (high $X,XXX), permanent scar(s), and its seriousness.

Creams and lotions.

There are countless sites featuring reviews of stretch mark creams and other lotions that are designed to tighten loose skin and erase the effects of rapid weight loss. 

Most loose skin products have reviews right in the middle of the road, with some people seeing results and other people seeing nothing at all.  

I might try a lotion or two, but I’m not investing too much time or money — it might just be one of the other countless scams out there.

My ultimate plan for losing loose skin? Build muscle over the next 1-2 years.

I want to build a lot of muscle. I’m not going to hover around 194 pounds for long, I plan on turning right back around and going into the 200s again. I want to add about 30 pounds worth of lean muscle to my frame.

Do you have any advice or ideas for removing loose skin?

August 12

weight 233.6

Yo. Yo.


August 12 weight: 233.6

August 05 weight: 234.4

July 29 weight: 239.2

July 22 weight: 238.8

July 15 weight: 241.4

I’ve lost 0.8 pounds in the last week and 110.6 pounds in 29 weeks. Want stats from past weeks? Check out my entire 29 week weight loss progress.

I don’t enjoy this yo-yo weight loss. One week I lose 4.8 pounds, the next 0.8

It’s not good for morale.

The frustrating part is that I watched my calories and worked out with the same intensity and motivation this week as I did the week I lost 4.8 pounds.

I guess it’s time to boost my intensity.

So, for every comment about this post I’ll do 30 seconds on the treadmill this evening at the gym. And tomorrow. And Friday. I’ll stay on the treadmill for (0:30 x # of comments) every day until next Wednesday. 

You don’t have to add me as a friend on twitter or Facebook like usual, nor do you have to link to me. This workout pledge is much less gimmick and much more treadmill.

All I want is your support — just a comment — it’s worth 30 seconds.

We’ll see what the scale has to say about that.

Update 8/14: New comments will no longer add time to my workout.  For the next several nights, I’ll be on the treadmill for 56 minutes (112 comments). I will post on twitter during my workouts!

Week 31

August 14

I’m currently looking for a gym in Columbia, South Carolina.

As I sadly reported on Monday, I’m leaving my current gym (Better Body Fitness) in Elgin as my family is moving closer to downtown Columbia.

I hate leaving Better Body Fitness, but the drive is simply too far from our new house. 

Map Columbia SC

And, as someone said a few days ago, if I don’t find a gym before I move I might be too busy to find one once we arrive at the new house. I could foresee going a week or two without the gym. That’d be bad for progress.

That being said, my new gym needs to have the following:

  • Membership under $50 a month
  • Wide selection of cardio equipment (elliptical is a must!)
  • Late hours, open until at least 11 p.m.

Does anybody live in Columbia and have any suggestions? Anything I should look out for when joining a gym? While I might have lost a lot of weight, I’m not very experienced in joining gyms and knowing what to look for/avoid.

August 19

My weight loss is as inconsistent as my posting these days.

weight 233.2

August 19 weight: 233.2

August 12 weight: 233.6

August 05 weight: 234.4

July 29 weight: 239.2

July 22 weight: 238.8

I’ve lost 0.4 pounds in the last week and 111 pounds in 30 weeks. Want stats from past weeks? Check out my entire 30 week weight loss progress.

I’ve lost less than 6 pounds in the past month.

Not even last Wednesday’s impromptu workout pledge could save me from this slump. At this pace, it’ll take me another seven months to reach my goal of 194.   

What am I doing wrong? Anybody have any snake oil to sell me?

Saturday, I bought pants with a 34-inch waist — down from 48.

Shawn Tyler Weeks – 344 Pounds, A Weightloss Journey

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Week 32

August 21

Featured on Newsweek

Newsweek Logo

Kate Dailey of Newsweek wrote a piece about me a couple of weeks ago.

While those who follow me on Facebook and twitter know about the interview, most readers of the blog do not. Go read it to learn more about me and my journey.

I’m still busy with packing, so posting is (obviously) light. We start moving this weekend and should be completely moved by the 28th, so I’ll be back to posting incoherent and rambling blog posts within the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, check out my interview with Newsweek and stay on the elliptical!

August 26

Living out of a suitcase is bad for progress.

August 26 weight: 232.8

weight 232.8

August 19 weight: 233.2

August 12 weight: 233.6

August 05 weight: 234.4

July 29 weight: 239.2

I’ve lost 0.4 pounds in the last week and 111.4 pounds in 31 weeks. Want stats from past weeks? Check out my entire 31 week weight loss progress.

My diet has been really poor over the last week (unless value meals are the foundation of a healthy diet?). My posting has been few and far between. My stress levels are extremely high. I won’t have a gym to call home in four days.

Moving into a new house is tough.

We’ll be completely moved into the new house by this Saturday night — or die trying. That’s when the 17-foot U Haul truck is due back and there’s absolutely no way I plan on paying another $29.95 for the luxury of moving another day.

Everything should be back to normal next week.

In the meantime, I’m still looking for some good snake oil. Apply within.

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Tell us about your progress or setbacks. As you lose weight, is loose skin becoming an issue?





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