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 4 ways to avoid extra weight gain

When you’re dieting, exercising, and working hard to lose the excess weight you already have, it can be frustrating when you discover that you’ve gained an extra pound or two without meaning to.

Updated: December 6, 2020
avoid extra weight gain
By MBL Featured Blogger: Karen Eisenbraun
Originally Posted: October 1, 2020

Avoid Extra Weight Gain | Sometimes we accidentally consume a bit too much sodium and experience a few days of bloating and water retention, or sometimes we fail to keep track of our daily calorie intake. Whatever the reason may be, extra weight gain can difficult to cope with.

Although it might seem as if dieting, exercising, and bariatric surgery are the only tried and true ways to lose weight, here are four ways to avoid extra weight gain.

1. Indulge in healthier versions of your favorite meals

Dieting can be daunting for some, especially for those who have had to cut out their favorite foods to lose weight. In fact, evidence shows that those who completely deprive themselves of their favorite foods experience difficulty with keeping the weight off long-term, and eventually resort to binge eating. Instead of depriving yourself completely of your favorite foods, prepare healthier versions of your favorite meals.

For example, if you enjoy eating chocolate for dessert, eat one or two small pieces of dark chocolate that contain a high percentage of cacao. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants that can boost heart health, and is also rich enough in flavor to satisfy your chocolate cravings with just a few bites. Or, make a small healthy burrito that contains chicken, green peppers, and mashed avocado, instead of indulging in a large burrito loaded with cheese and sour cream.

2. Substitute high-fat sides with vegetables

Eating vegetables with every meal will increase your metabolism and lead to accelerated fat-burning. Substitute high-fat side dishes such as croissants, bread, french fries, and macaroni and cheese with sides of vegetables. Steam carrots, potatoes, green beans, squash and your other favorite vegetables and season them to make them more appetizing.

3. Drink herbal teas that contain cinnamon and ginger

Some herbal teas contain ingredients and compounds that can accelerate digestion, curb cravings, and regulate your blood sugar levels. Cinnamon is ideal for curbing cravings and regulating blood sugar, whereas ginger and green tea can aid in the digestive process. Drink a cup of tea following meals to promote digestion and weight loss.

4. Practice deep breathing throughout the day

During moments of downtime and relaxation, practice deep, conscious breathing. Deep breathing will naturally help your body relax and reduce its stress level while also putting your body in digestion mode. Deep breathing can also help promote fat burning while your body is in a relaxed state. Yoga is a great way to avoid extra weight gain.





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